Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom

Filename: promoting-executive-function-in-the-classroom.pdf
ISBN: 9781606236161
Release Date: 2010
Number of pages: 252
Author: Lynn Meltzer
Publisher: Guilford Press

Download and read online Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom in PDF and EPUB Accessible and practical, this book helps teachers incorporate executive function processes - such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, and self-checking - into the classroom curriculum. Chapters provide effective strategies for optimizing what Ka "12 students learn by improving how they learn. Noted authority Lynn Meltzer and her research associates present a wealth of easy-to-implement assessment tools, teaching techniques and activities, and planning aids. Featuring numerous whole-class ideas and suggestions, the book also covers the nuts and bolts of differentiating instruction for students with learning or attention difficulties. Case examples illustrate individualized teaching strategies and classroom accommodations. Fifteen reproducibles are included; the large-size format facilitates photocopying and day-to-day reference. This book will be invaluable to classroom teachers and special educators in grades K-12, teacher educators, school psychologists, and neuropsychologists.

From the Brain to the Classroom The Encyclopedia of Learning

Filename: from-the-brain-to-the-classroom-the-encyclopedia-of-learning.pdf
ISBN: 9781610695404
Release Date: 2014-01-15
Number of pages: 589
Author: Sheryl Feinstein
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online From the Brain to the Classroom The Encyclopedia of Learning in PDF and EPUB Supplying a foundation for understanding the development of the brain and the learning process, this text examines the physical and environmental factors that influence how we acquire and retain information throughout our lives. The book also lays out practical strategies that educators can take directly into the classroom. • Covers a wide range of topics written by educationists, psychologists, and neuroscientists who are all experts in their field • Provides meaningful instructional strategies that can be applied in the real world to improve educators' results • Examines the brain through the human lifespan—prenatal, early childhood, childhood, adolescence, adult, and old age—in order to supply a comprehensive look at how neuroscience can be applied to improve learning at all stages of maturity • Addresses cognitive neuroscience findings as they relate to special education students—invaluable information for educators who work with this important group of learners

Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom

Filename: universal-design-for-learning-in-the-classroom.pdf
ISBN: 9781462506354
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 156
Author: Tracey E. Hall
Publisher: Guilford Press

Download and read online Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom in PDF and EPUB "Clearly written and well organized, this book shows how to apply the principles of universal design for learning (UDL) across all subject areas and grade levels. The editors and contributors describe practical ways to develop classroom goals, assessments, materials, and methods that use UDL to meet the needs of all learners. Specific teaching ideas are presented for reading, writing, science, mathematics, history, and the arts, including detailed examples and troubleshooting tips. Particular attention is given to how UDL can inform effective, innovative uses of technology in the inclusive classroom. Subject Areas/Keywords: assessments, classrooms, content areas, curriculum design, digital media, educational technology, elementary, inclusion, instruction, learning disabilities, literacy, schools, secondary, special education, supports, teaching methods, UDL, universal design Audience: General and special educators in grades K-8, literacy specialists, school psychologists, administrators, teacher educators, and graduate students"--

Working with Families of Young Children with Special Needs

Filename: working-with-families-of-young-children-with-special-needs.pdf
ISBN: 9781606235409
Release Date: 2010-01-13
Number of pages: 265
Author: R. A. McWilliam
Publisher: Guilford Press

Download and read online Working with Families of Young Children with Special Needs in PDF and EPUB This user-friendly book presents research-based best practices for serving families of children with special needs from birth to age 6. Expert contributors demonstrate how early intervention and early childhood special education can effectively address a wide range of family concerns, which in turn optimizes children's development and learning. Tightly edited, the volume offers indispensable tools for assessing families; identifying and capitalizing on their strengths; providing information, support, and coaching; collaborating with parents and teachers to address children's functional needs in the context of everyday routines; and coordinating care. Over a dozen reproducible checklists and forms help professionals immediately implement the techniques and strategies described.

The Power of Peers in the Classroom

Filename: the-power-of-peers-in-the-classroom.pdf
ISBN: 9781462521067
Release Date: 2015-07-07
Number of pages: 322
Author: Karen R. Harris
Publisher: Guilford Publications

Download and read online The Power of Peers in the Classroom in PDF and EPUB Peer support and social relationships have a tremendous influence on development, motivation, and achievement for all students, including struggling learners and those with disabilities. This highly practical book is one of the few resources available to guide classroom teachers and special educators in the application of peer-assisted instructional strategies in grades K-12. Expert contributors describe evidence-based approaches for building students' skills in reading, writing, math, and other content areas, as well as social competence and executive functioning. Sample lessons and more than a dozen reproducible tools are provided. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.

Wie kleine Kinder schlau werden

Filename: wie-kleine-kinder-schlau-werden.pdf
ISBN: 3407228554
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 232
Author: John Caldwell Holt
Publisher: Beltz

Download and read online Wie kleine Kinder schlau werden in PDF and EPUB Ausgehend von der Beobachtung des kindlichen Spielens erläutert der Autor, wie Kinder denken und lernen.

Essentials of Planning Selecting and Tailoring Interventions for Unique Learners

Filename: essentials-of-planning-selecting-and-tailoring-interventions-for-unique-learners.pdf
ISBN: 9781118417355
Release Date: 2014-02-24
Number of pages: 432
Author: Jennifer T. Mascolo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Essentials of Planning Selecting and Tailoring Interventions for Unique Learners in PDF and EPUB A Resource for Designing and Implementing Intervention Programs for At-Risk Learners This authoritative resource provides step-by-step procedures for planning, selecting, and tailoring interventions for at-risk learners with a unique focus on how to individualize interventions using actual case examples. In addition, this volume offers guidelines for gathering and interpreting data in a manner that assists in identifying targets for intervention and rich discussion and information relating to specific academic, cognitive, and behavioral manifestations of students with learning difficulties in reading, math, writing, and oral language. Practitioners will also recognize and learn how to intervene with students from underserved and mis-served populations who are at risk for learning failure including English-language learners and students from impoverished environments. Each chapter describes how specific difficulties interfere with classroom tasks and explain how to select, modify, or otherwise tailor an intervention based on that information. As with all volumes in the Essentials of Psychological Assessment series, this volume includes callout boxes highlighting key concepts, extensive illustrative material, and test questions. The companion CD-ROM provides additional worksheets, case studies, and handouts.

Chromebooks in the Classroom

Filename: chromebooks-in-the-classroom.pdf
ISBN: 9781935609964
Release Date: 2015-02-23
Number of pages: 6
Author: Brian S. Friedlander
Publisher: National Professional Resources Inc

Download and read online Chromebooks in the Classroom in PDF and EPUB This 6-page, quick-reference laminated guide, by Brian S. Friedlander and Mike Marotta, introduces teachers to Chromebooks by Google and explores how they can be used ito provide universal supports across the curriculum to all learners, eliminating the need for specialized assistive technology devices for students with special needs. The concise yet comprehensive guide cover topics including: Chromebook features; Offline mode; Google Drive; Google Apps for Education/ Google Classroom (Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Spreadsheets); Recommended apps and extensions for Reading across the curriculum, Writing across the curriculum, Note taking, Executive function support, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math); Tips for classroom integration; Ideas for collaboration activities.

Developing Self Regulating Learners

Filename: developing-self-regulating-learners.pdf
ISBN: 0133906906
Release Date: 2016-01-04
Number of pages: 240
Author: Deborah Lynne Butler

Download and read online Developing Self Regulating Learners in PDF and EPUB Helping you to help your students -- a guidebook to improving student attention and performance in the classroom. Across North America, self-regulation is being associated with the kinds of "21st century learning skills" that schools need to foster , empowering learners to succeed from primary grades through the adult years. While interest in self-regulation and self-regulated learning (SRL) is intensifying among researchers, policy-makers and educators, few resources are available to professionals interested in enhancing their practice in this area. Developing Self-regulating Learners is a guidebook to helps in-service candidates and teachers guide students to improved attention spans and more positive behaviour, assisting in connecting research on self-regulation and learning in classrooms and effectively combining theoretical content with practical classroom applications and strategies.

Selected Resources to Facilitate the Transition of Learners with Special Needs from School to Work Or Postsecondary Education

Filename: selected-resources-to-facilitate-the-transition-of-learners-with-special-needs-from-school-to-work-or-postsecondary-education.pdf
ISBN: UIUC:30112006782673
Release Date: 1992*
Number of pages:

Download and read online Selected Resources to Facilitate the Transition of Learners with Special Needs from School to Work Or Postsecondary Education in PDF and EPUB


Filename: drive.pdf
ISBN: 9783711050786
Release Date: 2010-09-13
Number of pages: 284
Author: Daniel H Pink
Publisher: Ecowin

Download and read online Drive in PDF and EPUB Sind wir nicht alle davon überzeugt, dass wir am besten mit äußeren Anreizen wie Geld und Prestige oder durch „Zuckerbrot und Peitsche" zu motivieren sind? „Alles falsch", sagt Daniel H. Pink in seinem provokanten und zukunftsweisenden Buch. Das Geheimnis unseres persönlichen Erfolges ist das zutiefst menschliche Bedürfnis, unser Leben selbst zu bestimmen, zu lernen, Neues zu erschaffen und damit unsere Lebensqualität und unsere Welt zu verbessern. Daniel H. Pink enthüllt die Widersprüche zwischen dem, was die Wissenschaft weiß, und dem, was die Wirtschaft tut – und wie genau dies jeden Aspekt unseres Lebens beeinflusst. Er demonstriert, dass das Prinzip von Bestrafung und Belohnung exakt der falsche Weg ist, um Menschen für die Herausforderungen von Heute zu motivieren, egal ob in Beruf oder Privatleben. In „Drive" untersucht er die drei Elemente der wirklichen Motivation – Selbstbestimmung, Perfektionierung und Sinnerfüllung – und bietet kluge sowie überraschende Techniken an, um diese in die Tat umzusetzen. Daniel H. Pink stellt uns Menschen vor, die diese neuen Ansätze zur Motivation bereits erfolgreich in ihr Leben integriert haben und uns damit entschlossen einen außergewöhnlichen Weg in die Zukunft zeigen.

Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms

Filename: teaching-students-with-special-needs-in-inclusive-classrooms.pdf
ISBN: 0205430929
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 630
Author: Diane Pedrotty Bryant
Publisher: Pearson College Division

Download and read online Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms in PDF and EPUB Prepare and inspire teachers to ADAPT to the needs of all their students! Using the research-validated A-D-A-P-T model as an instructional guide, problem-solving approach and mnemonic, this new book clearly promotes the thoughtful practices and adaptations which have been proven as the most effective means to teach hard-to-reach students. It inspires classroom teachers to want to meet the challenges of students with disabilities and other learning challenges in their classroom and then gives them the tools to do it confidently. FEATURES: PREPARE ADAPT in Action is an illustrative section integrated directly within the book discussion, applying the ADAPT framework to the student and teacher introduced in the Opening Challenge case studies. In these features, the teacher “thinks out loud” using the ADAPT framework ADAPT Framework boxes provide a helpful summary chart that applies the ADAPT model to practical, frequently encountered teaching and learning topics INSPIRE Making a Difference features are first-person essays written by classroom teachers, special educators, and parents that offer their realistic insights and experiences about the impact of inclusive settings on the success of students with disabilities and other special learning needs and their families ADDITIONAL FEATURES Opening Challenge begins each chapter with a case study illustrating a teaching challenge, which is revisited throughout the chapter, providing a consistent situation in which to apply the ADAPT model What Works features present key research-to-practice findings or interesting, classroom-based statistics that are relevant to topics within each chapter Working Together features provide practical advice for how an idea or concept can be taught using a collaborative approach involving other school professionals and/or family members Instructional Activities, included in each of the “content area” chapters (10-13), present sample lessons for teaching skills in each area. Each activity indicates the instructional objective, instructional content, instructional materials, a means to deliver the instruction, and methods tomonitor progress Considering Diversity features highlight a specific idea from a cultural or linguistic perspective to help readers see examples of how to consider factors of diversity as they relate to academic instruction and management Tech Notes provide readers with information about assistive and instructional technologies that can be employed with students that have learning and behavior problems. Examples from classrooms are used to show practical applications CEC and INTASC Standards are correlated to each chapter in end-of-chapter charts to facilitate student understanding of the standards and principals that must be mastered by all beginning inclusive educators "The ADAPT feature offers a consistent strategy, it's very good. It seems quite different from many of the other intro books. It has more information, more research info and more practical information combined." Kathy McMahon Klosterman, Miami University

Der Punkt

Filename: der-punkt.pdf
ISBN: 3836952025
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 32
Author: Peter Reynolds

Download and read online Der Punkt in PDF and EPUB Ina ist überzeugt, nicht malen zu können. Als sie es trotzdem versucht, macht sie eine erstaunliche Entdeckung. Ab 5.

Strategies for Teaching Adolescents with ADHD

Filename: strategies-for-teaching-adolescents-with-adhd.pdf
ISBN: 9780470615591
Release Date: 2009-11-24
Number of pages: 176
Author: Silvia L. DeRuvo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Strategies for Teaching Adolescents with ADHD in PDF and EPUB ADHD expert offers help for teaching the content areas to students with attention problems Written by an expert in the field of ADHD, this important resource offers strategies to teach adolescents with ADHD across all core content areas: English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. These strategies have been classroom-tested and proven to engage students during content instruction so that they will gain a lasting understanding of the material taught. As students interact with the content—talk, write, draw, and create a variety of media in relation to the content—all students, including those with ADHD, will learn the basics necessary for post-secondary education and employment. Offers an important guide for teaching core content to adolescents with ADHD Includes information for engaging ADHD students in a way that makes content memorable Explains how to use the strategies to teach all classroom students Written by a nationally known authority on ADHD Published in partnership with the acclaimed WestEd organization

Die Weisheit der Vielen

Filename: die-weisheit-der-vielen.pdf
ISBN: 9783864705144
Release Date: 2017-09-07
Number of pages: 384
Author: James Surowiecki
Publisher: Plassen Verlag

Download and read online Die Weisheit der Vielen in PDF and EPUB Publikumsjoker sticht Expertenmeinung. Mit unverstelltem Blick untersucht der amerikanische Autor das Phänomen der Gruppe und ihrer klugen Entscheidungen, wenn die richtigen Voraussetzungen gegeben sind. Eine aufschlussreiche, unterhaltsame Lektüre und zugleich ein kraftvoller Kontrapunkt zur gegenwärtigen Diskussion um Eliten und einzelne Meinungsführer. „Die Weisheit der Vielen" ist faszinierend, es ist eines jener Bücher, die die Welt auf den Kopf stellen.