Wild Ideas

Filename: wild-ideas.pdf
ISBN: 152636056X
Release Date: 2017-04-13
Number of pages: 32
Author: Elin Kelsey
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Download and read online Wild Ideas in PDF and EPUB Wild Ideas looks deep into the forests, skies and oceans to explore how animals solve problems. Whether it's weaving a safe place to rest and reflect, blowing a fine net of bubbles to trap fish or leaping boldly into a new situation, the animals in our world can teach us a lot about problem-solving. From the creators of You Are Stardust, the book uses lyrical text grounded in current science alongside wonderfully detailed art to present problems as doorways to creative thinking. Wild Ideas encourages an enquiry-based approach to learning, inviting readers to indulge their sense of wonder and curiosity by observing the natural world, engaging with big ideas and asking questions. Praise for You Are Stardust: "This glorious synthesis of art and science invites discussion about our place in the world, where we come from, how we change and what makes us feel alive ... A terrific book for nurturing curiosity and fostering a feeling of enchantment." (Playing By The Book)

Wild Ideas

Filename: wild-ideas.pdf
ISBN: 0816626154
Release Date: 1995
Number of pages: 225
Author: David Rothenberg
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

Download and read online Wild Ideas in PDF and EPUB Wild Ideas is a collection of essays that brings a fresh and refreshing perspective to the wilderness paradoxically at the center of our civilization.

Wild Ideas

Filename: wild-ideas.pdf
ISBN: 1404813462
Release Date: 2005-07-01
Number of pages: 48
Publisher: Capstone

Download and read online Wild Ideas in PDF and EPUB Sophie and Luke go to Camp Invention where they meet Professor Beezley, a scientist and inventor who shows them how nature is the ultimate inventor and problem solver.

Wild Idea

Filename: wild-idea.pdf
ISBN: 9780803286382
Release Date: 2014-09-01
Number of pages: 248
Author: Dan O'Brien
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

Download and read online Wild Idea in PDF and EPUB For more than forty years the prairies of South Dakota have been Dan O’Brien’s home. Working as a writer and an endangered-species biologist, he became convinced that returning grass-fed, free-roaming buffalo to the grasslands of the northern plains would return natural balance to the region and reestablish the undulating prairie lost through poor land management and overzealous farming. In 1998 he bought his first buffalo and began the task of converting a little cattle ranch into an ethically run buffalo ranch. Wild Idea is a book about how good food choices can influence federal policies and the integrity of our food system, and about the dignity and strength of a legendary American animal. It is also a book about people: the daughter coming to womanhood in a hard landscape, the friend and ranch hand who suffers great tragedy, the venture capitalist who sees hope and opportunity in a struggling buffalo business, and the husband and wife behind the ranch who struggle daily, wondering if what they are doing will ever be enough to make a difference. At its center, Wild Idea is about a family and the people and animals that surround them—all trying to build a healthy life in a big, beautiful, and sometimes dangerous land.

Wonder Wits Wild ideas

Filename: wonder-wits-wild-ideas.pdf
ISBN: 1865099155
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 47
Publisher: Blake Education

Download and read online Wonder Wits Wild ideas in PDF and EPUB Describes the problem solving, inventiveness and higher order thinking skills that we would like to see more of in our students. Also describes the ways children can see how they can be inventive and creative.

The Power of Onlyness

Filename: the-power-of-onlyness.pdf
ISBN: 0525429131
Release Date: 2017-08-29
Number of pages: 288
Author: Nilofer Merchant
Publisher: Viking

Download and read online The Power of Onlyness in PDF and EPUB A leading innovation expert illuminates how each of us can unlock the capacity of even our wildest ideas to make a unique contribution to the world Most of us long to make a dent in the universe, to leave a world that s better than the one into which we re born. Until recently, the only way to pursue this goal was by joining a big company or some other institution and rise in the ranks to have enough power to do so. Meanwhile, the rest of us with new and fresh takes kept getting told our ideas were too weird or too wild. In The Power of Onlyness, Nilofer Merchant offers a new pathway to make those wild ideas reality, and a model of a world in which everyone s ideas can count. Our onlyness is a spot that only we occupy a function of our history and experience, visions and hopes. It s through our onlyness, and the new power of social media, that we connect to others who share our sense of purpose and together bring about remarkable change. Filled with accounts of ordinary people who have exploited the possibilities of this new era, The Power of Onlyness demonstrates how the power of one can be tapped into to enlist the power of many. People such as Zach Wahls, a teenager who convinced the Boy Scouts of America to include kids who were gay. Or Kimberly Bryant, who established Black Girls Code to provide young and pre-teen girls of color opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming. Or Jamie Heywood, who began Patients Like Me as a Web community to shift how previously incurable diseases are now getting cured. These change agents blazed their own trails because they had no map to guide them, and their stories light a path for the rest of us to realize our own most passionate ideas."

Wild Earth

Filename: wild-earth.pdf
ISBN: 1571312625
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 334
Author: Tom Butler

Download and read online Wild Earth in PDF and EPUB A collection of groundbreaking essays on conservation and the environment features cojent writing about the destruction of Hawaiian bird sanctuaries, development, and the reintroduction of elephants into North America, among other fascinating topics. Original.

Into the Wild

Filename: into-the-wild.pdf
ISBN: 9780330469982
Release Date: 2011-07-06
Number of pages: 320
Author: Jon Krakauer
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Download and read online Into the Wild in PDF and EPUB By examining the true story of Chris McCandless, a young man, who in 1992 walked deep into the Alaskan wilderness and whose SOS note and emaciated corpse were found four months later, internationally bestselling author Jon Krakauer explores the obsession which leads some people to explore the outer limits of self, leave civilization behind and seek enlightenment through solitude and contact with nature. 'an astonishingly gifted writer: his account of 'Alex Supertramp' is powerfully dramatic, eliciting sympathy for both the idealistic, anti-consumerist boy - and his parents' Guardian 'a compelling tale of tragic idealism' The Times

Planting in a Post Wild World

Filename: planting-in-a-post-wild-world.pdf
ISBN: 9781604697209
Release Date: 2016-02-04
Number of pages: 316
Author: Thomas Rainer
Publisher: Timber Press

Download and read online Planting in a Post Wild World in PDF and EPUB “As practical as it is poetic. . . . an optimistic call to action.” —Chicago Tribune Over time, with industrialization and urban sprawl, we have driven nature out of our neighborhoods and cities. But we can invite it back by designing landscapes that look and function more like they do in the wild: robust, diverse, and visually harmonious. Planting in a Post-Wild World by Thomas Rainer and Claudia West is an inspiring call to action dedicated to the idea of a new nature—a hybrid of both the wild and the cultivated—that can flourish in our cities and suburbs. This is both a post-wild manifesto and practical guide that describes how to incorporate and layer plants into plant communities to create an environment that is reflective of natural systems and thrives within our built world.

Review of David Rothenberg

Filename: review-of-david-rothenberg.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:962413375
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages:
Author: David Keller

Download and read online Review of David Rothenberg in PDF and EPUB

Wild Ideas

Filename: wild-ideas.pdf
ISBN: 0996810501
Release Date: 2017-01-17
Number of pages:
Author: Cathy Wild

Download and read online Wild Ideas in PDF and EPUB

The Wild Robot

Filename: the-wild-robot.pdf
ISBN: 9780316382014
Release Date: 2016-04-19
Number of pages: 288
Author: Peter Brown
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online The Wild Robot in PDF and EPUB Can a robot survive in the wilderness? When robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island. She has no idea how she got there or what her purpose is--but she knows she needs to survive. After battling a fierce storm and escaping a vicious bear attack, she realizes that her only hope for survival is to adapt to her surroundings and learn from the island's unwelcoming animal inhabitants. As Roz slowly befriends the animals, the island starts to feel like home--until, one day, the robot's mysterious past comes back to haunt her. From bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator Peter Brown comes a heartwarming and action-packed novel about what happens when nature and technology collide.

Born to Be Wild

Filename: born-to-be-wild.pdf
ISBN: 9781472915344
Release Date: 2016-06-02
Number of pages: 256
Author: Hattie Garlick
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Download and read online Born to Be Wild in PDF and EPUB Want to save cash, your child's imagination and possibly even the planet? This is the book you need. Packed with great photos of real families in the outdoors, Born to Be Wild contains easy-to-follow instructions for activities that require nothing more sophisticated than a small person's imagination and access to a little outdoor space. Nature lays on magical materials for free each season, from fallen leaves and twigs, moulted feathers, sand and shells, to mud, puddles and rain. Everything else you'll need for these activities is already hiding in your cupboards at home. No expensive art supplies of outward-bound kit required. All you need are the toolkit items at the front of the book - ordinary household essentials like scraps of paper, string, glue, recycled food containers and an empty jar or two. Along the way Hattie talks to families, organisations and communities who have rebuilt their relationships with nature with extreme or inspiring results, and she introduces scientists, psychologists and other experts who explain why, as modern families, we should revive our waning relationships with nature, whatever age or stage we're at.

Raccoons for kids

Filename: raccoons-for-kids.pdf
ISBN: 1559712295
Release Date: 1994-04-01
Number of pages: 47
Author: Jeff Fair
Publisher: NorthWord Books for Young Readers

Download and read online Raccoons for kids in PDF and EPUB Branded with National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick "RM", this 13-title series is a favorite with kids 7-10 years old and their parents. Here is a value-priced group of books featuring big, colorful photos and interesting animal information.

Thinking Big Wild Ideas

Filename: thinking-big-wild-ideas.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:907257060
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages:

Download and read online Thinking Big Wild Ideas in PDF and EPUB