The Land

Filename: the-land.pdf
ISBN: 1535020709
Release Date: 2015-11-15
Number of pages: 252
Author: Aleron Kong, M.D.

Download and read online The Land in PDF and EPUB Aleron Kong has written five novels in his best selling LitRPG saga, The Land. The journey of Gripping Action, Dark Humor and Epic World Building begins here. Welcome to the greatest game you've never played. When DangerZone Industries had released the latest and greatest Virtual Reality MMORPG, James, and millions of other virtual reality players, sought purpose and self-definition in this new world. The tag line "Live the life your soul was meant for," captured the hearts and minds of his entire generation."The Land," was the largest and most dynamic virtual reality game of all time. James and his friends had devoted countless hours to become one of the top teams in the game. None of that mattered after James was actually summoned to The Land. What had been an engrossing game became a daily struggle of life and death. James struggles to survive while becoming embroiled in an age old war between the sprites and goblins, avoiding the machinations of the local king and helping an enslaved woman know freedom once again. Join the sensation! Welcome... to THE LAND!

A Shaking of the Land

Filename: a-shaking-of-the-land.pdf
ISBN: 9820203740
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Number of pages: 474
Author: Andrew Thornley
Publisher: [email protected]

Download and read online A Shaking of the Land in PDF and EPUB

Changes in the Land

Filename: changes-in-the-land.pdf
ISBN: 9781429928281
Release Date: 2011-04-01
Number of pages: 288
Author: William Cronon
Publisher: Hill and Wang

Download and read online Changes in the Land in PDF and EPUB Winner of the Francis Parkman Prize Changes in the Land offers an original and persuasive interpretation of the changing circumstances in New England's plant and animal communities that occurred with the shift from Indian to European dominance. With the tools of both historian and ecologist, Cronon constructs an interdisciplinary analysis of how the land and the people influenced one another, and how that complex web of relationships shaped New England's communities.

The Lay of the Land

Filename: the-lay-of-the-land.pdf
ISBN: 0807841188
Release Date: 1984
Number of pages: 185
Author: Annette Kolodny
Publisher: UNC Press Books

Download and read online The Lay of the Land in PDF and EPUB The author argues that land is perceived as a feminine entity as evidenced in the literary writings and verbal patterns of American men

Ill Fares the Land

Filename: ill-fares-the-land.pdf
ISBN: 1101223707
Release Date: 2010-03-18
Number of pages: 256
Author: Tony Judt
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Ill Fares the Land in PDF and EPUB Something is profoundly wrong with the way we think about how we should live today. In Ill Fares The Land, Tony Judt, one of our leading historians and thinkers, reveals how we have arrived at our present dangerously confused moment. Judt masterfully crystallizes what we've all been feeling into a way to think our way into, and thus out of, our great collective dis-ease about the current state of things. As the economic collapse of 2008 made clear, the social contract that defined postwar life in Europe and America - the guarantee of a basal level of security, stability and fairness -- is no longer guaranteed; in fact, it's no longer part of the common discourse. Judt offers the language we need to address our common needs, rejecting the nihilistic individualism of the far right and the debunked socialism of the past. To find a way forward, we must look to our not so distant past and to social democracy in action: to re-enshrining fairness over mere efficiency. Distinctly absent from our national dialogue, social democrats believe that the state can play an enhanced role in our lives without threatening our liberties. Instead of placing blind faith in the market-as we have to our detriment for the past thirty years-social democrats entrust their fellow citizens and the state itself. Ill Fares the Land challenges us to confront our societal ills and to shoulder responsibility for the world we live in. For hope remains. In reintroducing alternatives to the status quo, Judt reinvigorates our political conversation, providing the tools necessary to imagine a new form of governance, a new way of life.

A Pest in the Land

Filename: a-pest-in-the-land.pdf
ISBN: 0826328717
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 214
Author: Suzanne Austin Alchon
Publisher: UNM Press

Download and read online A Pest in the Land in PDF and EPUB This study of disease among the native peoples of the New World before and after 1492 challenges many widely held notions about encounters between European and native peoples. Whereas many late twentieth century scholars blamed the catastrophic decline of postconquest native populations on the introduction of previously unknown infections from the Old World, Alchon argues that the experiences of native peoples in the New World closely resembled those of other human populations. Exposure to lethal new infections resulted in rates of morbidity and mortality among native Americans comparable to tose found among Old World populations. Why then did native American populations decline by 75 to 90 percent in the century following contact with Europeans? Why did these populations fail to recover, in contrast to those of Africa, Asia, and Europe? Alchon points to the practices of European colonialism. Warfare and slavery increased mortality, and forced migrations undermined social, political, and economic institutions. This timely study effectively overturns the notion of New World exceptionalism. By showing that native Americans were not uniquely affected by European diseases, Alchon also undercuts the stereotypical notion of the Americas as a new Eden, free of disease and violence until the intrusion of germ-laden, rapacious Europeans.

The Land of Green Plums

Filename: the-land-of-green-plums.pdf
ISBN: 0810115972
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 242
Author: Herta Müller
Publisher: Northwestern University Press

Download and read online The Land of Green Plums in PDF and EPUB In Romania at the height of Ceausescu's reign, a group of young people move to the city in search of better prospects, but they must face betrayal and suicide, and the choice to bend to the oppressors or resist and die.

Look to the Land

Filename: look-to-the-land.pdf
ISBN: 1597310182
Release Date: 2005-03
Number of pages: 128
Author: Lord Northbourne
Publisher: Sophia Perennis

Download and read online Look to the Land in PDF and EPUB 'Without vision the people perish.' So wrote the poet William Blake. Lord Northbourne (1896-1982) was a man of exceptional and comprehensive vision, who diagnosed the sickness of modern society as stemming from the severance of its organic links with the wholeness of life. But like his better-known younger contemporary E. F. Schumacher (author of Small is Beautiful), whose work developed along very similar lines, Northbourne's occupation as a practicing organic farmer (he coined the term) was joined to a deep conviction that humanity does not live by bread alone, and that the fullness of life properly integral to human nature demands obedience to sacred law. Thus his vision of life came to embrace the interrelationship of God, humanity, and the soil as a unity presupposing a way of life in stark contrast to that of the myopic, mechanististic world he saw encroaching on all sides. And so, as it becomes increasingly evident that such a way of life stands to emperil our very future and that of the delicate ecosystem on which all life depends, it is time to re-examine the work of this pioneering thinker. In an age of specialization and fragmentation, we have much to learn from Northbourne, whose vision of what is required by a truly meaningful and sustainable society embraced religion, farming, the arts, the rural crafts, monetary form, and traditional metaphysics. Northbourne's later works, Religion in the Modern World and Looking Back on Progress, present his wider reflections on the Divine and human society, but always with the sensibility of a man who knows the soil, recalling in many ways the writings of Wendell Berry. He corresponded with Thomas Merton, as well as mountaineer and Tibetan Buddhist Marco Pallis (The Way and the Mountain), who introduced him to the school of perennialist writers. Northbourne translated Rene Guenon's The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, described by Huston Smith as one of the truly seminal books of the twentieth century, as well as Frithjof Schuon's Light on Ancient Worlds and Titus Burckhardt's Sacred Art in East and West. He was also an accomplished flower gardener and watercolorist, and a frequent contributor to the British periodical Studies in Comparative Religion, described by Schumacher as one of the two most important journals to read. Sophia Perennis is republishing all three of Northbourne's works, a fourth volume of uncollected essays spanning agriculture and metaphysics, as well as the 23-volume Collected Writings of Rene Guenon, including The Reign of Quantity. Lord Northbourne (1896-1982) was a man of exceptional vision, who already in the 1940s diagnosed in detail the sickness of modern society as stemming from the severance of its organic links with the wholeness of life. A leading figure in the early organic farming movement, his writings profoundly affected such other pioneers as Sir Albert Howard, Rolf Gardiner, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, and H. J. Massingham. His path led him on to a profound study of comparative religion, traditional metaphysics, and the science of symbols, which he employed in incisive observations on the character of modern society. His later writings exercised considerable influence on his younger contemporaries E. F. Schumacher and Thomas Merton, and in many ways anticipate the essays of Wendell Berry. The republication of this milestone ecological text will be followed by three volumes of Northbourne's later metaphysical and cultural writings. "A major text in the organic canon, too long out-of-print" - Philip Conford, The Origins of the Organic Movement "We have tried to conquer nature by force and by intellect. It now remains for us to try the way of love." - From the book (possibly for front cover, if not too long?)"

Naming the Land

Filename: naming-the-land.pdf
ISBN: 9783905758252
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 266
Author: Julie J. Taylor

Download and read online Naming the Land in PDF and EPUB This book encompasses a history of identity-building amongst Khwe San people, and of contestations for authority over land and natural resources in Namibia's West Caprivi. The politics of authority in this contested borderland area were significantly shaped by state and NGO interventions into local institutions and land use between the late 1930s and 2006. Julie J. Taylor pays close attention to the role of NGOs in these processes. She shows that, in their relationship with West Caprivi's residents, NGOs unintentionally contributed towards the hardening and politicising of ethnic difference, including through the implementation of land mapping projects. At the same time, in their relationship with the state, NGOs often worked to "depoliticise" struggles over authority, thus inadvertently reinforcing the state's authority in the area.

The Land of Open Graves

Filename: the-land-of-open-graves.pdf
ISBN: 9780520958685
Release Date: 2015-10-23
Number of pages: 384
Author: Jason De Leon
Publisher: Univ of California Press

Download and read online The Land of Open Graves in PDF and EPUB In his gripping and provocative debut, anthropologist Jason De León sheds light on one of the most pressing political issues of our time—the human consequences of US immigration policy. The Land of Open Graves reveals the suffering and deaths that occur daily in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona as thousands of undocumented migrants attempt to cross the border from Mexico into the United States. Drawing on the four major fields of anthropology, De León uses an innovative combination of ethnography, archaeology, linguistics, and forensic science to produce a scathing critique of “Prevention through Deterrence,” the federal border enforcement policy that encourages migrants to cross in areas characterized by extreme environmental conditions and high risk of death. For two decades, this policy has failed to deter border crossers while successfully turning the rugged terrain of southern Arizona into a killing field. In harrowing detail, De León chronicles the journeys of people who have made dozens of attempts to cross the border and uncovers the stories of the objects and bodies left behind in the desert. The Land of Open Graves will spark debate and controversy.


Filename: england.pdf
ISBN: 0778793214
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 32
Author: Erinn Banting
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

Download and read online England in PDF and EPUB Describes the geography, climate, history, cities, agriculture, transportation, business and trade, and wildlife of England.

Treasure of the Land of Darkness

Filename: treasure-of-the-land-of-darkness.pdf
ISBN: 052154811X
Release Date: 2004-06-07
Number of pages: 288
Author: Janet Martin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Treasure of the Land of Darkness in PDF and EPUB Traces the medieval fur trade which stretched from western Europe to China.

The Land and the Book

Filename: the-land-and-the-book.pdf
ISBN: PRNC:32101063698748
Release Date: 1860
Number of pages: 718
Author: William McClure Thomson

Download and read online The Land and the Book in PDF and EPUB

Reclaiming the Land

Filename: reclaiming-the-land.pdf
ISBN: 1842774255
Release Date: 2005-05-06
Number of pages: 426
Author: Sam Moyo
Publisher: Zed Books

Download and read online Reclaiming the Land in PDF and EPUB Rural movements have recently emerged to become some of the most important social forces in opposition to neoliberalism. From Brazil and Mexico to Zimbabwe and the Philippines, rural movements of diverse political character, but all sharing the same social basis of dispossessed peasants and unemployed workers, have used land occupations and other tactics to confront the neoliberal state. This volume brings together for the first time across three continents - Africa, Latin America and Asia - an intellectually consistent set of original investigations into this new generation of rural social movements.These country studies seek to identify their social composition, strategies, tactics, and ideologies; to assess their relations with other social actors, including political parties, urban social movements, and international aid agencies and other institutions; and to examine their most common tactic, the land occupation, its origins, pace and patterns, as well as the responses of governments and landowners.At a more fundamental level, this volume explores the ways in which two decades of neoliberal policy - including new land tenure arrangements intended to hasten the commodification of land, and new land uses linked to global markets -- have undermined the social reproduction of the rural labour force and created the conditions for popular resistance. The volume demonstrates the longer-term potential impact of these movements. In economic terms, they raise the possibility of tackling immiseration by means of the redistribution of land and the reorganisation of production on a more efficient and socially responsible basis. And in political terms, breaking the power of landowners and transnational capital with interests in land could ultimately open the way to an alternative pattern of capital accumulation and development.'A very important book which rows against the current.' Samir Amin'This remarkable book is a welcome contribution to our understanding ... of the agrarian question under the impact of neoliberal globalisation.' Atilio Boron

The Land of Ionia

Filename: the-land-of-ionia.pdf
ISBN: 144431923X
Release Date: 2009-12-23
Number of pages: 288
Author: Alan M. Greaves
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online The Land of Ionia in PDF and EPUB Incorporating over a century of archaeological research, Greaves offers a reassessment of Archaic Ionia that attempts to understand the region within its larger Mediterranean context and provides a thematic overview of its cities and people. Seeks to balance the Greek and Anatolian cultural influences at work in Ionia in this important period of its history (700BC to the Battle of Lade in 494BC) Organised thematically, covering landscape, economy, cities, colonisation, warfare, cult, and art Accesses German and Turkish scholarship, presenting a useful point of entry to the published literature for academics and students