So Sad Today

Filename: so-sad-today.pdf
ISBN: 9781455562718
Release Date: 2016-03-15
Number of pages: 224
Author: Melissa Broder
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online So Sad Today in PDF and EPUB "These essays are sad and uncomfortable and their own kind of gorgeous. They reveal so much about what it is to live in this world, right now." --Roxane Gay, New York Times bestselling author of Bad Feminist From acclaimed poet and creator of the popular Twitter account @sosadtoday comes a darkly funny and brutally honest collection of essays. Melissa Broder always struggled with anxiety. In the fall of 2012, she went through a harrowing cycle of panic attacks and dread that wouldn't abate for months. So she began @sosadtoday, an anonymous Twitter feed that allowed her to express her darkest feelings, and which quickly gained a dedicated following. In SO SAD TODAY, Broder delves deeper into the existential themes she explores on Twitter, grappling with sex, death, love low self-esteem, addiction, and the drama of waiting for the universe to text you back. With insights as sharp as her humor, Broder explores--in prose that is both ballsy and beautiful, aggressively colloquial and achingly poetic--questions most of us are afraid to even acknowledge, let alone answer, in order to discover what it really means to be a person in this modern world.

There s Always Chocolate

Filename: there-s-always-chocolate.pdf
ISBN: 9781426981081
Release Date: 2009-11-02
Number of pages: 224
Author: Abby Irish
Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Download and read online There s Always Chocolate in PDF and EPUB Abby Irish's witty style will take you to a place you will never want to leave. There’s Always Chocolate! is filled with thoughts and ideas about marriage, family, children, friends, and lovers. It begins with the funeral of Amy's husband and, of course, it's raining. Amy takes you on a short journey through one year of her life that encompasses fun, laughter, wit, embarrassing moments, and tender occasions. Her children are coping well without their dad, because their mom has been there for them in times of need, but Amy is not sure how to cope with her own loss. How will she cope without her mate in life? Now that she is alone, she has many obstacles to handle all by her lonesome. Can she do it? Is she afraid of the dark, being alone, or both? Can she find another captain to sail her away to another island of love? This could happen to you and maybe it already has. Any woman who has been married for years and has children will appreciate There’s Always Chocolate! Let your worries pass you by, just for a few moments during the day, and see where you find yourself at the end of this witty novel.

There s Always a Girl

Filename: there-s-always-a-girl.pdf
ISBN: 9780989099332
Release Date: 2013-12-02
Number of pages: 157
Author: Barry Spacks
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online There s Always a Girl in PDF and EPUB The characters in this collection of five short stories by renowned poet Barry Spacks are poets, screen-writers, painters, musicians, and actors struggling with the conflicts between their demanding muses and their desires–carnal and professional. Spiritual cravings tug at them as well, and deliverance sometimes comes from unlikely bodhisattvas. Written with verve and wit, the stories are enlightening as well as entertaining.

There s Always a Rainbow

Filename: there-s-always-a-rainbow.pdf
ISBN: 9781452519708
Release Date: 2014-10-08
Number of pages: 216
Author: Michele Scholz-Evers
Publisher: Balboa Press

Download and read online There s Always a Rainbow in PDF and EPUB There's Always a Rainbow will leave you educated and empowered. Detailed are the seven universal laws, your conscious and subconscious mind, and how they work in unison to manifest your thoughts into reality, whether you want them to or not. Close the door on your past habitual thinking that has gotten you this far, and open the door to infinite possibilities of a harmonious life. Once you understand your ownership of the circumstances in your life, you have the empowerment of knowing your future is in your control.

There s Always Tomorrow

Filename: there-s-always-tomorrow.pdf
ISBN: 9780373486526
Release Date: 2013-04-02
Number of pages: 192
Author: Darlene Mindrup
Publisher: Harlequin

Download and read online There s Always Tomorrow in PDF and EPUB Adrella always noticed him Everyone took notice of the handsome lighthouse keeper when he visited the mainland. Especially shopkeeper's daughter Adrella Murphy. But the enigmatic man never said a word to anyone. When Adrella is stranded with him on an isolated island during a storm, will she give up her dreams of true love and marry him to save her reputation? As a doctor in the Civil War, Dathan Adams saw too much suffering, and he withdrew from the world to his beloved lighthouse. Now a hurricane forces a spirited Irish lass into his care. To stay alive, he must set aside his solitude and work side by side with Adrella. When her strength and faith erode his defenses, a tragedy might just yield unexpected love.

There s Always Hope

Filename: there-s-always-hope.pdf
ISBN: 9781499087567
Release Date: 2014-08-15
Number of pages: 118
Author: Ehsanul Hoque
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online There s Always Hope in PDF and EPUB No Hope. I struggled. I Failed. I encouraged myself to believe in the positives however I carried on being unsuccessful. Well, my name’s Isaac. High school was a rocky journey for me. Mistakes and troubles were common things I was attached to. Aged 12 and excluded permanently from High School. Guilt overtook me which led to misery. This is the journey of my high school life and what I had been up to. Despite all of the mistakes, I had found a positive path and put myself back on track. Chasing the dreams, thinking the big, I achieved.

There s Always Tomorrow

Filename: there-s-always-tomorrow.pdf
ISBN: 9781482805390
Release Date: 2015-01-16
Number of pages: 130
Author: Abner Nyamende
Publisher: Partridge Africa

Download and read online There s Always Tomorrow in PDF and EPUB The story narrated in this book highlights the agonies suffered by ordinary people in apartheid South Africa, some of whom found themselves being welcomed back as heroes while all they did was flee from an unjust government. This is the story of Gebashe, who, as a school boy, was recruited by the organization of freedom fighters and ended up in Swaziland as a private doctor with an unhappy marriage. Back home Gebashe’s father is estranged from his eldest son, who took Gebashe from a rural school to a school in Cape Town from where he was recruited by the freedom fighters. Gebashe’s return to his home country, long after the first elections for a democratic government marks the beginning of reconciliation in his family, acted out through the custom of initiation. He then remarries; this time to a woman who would have been his childhood girlfriend had things been normal when they grew up. It is a story of mutilated family structures, but through all that hope for reconciliation and prosperity prevails, hence the title.

Christa There s Always a Tomorrow

Filename: christa-there-s-always-a-tomorrow.pdf
ISBN: 9781479721603
Release Date: 2012-10
Number of pages: 686
Author: Jane Ingram
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online Christa There s Always a Tomorrow in PDF and EPUB The first story about the life of Christa followed her from when she was eight years old in Berlin in 1943 through to 1955 in Devon, Pennsylvania. Now her story continues from 1963 through 1968. As she returns to the city of her birth some of the mysteries of her past are solved.

Lost at School

Filename: lost-at-school.pdf
ISBN: 9781416583677
Release Date: 2008-10-21
Number of pages: 304
Author: Ross W. Greene
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Lost at School in PDF and EPUB From a distinguished clinician, pioneer in working with behaviorally challenging kids, and author of the acclaimed The Explosive Child comes a groundbreaking approach for understanding and helping these kids and transforming school discipline. Frequent visits to the principal's office. Detentions. Suspensions. Expulsions. These are the established tools of school discipline for kids who don't abide by school rules, have a hard time getting along with other kids, don't seem to respect authority, don't seem interested in learning, and are disrupting the learning of their classmates. But there's a big problem with these strategies: They are ineffective for most of the students to whom they are applied. It's time for a change in course. Here, Dr. Ross W. Greene presents an enlightened, clear-cut, and practical alternative. Relying on research from the neurosciences, Dr. Greene offers a new conceptual framework for understanding the difficulties of kids with behavioral challenges and explains why traditional discipline isn't effective at addressing these difficulties. Emphasizing the revolutionarily simple and positive notion that kids do well if they can, he persuasively argues that kids with behavioral challenges are not attention-seeking, manipulative, limit-testing, coercive, or unmotivated, but that they lack the skills to behave adaptively. And when adults recognize the true factors underlying difficult behavior and teach kids the skills in increments they can handle, the results are astounding: The kids overcome their obstacles; the frustration of teachers, parents, and classmates diminishes; and the well-being and learning of all students are enhanced. In Lost at School, Dr. Greene describes how his road-tested, evidence-based approach -- called Collaborative Problem Solving -- can help challenging kids at school. His lively, compelling narrative includes: • tools to identify the triggers and lagging skills underlying challenging behavior. • explicit guidance on how to radically improve interactions with challenging kids -- along with many examples showing how it's done. • dialogues, Q & A's, and the story, which runs through the book, of one child and his teachers, parents, and school. • practical guidance for successful planning and collaboration among teachers, parents, administrations, and kids. Backed by years of experience and research, and written with a powerful sense of hope and achievable change, Lost at School gives teachers and parents the realistic strategies and information to impact the classroom experience of every challenging kid.

Four Steps to Making a Perfect Relationship but There s Always One Thing Missing

Filename: four-steps-to-making-a-perfect-relationship-but-there-s-always-one-thing-missing.pdf
ISBN: 1608362930
Release Date: 2009-11
Number of pages: 170
Author: Clarence Tutu
Publisher: PublishAmerica

Download and read online Four Steps to Making a Perfect Relationship but There s Always One Thing Missing in PDF and EPUB Why is it that in the mist of death people always change? Why does it take life for people to change their ways? Do people really care or are they just caring for a moment, while the life is at stake? If people really cared then they wouldnA[a¬a[t wait till a life is on the line. People donA[a¬a[t realize what they have until itA[a¬a[s gone, but when itA[a¬a[s gone itA[a¬a[s too late. Some people just donA[a¬a[t learn until itA[a¬a[s too late. Why does it take someone who has never had anything to teach someone who has had everything to care about the things they have? The person with nothing gives more than the person who has everything. Why? Before you can judge someone you have to know what they have been through, but even then you should judge yourself first. Live, love and be happy. I love you!

Until Today

Filename: until-today.pdf
ISBN: 9780684841373
Release Date: 2000-12-05
Number of pages: 432
Author: Iyanla Vanzant
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Until Today in PDF and EPUB A book of daily devotions offers inspiration and advice on how to achieve spiritual progress and tranquility.

Remember the Wisdom that Progress Forgot

Filename: remember-the-wisdom-that-progress-forgot.pdf
ISBN: 9781626757929
Release Date: 2013-06-01
Number of pages: 200
Author: Suresha Hill
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online Remember the Wisdom that Progress Forgot in PDF and EPUB Awe-inspiring tales from the ages for all ages told as if by the fireside with a grandmother or grandfather sharing secret pearls from heart to heart. See from their eyes, a life led by mysteries, by vision, by direct insight and by stories from their elders now passed on to you. A call from the sky, a song from the bird as a messenger from Beyond inviting us all to remember - to gather together once again in understanding of how it all weaves together in one great Tapestry. Key issues about sustainability and relating to the environment are discussed from a perspective that is fresh, although ancient. The diverse traditions of cultures near and far are shared with a focus on spirituality and how it shapes the society and its choices around education, rites of passage for all ages, caring for the earth and governing practices. Fascinating dimensions are peeled open from layers of life that usually remain secret or hidden from the uninitiated, and shown how they serve the health of the community. Elders, shaman, and medicine people from Africa, Bulgaria, Latvia, Africa, Papua New Guinea and several American tribes share stories, rituals, and personal journeys of how their way of life unfolded into the roles they now carry. It offers a different lens through which to view and experience life, along with an invitation to participate with them in celebrations, pilgrimages, rites of passage, and deep sharing.

There s Always Something or Other With Mr Neary

Filename: there-s-always-something-or-other-with-mr-neary.pdf
ISBN: 9781291373455
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages: 185
Author: Mark Neary

Download and read online There s Always Something or Other With Mr Neary in PDF and EPUB

There s Always Pizza

Filename: there-s-always-pizza.pdf
ISBN: 9781300683919
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Author: Jeffrey Horsley

Download and read online There s Always Pizza in PDF and EPUB

The Star Table Trance Missions

Filename: the-star-table-trance-missions.pdf
ISBN: 9781483551418
Release Date: 2015-02-15
Number of pages: 209
Author: Ted Denmark
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online The Star Table Trance Missions in PDF and EPUB If you happen to have read Brad Steiger’s 1987 sci-fi novel The Star People or heard of his earlier, somewhat-renowned list of the traits of so-called “starseeds,” those who believe they, unlike most Earthumans, somehow have an origin in the stars; then you will already have a notion of the story being revealed in these pages by Julie Loar and Ted Denmark. They are both old enough to have been aware of the publicity surrounding Steiger’s “seminal” research and promotion of his “novel,” if inevitable idea—given all the UFO/ET themes circulating in public awareness in the latter half of the Twentieth Century and beyond. But even though they were also previously aware of themselves as “contactees,” having had some fairly unusual experiences—and with nearly all the traits of Steiger’s Starseeds—Julie and Ted have found themselves, more than thirty years later in their seventh decade, being given nearly full access to the depth of detail of their own secret lives as extraterrestrial hybrids ... by members of their own star families. They have made efforts to acknowledge this offer and recorded the resulting trance-session dialogues, as conducted and now published by Ted in book form. It took them several years to become sufficiently acquainted with each other and their unexpected project to be able to present such extraordinary accounts of their purported true identities as well as many other amazing circumstances ... to have become convinced that many of their unusual life experiences and various other ideas consistently presented to them by the more than thirty ET and Celestial Guide figures, appearing in full multimedia awareness to Julie in trance as a “seer” ... could actually be true. The first fourteen of these “Telepresence Conferences” are contained in this initial Star Table Trance Missions volume (in a series of five books being called the Five Star Series for the remaining sessions now being completed). Discovery of their common ancestry as “Pleiadian Irish,” as Ted sometimes jokes to help relieve the tension of making so extraordinary a claim (they have Sirian heritage as well), is also part of a moving love story of major proportions for themselves, which they also wish to share as part of their growth, integration and “apotheosis.” So they have gone from being aware that they were a bit unusual—but not yet sure of being perhaps premature “wanabe starseeds”—to finally making a series of breakthroughs in which their veiled ET star families have revealed a lot more detail about their real nativities beginning as childhood trainees with somewhat hastily arranged surrogate families, to this culminating mission together in maturity, revealing more of the nature of these arranged genitures with real, physical, extraterrestrial people than has probably ever been made public before (with the possible exception of the Eduard “Billy” Meier contacts—having a central role with the same extraordinary Pleiadian star-woman Semjase). Julie and Ted both genuinely believe, given sustained prompting by these conferences at the Star Table, that this is a story—which also happens to contain some of their personal history—whose time has come to be told openly. It goes far beyond anything they, as writers and editors, believe could have been made up by themselves (!). Those most interested initially might be other starseeds, real or imagined. J&T were told they are among a group of about one hundred other Earthuman hybrids in this particular genetic seeding experiment being carried out by Pleiadians from the star system of Taygeta, but they believe nearly anyone will find it quite an interesting—if not a totally amazing—story ... whether they believe it or not. The first installment of a movie waiting to be made.