The Essential Revision Guide to Paediatric Cardiology

Filename: the-essential-revision-guide-to-paediatric-cardiology.pdf
ISBN: 1846199689
Release Date: 2012-12-01
Number of pages: 243
Author: Rebecca Casans
Publisher: Radcliffe Pub

Download and read online The Essential Revision Guide to Paediatric Cardiology in PDF and EPUB This unique reference book takes the reader from the relevant basic sciences of cardiac anatomy, physiology and pharmacology through to the initial clinical assessment and investigation of children with known and suspected heart disease. It covers the core curricula for paediatricians in training at all levels and is ideal as a revision aid for MRCPCH and DCH examination candidates.Highly practical, the book includes clinical examination and cardiac investigations followed by an A to Z of specific conditions and procedures. Key topics are outlined for quick reference and contain a list of differential diagnoses associated with common presentations. The appendix contains vital information for daily practice such as blood pressure centile tables, ECG reference ranges and basic cardiac catheter data.

Essential Revision Notes in Paediatrics for the MRCPCH

Filename: essential-revision-notes-in-paediatrics-for-the-mrcpch.pdf
ISBN: 1904627625
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 995
Author: Mark Beattie
Publisher: PasTest Ltd

Download and read online Essential Revision Notes in Paediatrics for the MRCPCH in PDF and EPUB Suitable for candidates preparing for the MRCPCH exam, this title includes 24 specialty-based chapters that provide concise information in an accessible format.

Communication Scenarios for the MRCPCH and DCH Clinical Exams

Filename: communication-scenarios-for-the-mrcpch-and-dch-clinical-exams.pdf
ISBN: 9781846194948
Release Date: 2011-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: Rebecca Casans
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

Download and read online Communication Scenarios for the MRCPCH and DCH Clinical Exams in PDF and EPUB The MRCPCH clinical examination assesses whether candidates have reached the standard in clinical skills expected of a newly appointed specialist registrar, while the DCH recognises the competence of GPs and other health professionals in caring for children. Success in communication skills is vital to achieve overall success in these examinations. This revised and expanded Second Edition includes over a dozen new scenarios for both examinations, a new chapter on the general approach to effective communication, an expanded clinical exam mark sheet, anchor statements and exam circuit diagrams. Although written to aid candidates for the clinical MRCPCH and DCH examinations, this book will also be useful to paediatric trainees in their day-to-day clinical encounters.

Pediatric Cardiology

Filename: pediatric-cardiology.pdf
ISBN: 9781118503393
Release Date: 2014-02-03
Number of pages: 400
Author: Walter H. Johnson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Pediatric Cardiology in PDF and EPUB Caring for children with heart disease is extremely complex, requiring a different and often tailor-made approach compared with adults with similar cardiac problems. Built on the success of previous editions and brought to you by a stellar author team, Pediatric Cardiology: The Essential Pocket Guide provides a unique, concise and extremely practical overview of heart disease in children. From history-taking, physical examination, ECG, and chest X-ray – the basics that enable clinicians to uncover possible problems and eliminate areas of false concern – it goes on to examine the range of more complex topics in the diagnosis and treatment/management of childhood cardiovascular disease. New to this edition you’ll find: An enhanced section on imaging including recent advances in cardiac MRI and fetal echocardiography. New techniques in genetic testing for heart disease in special populations. Much more emphasis on the importance of echocardiography in understanding the pathophysiology of congenital cardiac malformations. Expanded section on cardiac conditions in the neonate, specifically on prenatal diagnosis and management, neonatal screening for congenital heart disease, and hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Expanded and updated congestive cardiac failure section, including the latest in genetic and metabolic causes of heart failure, and medical/surgical treatment options; discussion of bridging therapies; essentials of transplantation, including common drug treatment regimens, clinical recognition of treatment complications and rejection, outcomes, morbidity and survival. In addition, every chapter is fully updated with the very latest clinical guidelines and management options from the AHA, ACC and ESC. Pediatric Cardiology: The Essential Pocket Guide, 3rd edition, is quite simply a must-have guide for all members of the multidisciplinary team managing children suffering from heart disease.

Pediatric Board Study Guide

Filename: pediatric-board-study-guide.pdf
ISBN: 9783319101156
Release Date: 2015-03-27
Number of pages: 614
Author: Osama Naga
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online Pediatric Board Study Guide in PDF and EPUB Covers the most frequently asked and tested points on the pediatric board exam. Each chapter offers a quick review of specific diseases and conditions clinicians need to know during the patient encounter. Easy-to-use and comprehensive, clinicians will find this guide to be the ideal final resource needed before taking the pediatric board exam.

Examination Paediatrics

Filename: examination-paediatrics.pdf
ISBN: 9780729579407
Release Date: 2011-08-17
Number of pages: 626
Author: Wayne Harris
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Download and read online Examination Paediatrics in PDF and EPUB A practical study guide to help candidates pass clinical examinations in paediatrics, particularly at postgraduate level Examination Paediatrics, 4th Edition is written for candidates preparing for the Fellowship Examination of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP). This includes both Australian and New Zealand candidates as well as candidates taking the Australian examination in other countries. This invaluable paediatric study guide is also aimed at candidates preparing for the Membership Examination for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK) (Part II) (MRCPCH). Additionally, Examination Paediatrics will be a useful medical reference for all undergraduate and postgraduate students preparing for any paediatric exam with a clinical component – including those with an OSCE format. The new sections and expanded text in this fourth edition will assist General Practitioners, paediatric residents, house officers, registrars and doctors sitting the Australian Medical Council examination. Examination Paediatrics, 4th Edition contains ample information on history-taking, examination procedure, relevant investigations, memory aids, lists and mnemonics, and management for the majority of chronic paediatric clinical problems seen in hospital-based practice. This new edition retains a key feature popular in previous editions of Examination Paediatrics – a detailed explanation of the attitudinal skills, body language, and motivation necessary to complete clinical examinations successfully. • discussion of new mini CEX (Clinical Evaluation Exercises) and new short case introduction • expanded cardiology, endocrinology and neurology sections with new diagrams • a new section on Williams syndrome • expanded sections on Marfan syndrome and Noonan syndrome • a new long case on obstructive sleep apnoea • a new short case on virilisation

MCQs for the MRCPCH

Filename: mcqs-for-the-mrcpch.pdf
ISBN: 1900603144
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 144
Author: P Ramanrayan
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

Download and read online MCQs for the MRCPCH in PDF and EPUB This work provides a selection of multiple choice questions specifically designed for Part One of the Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH) examination. The 240 questions, with answers, cover the whole syllabus for the examination.

The Long Case OSCE

Filename: the-long-case-osce.pdf
ISBN: 1908911573
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages: 251
Author: Beth C. Walker

Download and read online The Long Case OSCE in PDF and EPUB A solid knowledge base and good clinical skills don't necessarily guarantee examination success in the long case OSCE. This book really is the ultimate guide for medical students needing to combine their knowledge and skills with an ability to interpret the clinical findings, the proficiency to present them clearly and the confidence to deal with the examiners questions. Adopting a proven, highly effective approach, this revision aid uses role play with simulated patients to hone clinical examination and presentation skills. The fifty cases are divided into six areas; cardiology, respiratory, abdomen, neurology, musculoskeletal and surgery. Written by successful candidates and examiners, the guide poses a number of important and commonly asked examination questions for each case to assist in preparation and confidence, and model answers are provided to ensure an understanding of exactly what is required. Working in groups or independently, students will welcome the large, colourful format, the breakdown of marking schemes, an overview of examiners expectations, a guide to presenting clinical findings and innumerable insider' tips throughout.

MRCPCH 1 Questions with Individual Subject Summaries

Filename: mrcpch-1-questions-with-individual-subject-summaries.pdf
ISBN: 9781905635740
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 554
Author: R. M. Beattie
Publisher: PasTest Ltd

Download and read online MRCPCH 1 Questions with Individual Subject Summaries in PDF and EPUB Reflecting the latest exam formats, this book provides essential revision for those taking the Paediatric Membership exams - MRCPCH Papers 1a and 1b, and DCH diploma. Features over 500 completely up-to-date questions. Includes subject-based chapters for focussed revision. Includes all question formats likely to be encountered in the exam - BOF, MCQs and EMQs. Contains expanded answers to every question, helping students build understanding and confidence for success. Written by experienced, practising Paediatric Specialist Registrars, and edited by renowned author R Mark Beattie.

The MRCPCH Clinical Exam Made Simple

Filename: the-mrcpch-clinical-exam-made-simple.pdf
ISBN: 9780199587933
Release Date: 2011-09-08
Number of pages: 197
Author: Stanley Tamuka Zengeya
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online The MRCPCH Clinical Exam Made Simple in PDF and EPUB DVD.

Essential Lists of Differential Diagnoses for Mrcp

Filename: essential-lists-of-differential-diagnoses-for-mrcp.pdf
ISBN: 9781846194214
Release Date: 2010
Number of pages: 265
Author: Fazal-I-Akbar Danish
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

Download and read online Essential Lists of Differential Diagnoses for Mrcp in PDF and EPUB The book includes diagnostic hints - clinical or lab clues that point towards a specific diagnosis - and a unique chapter on key ECG causes and features. Although primarily intended for MRCP Part I & II and FCPS (Pakistan) Part II candidates, this book will also be useful for undergraduate students preparing for finals.

Oxford Handbook of Medical Dermatology

Filename: oxford-handbook-of-medical-dermatology.pdf
ISBN: 9780191065132
Release Date: 2016-10-06
Number of pages: 712
Author: Susan Burge
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online Oxford Handbook of Medical Dermatology in PDF and EPUB This second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Medical Dermatology provides practical and accessible advice on how to reach a diagnosis or create a management plan when faced with patients with a range of skin conditions. Giving concise and clear guidance on investigation and treatment, this Handbook helps doctors adopt a step-by-step approach at the bedside to make sense of skin problems by analysing clinical signs. Illustrated and in full colour, it covers skin physiology, an overview of common skin conditions, and skin problems commonly seen in a broad range of specialities, from rheumatology to psychiatry, as well as children and the elderly. Now comprehensively updated with new clinical pictures, references, and extensively reworked chapters on skin in infancy and childhood, cutaneous reactions to drugs, skin tumours, and rheumatology. This second edition now includes a brand new chapter on skin and genetics, detailing this fast-growing and important area of dermatology, promoting good communication with a patient-centred and practical common-sense approach for trainees in dermatology, junior doctors, GPs, and medical students.

Rapid Review Physiology

Filename: rapid-review-physiology.pdf
ISBN: 9780323081580
Release Date: 2011-04-20
Number of pages: 288
Author: Thomas A. Brown
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Download and read online Rapid Review Physiology in PDF and EPUB Get the most from your study time, and experience a realistic USMLE simulation, with Rapid Review Physiology, 2nd Edition, by Dr. Thomas A. Brown. This new reference in the highly rated Rapid Review Series is formatted as a bulleted outline with clinical images, tables and figures that make it easy to review all the physiology information you need to know for the USMLE. And with Student Consult online access, you can become familiar with the look and feel of the actual exam by taking a timed or a practice online test that includes 350 USMLE-style questions. Review the most current information with completely updated chapters, images, and questions. Profit from the guidance of series editor Dr. Edward Goljan, a well-known author of medical review books, who reviewed and edited every question. Take a timed or a practice test online with more than 350 USMLE-style questions and full rationales for why every possible answer is right or wrong. Access all the information you need to know quickly and easily with a user-friendly, two-color outline format that includes High-Yield Margin Notes. Study and take notes more easily with the new, larger page size. This edition thoroughly updated, including student and resident reviewer feedback to ensure relevancy and focus. Practice with a new testing platform on the USMLE Consult testing engine that gives you a realistic review experience and fully prepares you for the exam.

PACES for the MRCP

Filename: paces-for-the-mrcp.pdf
ISBN: 9780702054662
Release Date: 2013-09-17
Number of pages: 832
Author: Tim Hall
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Download and read online PACES for the MRCP in PDF and EPUB The 3rd edition of PACES for the MRCP has been fully revised and updated throughout to retain its pole position as the textbook to accompany core medical training (CMT) and prepare candidates for success in the Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills and a future specialty career. Features Fully revised for the new Station 5 and completely updated throughout. Promotes understanding and deeper learning of modern medicine applicable to PACES and the specialist registrar. Emphasis on clinical assessment – history-taking, examination and communication skills – equipping candidates with appropriate differential diagnoses from which to develop the right diagnosis. Encourages candidates to question why a diagnosis has arisen and consider its consequences. For example, ‘Heat failure’ is a not a diagnosis until a candidate has considered the differential diagnoses of breathlessness and decided why heart failure is most likely, and then considered its cause (not always ischaemic heart disease), its presentation (acute, chronic, left or right ventricular or both) and, most importantly, the effects of it and its treatments on a patient’s life. This 3rd edition of PACES for the MRCP continues to provide fully revised, up-to-date, evidence-based coverage of investigations and treatments. Whilst the emphasis of PACES is on clinical skills, candidates who understand when, for example, a patient with rheumatoid arthritis might benefit from a biologic agent and how this will influence inflammatory disease, is better equipped for success. A one-volume text giving candidates complete preparation for the PACES exam within one portable volume 250 cases organised into the 5 stations of the PACES exam – respiratory and abdominal system, history taking, cardiovascular and nervous system, communication and ethics and skin, locomotion, eyes and endocrine systems Engaging question-and-answer approach at the end of each case – excellent preparation for the exam Boxed tips highlight vital information – helps identify what is most important to remember Produced in full colour throughout Colour coding for each station Many more illustrations added - now over 300 clinical photographs and line drawings in colour Many more cases added, bringing the number up to 250 - 50 per station History-taking and communication skills stations now revised so that they exactly mimic the requirements of the exam


Filename: dermatology.pdf
ISBN: 9783319473956
Release Date: 2017-09-04
Number of pages: 427
Author: Sima Jain
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online Dermatology in PDF and EPUB A fully-illustrated, note-packed volume of information, Dermatology: Illustrated Study Guide and Comprehensive Board Review fulfills a real need for a single study guide for the Dermatology Board Exam. Written by a previous Chief Resident of Dermatology at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center, the text focuses on presenting comprehensive information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-remember format. The second edition of this incredibly popular book includes updated coverage of new medications, new entities, and over 300 additional full-color clinical and histological images. Following the layout of the successful first edition, even more tips, short lists, and tables, including mnemonics and memory tricks to mentally organize information fill every inch of this book – a must-have for any dermatologist and dermatology resident.