Sloth Coloring Book

Filename: sloth-coloring-book.pdf
ISBN: 154498149X
Release Date: 2017-03-27
Number of pages: 90
Author: Adult World
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Download and read online Sloth Coloring Book in PDF and EPUB Get fantastic value for money with this huge Sweary Sloth Coloring Book! The 40 funny, swear word designs in this dark coloring book for adults will provide hours of relaxation and stress relief. Features of this Swear Word Coloring Book: Black Night Edition: All of the designs are set on a black coloring book page for an incredible dramatic effect! Single sided coloring pages allow for the pages to be removed Suitable for markers, felt tips, gel pens, coloring pencils and more due to single sided, removable pages Professional quality designs from start to finish 2 Color test pages at the back of the book Sloth Coloring Book:This Sweary Sloth coloring book contains 40 single sided coloring pages. This allows you to remove each page for framing or hanging. This also helps reduce bleed through onto the other designs even if you are using markers, making this book suitable for everything from coloring pencils through to marker pens. The funy, rude Sloth designs contained within this humorous book are hand picked by us here at Adult Coloring World to ensure fantastic quality. We know that sometimes you will buy a book after being impressed initially by an amazing design on the cover, only to be disappointed with the books contents when you open it. Well we make sure this never happens with any of our books and we can assure you that all of the designs inside are high quality from start to finish. The black pages in this dark coloring book for adults will really make your colors pop out from the page giving a stunning midnight effect. This book makes a fantastic funny gift idea for people who love Sloth gift ideas.

Serafina and the Black Cloak

Filename: serafina-and-the-black-cloak.pdf
ISBN: 9781780317502
Release Date: 2016-05-05
Number of pages: 288
Author: Robert Beatty
Publisher: Egmont UK

Download and read online Serafina and the Black Cloak in PDF and EPUB Venture into the spooky world of Serafina and the Black Cloak - the New York Times bestselling magical mystery adventure book for children. "Never go into the forest, for there are many dangers there, and they will ensnare your soul.” Serafina and her pa have secretly lived in the basement of the grand old house on the Biltmore Estate, surrounded by dark forests, for as long as Serafina can remember. She takes the greatest of care never to be seen. But when children at Biltmore start disappearing, only Serafina knows who the culprit is: a terrifying man in a black cloak who stalks the corridors at night. To solve the mystery, Serafina teams up with Braden Vanderbilt, the nephew of the estate’s owners. Their search for answers leads them into the very forest Serafina has always been taught to fear. There, they discover a legacy of magic, long forgotten - until now. A beguiling book for children aged 9 years and up . . . Robert Beatty is the debut and New York Times bestselling author of the magical and mystery book for children Serafina and the Black Cloak and its enchanting sequel Serafina and the Twisted Staff. He lives in the forested Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with his wife and three daughters (and four cats, four dogs and four horses). Perfect for fans of J K Rowling, Abi Elphinstone, Robin Stevens and Jennifer Bell.

Bread and Jam for Frances

Filename: bread-and-jam-for-frances.pdf
ISBN: 9780060838003
Release Date: 2008-09-09
Number of pages: 48
Author: Russell Hoban
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online Bread and Jam for Frances in PDF and EPUB Frances is a fussy eater. In fact, the only thing she likes is bread and jam. She won't touch her squishy soft-boiled egg. She trades away her chicken-salad sandwich at lunch. She turns up her nose at boring veal cutlets. Unless Mother can come up with a plan, Frances just might go on eating bread and jam forever!

Ruby Lee and Me

Filename: ruby-lee-and-me.pdf
ISBN: 9780545782326
Release Date: 2016-01-05
Number of pages: 224
Author: Shannon Hitchcock
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Download and read online Ruby Lee and Me in PDF and EPUB Everything's changing for Sarah Beth Willis. After Robin's tragic accident, everyone seems different somehow. Days on the farm aren't the same, and the simple fun of riding a bike or playing outside can be scary. And there's talk in town about the new sixth-grade teacher at Shady Creek. Word is spreading quickly--Mrs. Smyre is like no other teacher anyone has ever seen around these parts. She's the first African American teacher. It's 1969, and while black folks and white folks are cordial, having a black teacher at an all-white school is a strange new happening. For Sarah Beth, there are so many unanswered questions. What is all this talk about Freedom Riders and school integration? Why can't she and Ruby become best friends? And who says school isn't for anybody who wants to learn--or teach? In a world filled with uncertainty, one very special teacher shows her young students and the adults in their lives that change invites unexpected possibilities.

Creative Haven Fanciful Faces Coloring Book

Filename: creative-haven-fanciful-faces-coloring-book.pdf
ISBN: 9780486779355
Release Date: 2014-08-20
Number of pages: 64
Author: Miryam Adatto
Publisher: Courier Corporation

Download and read online Creative Haven Fanciful Faces Coloring Book in PDF and EPUB More than 30 full-page portraits feature ladies with elaborate halos of flowers, birds, hearts, geometrics, and other intertwined figures and shapes. Printed on one side of perforated pages for easy removal and display.

The Great Kapok Tree

Filename: the-great-kapok-tree.pdf
ISBN: 0152026142
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 40
Author: Lynne Cherry
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online The Great Kapok Tree in PDF and EPUB The many different animals that live in a great kapok tree in the Brazilian rainforest try to convince a man with an ax of the importance of not cutting down their home.

Brave Like My Brother

Filename: brave-like-my-brother.pdf
ISBN: 9780545880374
Release Date: 2016-06-28
Number of pages: 112
Author: Marc Tyler Nobleman
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Download and read online Brave Like My Brother in PDF and EPUB When Charlie's brother, Joe, is called up to fight in World War II, he promises to write letters to ten-year-old Charlie as often as he can. It won't make up for not being there to help Charlie out with the neighborhood bullies, but it's all Joe can do. Life is tough for a soldier, and Joe tells Charlie all about it, from long hikes in endless rain and mud to the stray dog his company adopts. But when Joe is sent on a secret mission with the one soldier he can't stand, he will have to face risks that place their mission -- and their lives -- in grave danger. Charlie knew his brother was strong, but he will discover that Joe is more of a hero than he lets on. Will Joe's letters give Charlie the strength to stand up for himself and be brave, too?

The Girl Who Heard Colors

Filename: the-girl-who-heard-colors.pdf
ISBN: 9780698135109
Release Date: 2013-09-26
Number of pages: 32
Author: Marie Harris
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online The Girl Who Heard Colors in PDF and EPUB This eye-opening picture book introduces readers to their five senses and to synesthesia—a condition in which one sense triggers another. For some people, sounds or tastes have colors. And for others, numbers and letters do. Many famous artists have been synesthetes, including Tori Amos, Duke Ellington, Jimi Hendrix, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, John Mayer, Mozart, and Degas. Imagine that when you hear a bell you see silver or when a dog barks you see red. That’s what it’s like for Jillian—when she hears sounds she sees colors. At first the kids at school make fun of Jillian. Jillian worries about being different until her music teacher shows her that having synesthesia is an amazing thing. This lively, informative picture book makes synesthesia easy to understand and celebrates each person’s unique way of experiencing the world.

Bravelands 1 Broken Pride

Filename: bravelands-1-broken-pride.pdf
ISBN: 9780062642059
Release Date: 2017-06-06
Number of pages: 336
Author: Erin Hunter
Publisher: HarperCollins

Download and read online Bravelands 1 Broken Pride in PDF and EPUB Heed the call of the wild with this brand-new, action-packed animal fantasy series from the #1 nationally bestselling author of Warriors. Enter the Bravelands…and discover the Erin Hunter series you’ve been waiting for. A lion cast out from his pride. An elephant who can read the bones of the dead. A baboon rebelling against his destiny. For generations, the animals of the African plains have followed a single rule: only kill to survive. But when an unthinkable act of betrayal shatters the peace, the fragile balance between predators and prey will rest in the paws of three unlikely heroes. Set in an epic new world and told from three different animals’ points of view, Bravelands will thrill readers who love Spirit Animals and Wings of Fire, as well as the legion of dedicated fans who’ve made Erin Hunter a bestselling phenomenon.

The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart

Filename: the-peculiar-night-of-the-blue-heart.pdf
ISBN: 9781619636446
Release Date: 2016-09-13
Number of pages: 224
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Download and read online The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart in PDF and EPUB From New York Times bestselling author Lauren DeStefano comes a gorgeous tale of friendship found and fought for against a haunting danger. It's just right for fans of Serafina and the Black Cloak. Lionel is a wild boy, who doesn't much like to be around other people. He'd rather be a purring cat or a wolf stalking the woods. Marybeth is a nice girl. She doesn't need to be told to comb her hair or brush her teeth, and she's kind to everyone at the orphanage . . . Lionel most of all. Different though they are, Lionel and Marybeth are best friends in a world that has forgotten about them. So when a mysterious blue spirit possesses Marybeth-and starts to take control-they know they must stop it before the real Marybeth fades away forever.

The Firefly Code

Filename: the-firefly-code.pdf
ISBN: 9781619636378
Release Date: 2016-05-03
Number of pages: 256
Author: Megan Frazer Blakemore
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Download and read online The Firefly Code in PDF and EPUB Mori and her friends live a normal life on Firefly Lane in their utopian community, Old Harmonie. In a world this safe and perfect, they've never had to question anything . . . never had to wonder about how their lives came to be. Until a new girl named Ilana moves in. She's so perfect that Mori and her friends are curious . . . Where exactly did Ilana come from, and why does she act so strange sometimes? When Ilana's secret is revealed, the kids on Firefly Lane must decide: is it finally time to start questioning the only world they've ever known? In a stunningly imaginative story, critically acclaimed author Megan Frazer Blakemore takes readers on a journey with five friends--new and old--that will have everyone talking about not just what makes people human, but what makes them true friends.

Dragon s Green

Filename: dragon-s-green.pdf
ISBN: 9781481497848
Release Date: 2017-05-30
Number of pages: 384
Author: Scarlett Thomas
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Dragon s Green in PDF and EPUB "The first book in a middle grade series about three young heroes who go on a quest to save a collection of magical books from an evil villain who plans to dominate the world"--

Animal Coloring Book

Filename: animal-coloring-book.pdf
ISBN: 0692644504
Release Date: 2016-05-13
Number of pages: 162
Author: Ebook Solutions

Download and read online Animal Coloring Book in PDF and EPUB Kindle readers-We have your back! We know that you cannot download this book from your Kindle device, so there is a link to the pdf version at the end of this coloring book. Guess what, the version you will download will have the bleed pages included as well!Paperback readers-This version has bleed pages between the animal pictures, so you do not have to worry to much about colors bleeding through to another picture.Enjoy coloring 40 different animals! Thank you so much for reading about our amazing and fun animal coloring book for adults. It is our first coloring book and we hope you will give this a try! As you may know, animal coloring books for adults like this are great for stress-relieving, relaxing, building focus, and building your creativity. Our hope is that after finishing this coloring book with fun looking animals, you will be relaxed and in a great state of mind. We hope you enjoy this coloring book and feel free to color it anyway you like! We hope you get a lot out of this relaxation book. Have a good one and be on the lookout for our next book!Tags: Animal Coloring Books 2016, Adult Coloring Books 2016, Adult Coloring Book 2016, Stress Relieving Coloring Book, Stress Free Coloring Book, Stress Relieving Patterns Coloring Book, Pages Printable, Coloring Picture, Adult Coloring Patterns, Bleed Pages, Printable Bleed Pages, Relaxing Coloring Book Patterns, Relaxing Patterns, Detailed Pictures, Adult Coloring Books, Relaxation Book, Relaxation Books, Coloring for Adults, Coloring Books for Adults, Coloring Book For Adults, Adult Color Book, Coloring Book Pages, Adult Coloring Pages, Coloring Pictures, Free Coloring Book, Adult Coloring, Adult Coloring Books For Relaxation, Adult Coloring Book For Relaxation, Relaxation Coloring Book, Relaxation Coloring Books, Coloring Books Printable, Printable Coloring Book, Adult Coloring Book Page, Adult Coloring Books for Stress, Stress Coloring Book, Animal Coloring Book 2016, Coloring Books For Adults 2016, Coloring Book For Adults 2016, Stress Free Coloring Book 2016, Stress Relieving Patterns Coloring Book 2016, Animal Coloring Book Coloring Pages, Animal Coloring Books Coloring Pages, Coloring Pages For Adults, Coloring Page For Adults, Coloring Books For Adults Kindle, Animal Coloring Book Party Favor, Adult Coloring Books For Men, Adult Coloring Books For Women, Animal Coloring Books For Adults Relaxation

The World From Up Here

Filename: the-world-from-up-here.pdf
ISBN: 9780545848541
Release Date: 2016-06-28
Number of pages: 320
Author: Cecilia Galante
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Download and read online The World From Up Here in PDF and EPUB Wren Baker has never felt brave a day in her life. She doesn't even know what she's afraid of, really. Only that if she raises her voice or leaves her mark or ventures too far from home, she'll risk falling flat on her face. But that all changes when Wren's cousin, Silver, walks into her life. Silver is totally fearless. Maybe that's why she's the most popular girl in the sixth grade. She dares Wren to take risks, to live out loud, to finally spread her wings. And when Silver decides to undertake the journey of a lifetime, Wren is forced to make a decision: Is she in or is she out? There's only one way Wren will ever learn to fly. It's time for her to stand at the edge of the unknown...and jump. Full of heartache and hope, The World From Up Here is a tender, moving story about old secrets and new friendships, anxiety and Asperger syndrome, and what it means to face the things that scare us most.

Tick Tock Taylor

Filename: tick-tock-taylor.pdf
ISBN: 1610670000
Release Date: 2013-06-01
Number of pages: 63
Author: Anastasia Suen
Publisher: Kane/Miller Book Publishers

Download and read online Tick Tock Taylor in PDF and EPUB "It's the first big competition for Taylor, Abby, and the rest of the Glitter cheer squad. As if the competition wasn't nerve-wracking enough, teammate Sophia is perfect and insists that everyone else be perfect, too, which is bad news for Taylor and her too-slow back walkover"--