The Smartypants Guide to the AP Environmental Science Exam

Filename: the-smartypants-guide-to-the-ap-environmental-science-exam.pdf
ISBN: 9781411644779
Release Date: 2006-09
Number of pages: 128
Author: Michelle Mahanian

Download and read online The Smartypants Guide to the AP Environmental Science Exam in PDF and EPUB When it comes to scoring higher on the AP Environmental Science Exam, nobody prepares you better than Smartypants. This comprehensive, efficient study guide pinpoints everything you need to boost your score, from test-taking strategies to a complete review by topic. Features of this study guide include: a focused review of every topic on the AP exam, expert test-taking tips, a realistic full-length practice exam with answer key and thorough explanations, important graphs, charts, and diagrams, and a tune-up of key concepts and vocabulary terms. Compatible with virtually every standard textbook or course on the subject, this invaluable tool is what you need to score your best - and get the college credits you deserve For more about discounts on bulk orders, copy and paste the following into your browser: http: // You can contact the author directly at [email protected]

5 Steps to a 5 500 AP Environmental Science Questions to Know by Test Day

Filename: 5-steps-to-a-5-500-ap-environmental-science-questions-to-know-by-test-day.pdf
ISBN: 9780071780759
Release Date: 2011-12-30
Number of pages: 208
Author: Jane P. Gardner
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Download and read online 5 Steps to a 5 500 AP Environmental Science Questions to Know by Test Day in PDF and EPUB Organized for easy reference and crucial practice, coverage of all the essential topics presented as 500 AP-style questions with detailed answer explanations 5 Steps to a 5: 500 AP Environmental Science Questions to Know by Test Day is tailored to meet your study needs—whether you’ve left it to the last minute to prepare or you have been studying for months. You will benefit from going over the questions written to parallel the topic, format, and degree of difficulty of the questions contained in the AP exam, accompanied by answers with comprehensive explanations. Features: 500 AP-style questions and answers referenced to core AP materials Review explanations for right and wrong answers Additional online practice Close simulations of the real AP exams Updated material reflects the latest tests Online practice exercises

Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam 2013 Edition

Filename: cracking-the-ap-environmental-science-exam-2013-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9780307945136
Release Date: 2012-09-04
Number of pages: 336
Author: Princeton Review
Publisher: Princeton Review

Download and read online Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam 2013 Edition in PDF and EPUB Reviews topics covered on the test, offers tips on test-taking strategies, and includes two full-length practice tests with answers and explanations.

AP Biology For Dummies

Filename: ap-biology-for-dummies.pdf
ISBN: 0470334363
Release Date: 2008-06-02
Number of pages: 388
Author: Peter J. Mikulecky
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online AP Biology For Dummies in PDF and EPUB Relax. The fact that you’re even considering taking the AP Biology exam means you’re smart, hard-working and ambitious. All you need is to get up to speed on the exam’s topics and themes and take a couple of practice tests to get comfortable with its question formats and time limits. That’s where AP Biology For Dummies comes in. This user-friendly and completely reliable guide helps you get the most out of any AP biology class and reviews all of the topics emphasized on the test. It also provides two full-length practice exams, complete with detailed answer explanations and scoring guides. This powerful prep guide helps you practice and perfect all of the skills you need to get your best possible score. And, as a special bonus, you’ll also get a handy primer to help you prepare for the test-taking experience. Discover how to: Figure out what the questions are actually asking Get a firm grip on all exam topics, from molecules and cells to ecology and genetics Boost your knowledge of organisms and populations Become equally comfortable with large concepts and nitty-gritty details Maximize your score on multiple choice questions Craft clever responses to free-essay questions Identify your strengths and weaknesses Use practice tests to adjust you exam-taking strategy Supplemented with handy lists of test-taking tips, must-know terminology, and more, AP Biology For Dummies helps you make exam day a very good day, indeed.

Learning with Big Data

Filename: learning-with-big-data.pdf
ISBN: 9780544355507
Release Date: 2014-03-04
Number of pages: 60
Author: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online Learning with Big Data in PDF and EPUB Homework assignments that learn from students. Courses tailored to fit individual pupils. Textbooks that talk back. This is tomorrow’s education landscape, thanks to the power of big data. These advances go beyond the much-discussed rise of online courses. As the New York Times-bestselling authors of Big Data explain, the truly fascinating changes are actually occurring in how we measure students’ progress and how we can use that data to improve education for everyone, in real time, both on- and offline. Learning with Big Data offers an eye-opening, insight-packed tour through these new trends, for educators, administrators, and readers interested in the latest developments in business and technology.

Science Is Simple

Filename: science-is-simple.pdf
ISBN: 9781458757579
Release Date: 2010-05-07
Number of pages: 544
Author: Peggy Ashbrook

Download and read online Science Is Simple in PDF and EPUB Presents instructions and materials lists for 250 activities designed to introduce thirty-nine science concepts for children from three to six years old.

Getting to Maybe

Filename: getting-to-maybe.pdf
ISBN: 9781611632170
Release Date: 1999-05-01
Number of pages: 348
Author: Richard Michael Fischl
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

Download and read online Getting to Maybe in PDF and EPUB Professors Fischl and Paul explain law school exams in ways no one has before, all with an eye toward improving the reader’s performance. The book begins by describing the difference between educational cultures that praise students for “right answers,” and the law school culture that rewards nuanced analysis of ambiguous situations in which more than one approach may be correct. Enormous care is devoted to explaining precisely how and why legal analysis frequently produces such perplexing situations. But the authors don’t stop with mere description. Instead, Getting to Maybe teaches how to excel on law school exams by showing the reader how legal analysis can be brought to bear on examination problems. The book contains hints on studying and preparation that go well beyond conventional advice. The authors also illustrate how to argue both sides of a legal issue without appearing wishy-washy or indecisive. Above all, the book explains why exam questions may generate feelings of uncertainty or doubt about correct legal outcomes and how the student can turn these feelings to his or her advantage. In sum, although the authors believe that no exam guide can substitute for a firm grasp of substantive material, readers who devote the necessary time to learning the law will find this book an invaluable guide to translating learning into better exam performance. “This book should revolutionize the ordeal of studying for law school exams… Its clear, insightful, fun to read, and right on the money.” — Duncan Kennedy, Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence, Harvard Law School “Finally a study aid that takes legal theory seriously… Students who master these lessons will surely write better exams. More importantly, they will also learn to be better lawyers.” — Steven L. Winter, Brooklyn Law School “If you can't spot a 'fork in the law' or a 'fork in the facts' in an exam hypothetical, get this book. If you don’t know how to play 'Czar of the Universe' on law school exams (or why), get this book. And if you do want to learn how to think like a lawyer—a good one—get this book. It's, quite simply, stone cold brilliant.” — Pierre Schlag, University of Colorado School of Law (Law Preview Book Review on The Princeton Review website) Attend a Getting to Maybe seminar! Click here for more information.

Living a Life of Fire

Filename: living-a-life-of-fire.pdf
ISBN: 1933106816
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 634
Author: Reinhard Bonnke
Publisher: E R Productions Llc

Download and read online Living a Life of Fire in PDF and EPUB Presents the amazing life story of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, one of the world's most successful promoters of the Christian message, delivering a powerful message that will captivate Christians and non-Christians alike.

CliffsNotes AP Environmental Science

Filename: cliffsnotes-ap-environmental-science.pdf
ISBN: 9780544179622
Release Date: 2012-04-30
Number of pages: 360
Author: Jennifer Sutton
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online CliffsNotes AP Environmental Science in PDF and EPUB Your complete guide to a higher score on the *AP Environmental Science exam About the book: Introduction Reviews of the AP exam format and scoring Proven strategies for answering matching; problem solving; multiple choice; cause and effect; tables, graphs, and charts; and basic math questions Hints for tackling the free-response questions Part I: Subject Reviews Cover all subject areas you'll be tested on: Earth's systems and resources The living world Population Land and water use Energy resources and consumption Pollution Global change Part II: Practice Exams 3 full-length practice exams with answers and complete explanations Proven test-taking strategies Focused reviews of all exam topics 3 full-length practice exams

Tales from Both Sides of the Brain

Filename: tales-from-both-sides-of-the-brain.pdf
ISBN: 9780062228819
Release Date: 2015-02-03
Number of pages: 448
Author: Michael S. Gazzaniga
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online Tales from Both Sides of the Brain in PDF and EPUB Michael S. Gazzaniga, one of the most important neuroscientists of the twentieth century, gives us an exciting behind-the-scenes look at his seminal work on that unlikely couple, the right and left brain. Foreword by Steven Pinker. In the mid-twentieth century, Michael S. Gazzaniga, “the father of cognitive neuroscience,” was part of a team of pioneering neuroscientists who developed the now foundational split-brain brain theory: the notion that the right and left hemispheres of the brain can act independently from one another and have different strengths. In Tales from Both Sides of the Brain, Gazzaniga tells the impassioned story of his life in science and his decades-long journey to understand how the separate spheres of our brains communicate and miscommunicate with their separate agendas. By turns humorous and moving, Tales from Both Sides of the Brain interweaves Gazzaniga’s scientific achievements with his reflections on the challenges and thrills of working as a scientist. In his engaging and accessible style, he paints a vivid portrait not only of his discovery of split-brain theory, but also of his comrades in arms—the many patients, friends, and family who have accompanied him on this wild ride of intellectual discovery.

Simple Machines Grades 6 12

Filename: simple-machines-grades-6-12.pdf
ISBN: 9781580379564
Release Date: 2009-12-16
Number of pages: 80
Author: John B. Beaver
Publisher: Mark Twain Media

Download and read online Simple Machines Grades 6 12 in PDF and EPUB Connect students in grades 5 and up with science using Simple Machines: Force, Motion, and Energy. This 80-page book reinforces scientific techniques. It includes teacher pages that provide quick overviews of the lessons and student pages with Knowledge Builders and Inquiry Investigations that can be completed individually or in groups. The book also includes tips for lesson preparation (materials lists, strategies, and alternative methods of instruction), a glossary, an inquiry investigation rubric, and a bibliography. It allows for differentiated instruction and supports National Science Education Standards and NCTM standards.

Laugh Yourself Thin

Filename: laugh-yourself-thin.pdf
ISBN: 9780313386367
Release Date: 2010
Number of pages: 238
Author: Melanie W. Rotenberg
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Laugh Yourself Thin in PDF and EPUB For readers seeking scientifically proven methods for permanent weight loss that enable them to still have fun and enjoy their lives, this accessible, entertaining, and humorous book provides valuable insights and ideas.

Flat Roof Construction Manual

Filename: flat-roof-construction-manual.pdf
ISBN: 9783034615655
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Number of pages: 208
Author: Klaus Sedlbauer
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

Download and read online Flat Roof Construction Manual in PDF and EPUB often described as the "fifth façade", the flat roof is extremely popular with architects. Its essential task is to shelter the space beneath it from the elements. Beyond this, the use of flat roofs may be optimized by integrating them as green roofs, roof terraces, circulation areas, and even productive solar roofs. In practice, however, their correct and professional realization is a highly exacting task: in addition to providing the planner with basic rules of construction and design, the Flat Roof Manual also supplies an overview of the use and construction types as well as the standard assemblies for flat roofs. Together with the most important standards and bodies of regulations, construction drawings of the principal connection points round out the volume.

The Canon

Filename: the-canon.pdf
ISBN: 0547348568
Release Date: 2008-04-03
Number of pages: 304
Author: Natalie Angier
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online The Canon in PDF and EPUB From the Pulitzer Prize winner and best-selling author of Woman, a playful, passionate guide to the science all around us With the singular intelligence and exuberance that made Woman an international sensation, Natalie Angier takes us on a whirligig tour of the scientific canon. She draws on conversations with hundreds of the world's top scientists and on her own work as a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer for the New York Times to create a thoroughly entertaining guide to scientific literacy. Angier's gifts are on full display in The Canon, an ebullient celebration of science that stands to become a classic. The Canon is vital reading for anyone who wants to understand the great issues of our time -- from stem cells and bird flu to evolution and global warming. And it's for every parent who has ever panicked when a child asked how the earth was formed or what electricity is. Angier's sparkling prose and memorable metaphors bring the science to life, reigniting our own childhood delight in discovering how the world works. "Of course you should know about science," writes Angier, "for the same reason Dr. Seuss counsels his readers to sing with a Ying or play Ring the Gack: These things are fun and fun is good." The Canon is a joyride through the major scientific disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and astronomy. Along the way, we learn what is actually happening when our ice cream melts or our coffee gets cold, what our liver cells do when we eat a caramel, why the horse is an example of evolution at work, and how we're all really made of stardust. It's Lewis Carroll meets Lewis Thomas -- a book that will enrapture, inspire, and enlighten.

A Passion for Space

Filename: a-passion-for-space.pdf
ISBN: 9783319202587
Release Date: 2015-09-18
Number of pages: 381
Author: Marianne Dyson
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online A Passion for Space in PDF and EPUB Marianne J. Dyson recounts for us a time when women were making the first inroads into space flight control, a previously male-dominated profession. The story begins with the inspiration of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon and follows the challenges of pursuing a science career as a woman in the 70s and 80s, when it was far from an easy path. Dyson relates the first five space shuttle flights from the personal perspective of mission planning and operations in Houston at the Johnson Space Center, based almost exclusively on original sources such as journals and NASA weekly activity reports. The book’s historical details about astronaut and flight controller training exemplify both the humorous and serious aspects of space operations up through the Challenger disaster, including the almost unknown fire in Mission Control during STS-5 that nearly caused an emergency entry of the shuttle. From an insider with a unique perspective and credentials to match, this a must-read for anyone interested in the workings of NASA during one of its busiest and defining times, and the challenges faced by women pursuing scientific careers.