The Devil s Best Friend

Filename: the-devil-s-best-friend.pdf
ISBN: 1542560748
Release Date: 2017-01-15
Number of pages: 90
Author: Brian Lee Tucker

Download and read online The Devil s Best Friend in PDF and EPUB "When I was 11, I had an episode in my life. I saw my cousin shoot his wife. It wasn't traumatic... but the shock value. I went back into the apartment to collect some things with my dad, because my cousin was in jail. The couch was all bloody. It was there where she had landed after the bullet. She got a .38 to the face. At the same time it was very... uh. The stillness of the room, the eerieness, you know. We had to open the windows to ventilate the room and it was something. It was... (long pause) was death! I had known the woman. I had known her very well. I went into the living room and saw her purse. I looked through her purse, saw her ID cards and her things. It was a strange feeling. That was the first time I ever ran across death. Ever since, I was intrigued." Ram�rez may have been influenced into becoming a murderer by his cousin Mike, a Special Forces Vietnam War veteran who boasted of killing and torturing his Vietnamese enemies and showed him Polaroid pictures of his victims. Ram�rez was present the night Mike shot and killed his wife, and her blood splattered on Ramirez's face. Whatever the reason, he became one of the most feared and infamous serial killers in American history.

Where the Bodies Are Buried

Filename: where-the-bodies-are-buried.pdf
ISBN: 0312966539
Release Date: 1998-09-15
Number of pages: 272
Author: Fannie Weinstein
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Download and read online Where the Bodies Are Buried in PDF and EPUB Fox Hollow Farm, a lush million-dolar suburban Indianapolis estate, had 18 acres of lawns, a fabulous swimming pool...and thousands of human bones buried in the yard. The piles of dismembered skeletons belonged to young men who has disappeared from the gay bars and cruising sites of this Midwest city. Their killer was Herb Baumeister, a beloved father and successful businessman who led a deadly double life. And until the day his son dug up a buried skull, Herb's pretty wife Julie never dreamed he was Indian's worst serial killer. She didn't know about the bizarre sexual encounters Herb held at the house when she went away with their kids...or about the brutal cravings that led him to kill. In this riveting account, two veteran journalists tell the uncensored story of Herb Baumeister--taking you into a psychopath's dark obsession to meet his victims, to witness the rituals of sex and death he forced his victims to perform, and to find out how this gruesome killing sprees finally--shockingly--came to an end...

When the Screaming Stops

Filename: when-the-screaming-stops.pdf
ISBN: 1542482569
Release Date: 2017-01-14
Number of pages: 178
Author: Brian Lee Tucker

Download and read online When the Screaming Stops in PDF and EPUB Her story was like so many other's; a small- town girl buys a bus ticket to the big city to become a famous movie star. Instead of a film producer with a contract and an endless budget, she instead found a shiftless con artist who intended to make her the next big star of low budget, indie horror - and soft core porn. What she woke up to every day was a life of loneliness, alcohol, and drugs. And her nightmare didn't end until the screaming stopped. Based on a true story, WHEN THE SCREAMING STOPS is a mind-bending, in-your-face glimpse into the world of indie filmmaking and one woman's determination to conquer her own personal demons no matter what the cost.

Understanding Video Games

Filename: understanding-video-games.pdf
ISBN: 9781317533139
Release Date: 2016
Number of pages:
Author: Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Understanding Video Games in PDF and EPUB Understanding Video Games is a crucial guide for newcomers to video game studies and experienced game scholars alike. This revised and updated third edition of the pioneering text provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of game studies, and highlights changes in the gaming industry, advances in video game scholarship, and recent trends in game design and development--including mobile, casual, educational, and indie gaming. In the third edition of this textbook, students will: Learn the major theories and schools of thought used to study games, including ludology and narratology; Understand the commercial and organizational aspects of the game industry; Trace the history of games, from the board games of ancient Egypt to the rise of mobile gaming; Explore the aesthetics of game design, including rules, graphics, audio, and time; Analyze the narrative strategies and genre approaches used in video games; Consider the debate surrounding the effects of violent video games and the impact of "serious games." Featuring discussion questions, recommended games, a glossary of key terms, and an interactive online video game history timeline, Understanding Video Games provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in examining the ways video games are reshaping entertainment and society.

The Serial Killer Files

Filename: the-serial-killer-files.pdf
ISBN: 0345472004
Release Date: 2003-12-30
Number of pages: 432
Author: Harold Schechter
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Download and read online The Serial Killer Files in PDF and EPUB THE DEFINITIVE DOSSIER ON HISTORY’S MOST HEINOUS! Hollywood’s make-believe maniacs like Jason, Freddy, and Hannibal Lecter can’t hold a candle to real life monsters like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and scores of others who have terrorized, tortured, and terminated their way across civilization throughout the ages. Now, from the much-acclaimed author of Deviant, Deranged, and Depraved, comes the ultimate resource on the serial killer phenomenon. Rigorously researched and packed with the most terrifying, up-to-date information, this innovative and highly compelling compendium covers every aspect of multiple murderers–from psychology to cinema, fetishism to fan clubs, “trophies” to trading cards. Discover: WHO THEY ARE: Those featured include Ed Gein, the homicidal mama’s boy who inspired fiction’s most famous Psycho, Norman Bates; Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, sex-crazed killer cousins better known as the Hillside Stranglers; and the Beanes, a fifteenth-century cave-dwelling clan with an insatiable appetite for human flesh HOW THEY KILL: They shoot, stab, and strangle. Butcher, bludgeon, and burn. Drown, dismember, and devour . . . and other methods of massacre too many and monstrous to mention here. WHY THEY DO IT: For pleasure and for profit. For celebrity and for “companionship.” For the devil and for dinner. For the thrill of it, for the hell of it, and because “such men are monsters, who live . . . beyond the frontiers of madness.” PLUS: in-depth case studies, classic killers’ nicknames, definitions of every kind of deviance and derangement, and much, much more. For more than one hundred profiles of lethal loners and killer couples, Bluebeards and black widows, cannibals and copycats– this is an indispensable, spine-tingling, eye-popping investigation into the dark hearts and mad minds of that twisted breed of human whose crimes are the most frightening . . . and fascinating.


Filename: son.pdf
ISBN: 9781501119040
Release Date: 2015-10-06
Number of pages: 592
Author: Jack Olsen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Son in PDF and EPUB "For more than two years, a rapist prowled the night streets of the homey, All-American city of Spokane, Washington, terrorizing women, sparking a run on gun stores, and finally causing one newspaper to offer a reward--the calls taken by the distinguished managing editor himself, Gordon Coe. In March 1981, luck and inspired police work at last produced an arrest, and Spokane shuddered. The suspect was clean cut and conservative ... and Gordon Coe's son. For eighteen months, Jack Olsen researched the cases of Fred and Ruth Coe to try to learn not only what happened within that family, but how and why. He interviewed more than 150 people and built up a portrait not only of that extraordinary family, but of the mind of a psychopath. And searching the memories of the women in Fred Coe's life, he unearthed a most horrifying question: What is it like to love and live with a man for years--and then discover he is a psychopathic criminal?"--Provided by publisher.

Female Serial Killers

Filename: female-serial-killers.pdf
ISBN: 9781101205693
Release Date: 2007-08-07
Number of pages: 496
Author: Peter Vronsky
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Female Serial Killers in PDF and EPUB The first book of its kind-photographs included. Mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers-fiendish killers all. Society is conditioned to think of murderers and predators as men, but in this fascinating book, Peter Vronsky exposes and investigates the phenomenon of women who kill-and the political, economic, social, and sexual implications. From history's earliest recorded cases of homicidal females to Irma Grese, the Nazi Beast of Belsen, from Britain's notorious child-slayer Myra Hindley to 'Honeymoon Killer' Martha Beck, from the sensational murder-spree of Aileen Wournos, to cult killers, homicidal missionaries, and the sexy femme fatale, Vronsky challenges the ordinary standards of good and evil and defies the accepted perceptions of gender role and identity.

A Daughter s Deadly Deception

Filename: a-daughter-s-deadly-deception.pdf
ISBN: 1459735242
Release Date: 2016-12-06
Number of pages: 264
Author: Jeremy Grimaldi
Publisher: Dundurn

Download and read online A Daughter s Deadly Deception in PDF and EPUB A groundbreaking, in-depth investigation of a crime that made national headlines for weeks. Although the Pan trial was one of the most interesting and widely followed cases in recent history, few know all the chilling details that have emerged. Written for a wide audience, both those already familiar with the crime and others. It involves a clash of two very distinct cultures, Asian and Caribbean, in one disparate community: Scarborough. The trial is still making headlines: Eric Carty, one of the alleged shooters, was finally tried in December 2015, and pleaded guilty. The outcome of his trial, currently still pending, with channel new interest into the case near the release date of this book.

The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

Filename: the-encyclopedia-of-serial-killers.pdf
ISBN: 9780816069873
Release Date: 2006-01-01
Number of pages: 515
Author: Michael Newton
Publisher: Infobase Publishing

Download and read online The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers in PDF and EPUB The Encyclopaedia of Serial Killers, Second Edition provides accurate information on hundreds of serial murder cases - from early history to the present. Written in a non-sensational manner, this authoritative encyclopaedia debunks many of the myths surrounding this most notorious of criminal activities. New major serial killers have come to light since the first edition was published, and many older cases have been solved (such as the Green River Killer) or further investigated (like Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer). Completely updated entries and appendixes pair with more than 30 new photographs and many new entries to make this new edition more fascinating than ever. New and updated entries include: Axe Man of New Orleans; BTK Strangler; Jack the Ripper; Cuidad Juarez, Mexico; John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, the Sniper Killers; Gary Leon Ridgway, the Green River Killer; and Harold Frederick Shipman.

American Eve

Filename: american-eve.pdf
ISBN: 9781440629761
Release Date: 2008-05-01
Number of pages: 400
Author: Paula Uruburu
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online American Eve in PDF and EPUB The scandalous story of America’s first supermodel, sex goddess, and modern celebrity—Evelyn Nesbit. By the time of her sixteenth birthday in 1900, Evelyn Nesbit was known to millions as the most photographed woman of her era, an iconic figure who set the standard for female beauty, and whose innocent sexuality was used to sell everything from chocolates to perfume. Women wanted to be her. Men just wanted her. But when Evelyn’s life of fantasy became all too real and her insanely jealous millionaire husband, Harry K. Thaw, murdered her lover, New York City architect Stanford White, the most famous woman in the world became infamous as she found herself at the center of the “Crime of the Century” and a scandal that signaled the beginning of a national obsession with youth, beauty, celebrity, and sex.

Deadly Innocence

Filename: deadly-innocence.pdf
ISBN: 9780446550352
Release Date: 2008-11-15
Number of pages: 584
Author: Scott Burnside
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online Deadly Innocence in PDF and EPUB Karla and Paul seemed like the picture-perfect newlyweds, but were really a pair of vicious killers who abducted, sexually tortured and murdered innocent schoolgirls, videotaping their evil acts in suburban Niagara Falls. Billed as the crime of the century in Canada, this case has received a great deal of media coverage on both sides of the border. Includes eight pages of photos.

Killer Book of Serial Killers

Filename: killer-book-of-serial-killers.pdf
ISBN: 9781402226472
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Number of pages: 352
Author: Tom Philbin
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

Download and read online Killer Book of Serial Killers in PDF and EPUB The Killer Book of Serial Killers is the ultimate resource (and gift) for any true crime fan and student of the bizarre world of serial killers.

The Woodchipper Murder

Filename: the-woodchipper-murder.pdf
ISBN: 9780595183548
Release Date: 2001-05-06
Number of pages: 324
Author: Arthur Herzog
Publisher: Arthur Herzog III

Download and read online The Woodchipper Murder in PDF and EPUB Even though the Newtown, Connecticut, police listed Helle Crafts' disappearance as a routine missing person case, Keith Mayo, a private investigator, knew the Danish-born mother of three hadn't skipped town nine days before Thanksgiving.. Rita Buonanno remembers the words exactly: "If anything happens to me don't think it was an accident." Helle Crafts was last seen on November 18, 1986. In the style of a brilliant detective novel, Arthur Herzog skillfully re-creates the hour-by-hour circumstantial details that inform this grisly true-crime narrative. We observe dispassionate Richard Crafts as he buys a truck with a pintle hook for towing heavy equipment, promised for delivery before November 18. A day later he reserves a Badger Brush Bandit woodchipper.

My Life Among the Serial Killers

Filename: my-life-among-the-serial-killers.pdf
ISBN: 0061809594
Release Date: 2009-10-13
Number of pages: 304
Author: Dr. Helen Morrison
Publisher: Zondervan

Download and read online My Life Among the Serial Killers in PDF and EPUB Over the course of twenty-five years, Dr. Helen Morrison has profiled more than eighty serial killers around the world. What she learned about them will shatter every assumption you've ever had about the most notorious criminals known to man.Judging by appearances, Dr. Helen Morrison has an ordinary life in the suburbs of a major city. She has a physician husband, two children, and a thriving psychiatric clinic. But her life is much more than that. She is one of the country's leading experts on serial killers, and has spent as many as four hundred hours alone in a room with depraved murderers, digging deep into killers' psyches in ways no profiler before ever has. In My Life Among the Serial Killers, Dr. Morrison relates how she profiled the Mad Biter, Richard Otto Macek, who chewed on his victims' body parts, stalked Dr. Morrison, then believed she was his wife. She did the last interview with Ed Gein, who was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. John Wayne Gacy, the clown-obsessed killer of young men, sent her crazed Christmas cards and gave her his paintings as presents. Then there was Atlanta child killer Wayne Williams; rapist turned murderer Bobby Joe Long; England's Fred and Rosemary West, who killed girls and women in their "House of Horrors"; and Brazil's deadliest killer of children, Marcelo Costa de Andrade. Dr. Morrison has received hundreds of letters from killers, read their diaries and journals, evaluated crime scenes, testified at their trials, and studied photos of the gruesome carnage. She has interviewed the families of the victims -- and the spouses and parents of the killers -- to gain a deeper understanding of the killer's environment and the public persona he adopts. She has also studied serial killers throughout history and shows how this is not a recent phenomenon with psychological autopsies of the fifteenth-century French war hero Gilles de Rais, the sixteenth-century Hungarian Countess Bathory, H. H. Holmes of the late ninteenth century, and Albert Fish of the Roaring Twenties. Through it all, Dr. Morrison has been on a mission to discover the reasons why serial killers are compelled to murder, how they choose their victims, and what we can do to prevent their crimes in the future. Her provocative conclusions will stun you.