200 of Nothing

Filename: 200-of-nothing.pdf
ISBN: 0471145742
Release Date: 1996-02-09
Number of pages: 192
Author: A. K. Dewdney
Publisher: Wiley

Download and read online 200 of Nothing in PDF and EPUB Acclaim for "In today's world, 'innumeracy' is an even greater danger than illiteracy, and is perhaps even more common. Advertisers and politicians exploit it; intellectuals (self-styled) even flaunt it. I hope that this wise and witty book will provide cures where they are possible, and warnings where they are necessary. "It's also a lot of fun. I can guarantee that 100%."--Arthur C. Clarke "Dewdney retells with charm and wit magnificent morsels of mathematical mayhem discovered by his army of volunteer 'abuse detectives.' From 'sample trashing' to 'numerical terrorism,' from 'percentage pumping' to 'dimensional dementia,' 200% of Nothing plumbs the depths of innumeracy in daily life and reveals what ordinary people can do about it. A rich, readable, instructive, and persuasive book."--Lynn Arthur Steen, Professor of Mathematics, St. Olaf College

Stream Ciphers and Number Theory

Filename: stream-ciphers-and-number-theory.pdf
ISBN: 044451631X
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 474
Author: Thomas W. Cusick
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

Download and read online Stream Ciphers and Number Theory in PDF and EPUB This is the unique book on cross-fertilisations between stream ciphers and number theory. It systematically and comprehensively covers known connections between the two areas that are available only in research papers. Some parts of this book consist of new research results that are not available elsewhere. In addition to exercises, over thirty research problems are presented in this book. In this revised edition almost every chapter was updated, and some chapters were completely rewritten. It is useful as a textbook for a graduate course on the subject, as well as a reference book for researchers in related fields. · Unique book on interactions of stream ciphers and number theory. · Research monograph with many results not available elsewhere. · A revised edition with the most recent advances in this subject. · Over thirty research problems for stimulating interactions between the two areas. · Written by leading researchers in stream ciphers and number theory.

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love

Filename: the-unpredictable-consequences-of-love.pdf
ISBN: 9780755355990
Release Date: 2014-01-30
Number of pages: 352
Author: Jill Mansell
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online The Unpredictable Consequences of Love in PDF and EPUB Jill Mansell's bestseller THE UNPREDICTABLE CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE is an unforgettable tale of sunny days on the beach, Cornwall in the summer and secrets about to be revealed. Perfect for readers of Lucy Diamond and Veronica Henry. In the idyllic seaside town of St Carys, Sophie is putting the past firmly behind her. When Josh arrives in St Carys to run the family hotel, he can't understand why Sophie has zero interest in letting any man into her life. He also can't understand how he's been duped into employing Sophie's impulsive friend Tula, whose crush on him is decidedly unrequited. St Carys has more than its fair share of characters, including the charming but utterly feckless surfer Riley Bryant, who has a massive crush on Tula. Riley's aunt is superstar author Marguerite Marshall. And Marguerite has designs on Josh's grandfather...who in turn still adores his glamorous ex-wife, Dot... Just how many secrets can one seaside town keep?

Successful Trouble Shooting for Process Engineers

Filename: successful-trouble-shooting-for-process-engineers.pdf
ISBN: 9783527607075
Release Date: 2006-05-12
Number of pages: 444
Author: Donald R. Woods
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Successful Trouble Shooting for Process Engineers in PDF and EPUB Chemical production processes consist of many complex apparatuses involving both moving and static parts as well as interconnecting pipes, control mechanisms and electronics, mechanical and thermal stages, heat exchangers, waste and side product processing units, power ducts and many others. Bringing such a complicated unit online and ensuring its continued productivity requires substantial skill at anticipating, detecting and solving acute problems. This book is the professional's and student's entrance to the fascinating and important world of trouble shooting for chemical, pharmaceutical and other production processes.

The Devil s Queen

Filename: the-devil-s-queen.pdf
ISBN: 9781429984317
Release Date: 2009-07-21
Number of pages: 480
Author: Jeanne Kalogridis
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Download and read online The Devil s Queen in PDF and EPUB From Jeanne Kalogridis, the bestselling author of I, Mona Lisa and The Borgia Bride, comes a new novel that tells the passionate story of a queen who loved not wisely . . . but all too well. Confidante of Nostradamus, scheming mother-in-law to Mary, Queen of Scots, and architect of the bloody St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, Catherine de Medici is one of the most maligned monarchs in history. In her latest historical fiction, Jeanne Kalogridis tells Catherine's story—that of a tender young girl, destined to be a pawn in Machiavellian games. Born into one of Florence's most powerful families, Catherine was soon left a fabulously rich heiress by the early deaths of her parents. Violent conflict rent the city state and she found herself imprisoned and threatened by her family's enemies before finally being released and married off to the handsome Prince Henry of France. Overshadowed by her husband's mistress, the gorgeous, conniving Diane de Poitiers, and unable to bear children, Catherine resorted to the dark arts of sorcery to win Henry's love and enhance her fertility—for which she would pay a price. Against the lavish and decadent backdrop of the French court, and Catherine's blood-soaked visions of the future, Kalogridis reveals the great love and desire Catherine bore for her husband, Henry, and her stark determination to keep her sons on the throne.

Sources of Hyperbolic Geometry

Filename: sources-of-hyperbolic-geometry.pdf
ISBN: 0821809229
Release Date: 1996
Number of pages: 153
Author: John Stillwell
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

Download and read online Sources of Hyperbolic Geometry in PDF and EPUB This book presents, for the first time in English, the papers of Beltrami, Klein, and Poincare that brought hyperbolic geometry into the mainstream of mathematics. A recognition of Beltrami comparable to that given the pioneering works of Bolyai and Lobachevsky seems long overdue--not only because Beltrami rescued hyperbolic geometry from oblivion by proving it to be logically consistent, but because he gave it a concrete meaning (a model) that made hyperbolic geometry part of ordinary mathematics. The models subsequently discovered by Klein and Poincare brought hyperbolic geometry even further down to earth and paved the way for the current explosion of activity in low-dimensional geometry and topology. By placing the works of these three mathematicians side by side and providing commentaries, this book gives the student, historian, or professional geometer a bird's-eye view of one of the great episodes in mathematics. The unified setting and historical context reveal the insights of Beltrami, Klein, and Poincare in their full brilliance.

Fantastic Football Poems

Filename: fantastic-football-poems.pdf
ISBN: 0192762508
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 32
Author: John Foster

Download and read online Fantastic Football Poems in PDF and EPUB From the goalie with expanding hands, to the first ever football (made of stone) and the match played on the moon, this book is full of some of the most amazing, and fantastic football matches ever played. DT another book, in a popular series, from a top-selling team DT includes poems by Gareth Owen, James Kirkup and Brian Moses DT wonderfully zany illustrations by Korky Paul DT The Guardian said, of John Foster and Korky Paul's most recent collaboration, Pet Poems: "If this combination of verse and illustration doesn't make you laugh out loud, then you must have missed out on the sense of humour gene."

The Hunt for the Seventh

Filename: the-hunt-for-the-seventh.pdf
ISBN: 9780062003102
Release Date: 2010-03-02
Number of pages: 288
Author: Christine Morton-Shaw
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online The Hunt for the Seventh in PDF and EPUB Jim moves to ancient Minerva Hall and encounters the ghosts of six children. They urge him to find the seventh child and leave him cryptic clues that point to a dark, ancient prophecy that only Jim can stop from being fulfilled. Jim turns to Einstein, a brilliant autistic boy who lives at the Hall. If anyone can help Jim, Einstein can. But the boy, who speaks in riddles, proves to be as mysterious as the dead children. Time is running out; if Jim doesn't figure out the clues, innocent people will die. Christine Morton-Shaw has linked ancient rites with modern mystery to create a chilling, suspenseful tale that will keep readers guessing to the very end.

Siksik liglig at umaapaw

Filename: siksik-liglig-at-umaapaw.pdf
ISBN: 9715116019
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 232
Author: Ed Lapiz

Download and read online Siksik liglig at umaapaw in PDF and EPUB