Pride of Baghdad

Filename: pride-of-baghdad.pdf
ISBN: 1401248942
Release Date: 2014-12
Number of pages: 168
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Publisher: Vertigo

Download and read online Pride of Baghdad in PDF and EPUB The startlingly original look at life on the streets of Baghdad during the Iraq War inspired by true events arrives in a stunning new softcover edition. In this provocative graphic novel, superstar comics writer Brian K. Vaughan examines life on the streets of war-torn Iraq. In the spring of 2003, a pride of lions escaped from the Baghdad Zoo during an American bombing raid. Lost and confused, hungry but finally free, the four lions roamed the decimated streets of Baghdad in a desperate struggle for their lives. In documenting the plight of the lions, PRIDE OF BAGHDAD raises questions about the true meaning of liberation: Can it be given, or is it earned only through self-determination and sacrifice? And in the end, is it truly better to die free than to live life in captivity? This moving graphic novel is inspired by true events. This new Deluxe Edition hardcover presents the original graphic novel, plus developmental art and more.

Pride of Baghdad

Filename: pride-of-baghdad.pdf
ISBN: 1606861727
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Number of pages:
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Publisher: Perfection Learning

Download and read online Pride of Baghdad in PDF and EPUB This exceptional graphic novel about four lions who are freed from the Baghdad Zoo questions the nature of freedom. Can it be achieved without being earned? What is the price?

Pride of Baghdad

Filename: pride-of-baghdad.pdf
ISBN: 1401203159
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 136
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Publisher: Vertigo

Download and read online Pride of Baghdad in PDF and EPUB Inspired by true events, a graphic novel examines life on the streets of war-torn Iraq, raising questions about the meaning of liberation through the experiences of four lions who escaped from the Baghdad Zoo during a raid.

The Left Bank Gang

Filename: the-left-bank-gang.pdf
ISBN: 9781560977421
Release Date: 2006-08-17
Number of pages: 50
Author: Jason
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

Download and read online The Left Bank Gang in PDF and EPUB F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, and James Joyce walk into a Parisian bar... no, it's not the beginning of a joke, but the premise of Jason's unique new graphic novel. Set in 1920s Paris, The Left Bank Gang is a deliciously inventive re-imagining of these four literary figures as not only typical Jason anthropomorphics, but... graphic novelists! Yes, in Jason's warped world, cartooning is the dominant form of fiction, and not only do these four literary giants work in the comics medium but they get together to discuss pen vs. brush, chat about the latest graphic novels from Dostoevsky ("I can't tell any of his characters apart!") to Faulkner ("Hasn't he heard of white space? His panels are too crowded!"), and bemoan their erratic careers. Add in a hilarious sequence where Hemingway is lectured by an overbearing Gertrude Stein ("What kind of pencil are you using? You should be using a blue pencil, that way you don't have to erase, all right? Avoid captions. Don't ever write 'A little later.' You don't need that. The reader will figure it out."), guest appearances by Zelda Fitzgerald and Jean-Paul Sartre, and a few remarkable twists and turns along the way, and you've got one of the funniest and most playful graphic novels of the year.


Filename: noah.pdf
ISBN: 9781632150653
Release Date: 2014-03-19
Number of pages: 264
Author: Darren Aronofsky
Publisher: Image Comics

Download and read online NOAH in PDF and EPUB From acclaimed filmmaker DARREN ARONOFSKY (Black Swan, The Wrestler) and artist NIKO HENRICHON (Pride of Baghdad), NOAH is a fresh take on the biblical epic for the 21st Century. A fantastical world is about to be destroyed and one man is chosen to start a new one. As wicked forces try to take his Ark, Noah must hold his family together while they watch the annihilation of all they know. Infusing the Book of Genesis with fantasy and science fiction, NOAH both reinvents the elements of the Flood story everyone knows and simultaneously takes the reader beyond them and into the unexpected.

The End of Captivity

Filename: the-end-of-captivity.pdf
ISBN: 9781498236515
Release Date: 2015-07-30
Number of pages: 158
Author: Tripp York
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

Download and read online The End of Captivity in PDF and EPUB In The End of Captivity?, Tripp York addresses how we talk about the good of other animals in light of a stark impossibility: their freedom from us. While all of us in the animal (and plant) kingdom are interdependent upon one another, humans are unique in that we are the only animals who keep other animals captive. We keep animals in zoos, sanctuaries, circuses, conservatories, aquariums, research facilities, slaughterhouses, and on our farms and in our homes. York asks what such forms of captivity say about us, and how animal captivity shapes what we imagine to be the purpose of other animals. What does the fact that elephants, tigers, and horses perform in circuses say about how we see the world? What does the reality of zoological parks say about the people who create, support, decry, protest, and patronize them? How important is wildlife conservation for the good of the earth? What does "who" we put on our plate say about how we understand the theological role of other animals? These are just a few questions York tackles as he weaves through the convoluted politics surrounding the captive animals in our midst.


Filename: y.pdf
ISBN: 140125151X
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages:

Download and read online Y in PDF and EPUB

GameAxis Unwired

Filename: gameaxis-unwired.pdf
Release Date: 2006-12
Number of pages: 96

Download and read online GameAxis Unwired in PDF and EPUB GameAxis Unwired is a magazine dedicated to bring you the latest news, previews, reviews and events around the world and close to you. Every month rain or shine, our team of dedicated editors (and hardcore gamers!) put themselves in the line of fire to bring you news, previews and other things you will want to know.

Babylon s Ark

Filename: babylon-s-ark.pdf
ISBN: 1429981431
Release Date: 2007-03-06
Number of pages: 256
Author: Lawrence Anthony
Publisher: Macmillan

Download and read online Babylon s Ark in PDF and EPUB When the Iraq war began, conservationist Lawrence Anthony could think of only one thing: the fate of the Baghdad Zoo, located in the city center and caught in the war's crossfire. Once Anthony entered Baghdad he discovered that full-scale combat and uncontrolled looting had killed nearly all the animals of the zoo. But not all of them. U.S. soldiers had taken the time to help care for the remaining animals, and the zoo's staff had returned to work in spite of the constant firefights. Together the Americans and Iraqis had managed to keep alive the animals that had survived the invasion. Babylon's Ark chronicles the zoo's transformation from bombed-out rubble to peaceful park. Along the way, Anthony recounts hair-raising efforts to save a pride of the dictator's lions, close a deplorable black-market zoo, and rescue Saddam's Arabian horses. His unique ground-level experience makes Babylon's Ark an uplifting story of both sides working together for the sake of innocent animals caught in the war's crossfire.

Part of the Pride

Filename: part-of-the-pride.pdf
ISBN: 9781429964609
Release Date: 2009-09-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: Kevin Richardson
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Download and read online Part of the Pride in PDF and EPUB About a year ago, film started to circulate on YouTube® of a remarkable man named Kevin Richardson, an animal custodian in a South African animal park. The film showed Richardson in his day-to-day work, looking some of the world's most dangerous animals directly in the eye, crouching down at their level, playing with them and, sometimes, even kissing them on the nose--all without ever being attacked or injured. The films' popularity skyrocketed and Richardson became an international sensation. In "Part of the Pride", Kevin Richardson tells the story of his life and work, how he grew from a young boy who cared for so many animals that he was called "The Bird Man of Orange Grove" to an adolescent who ran wild and, finally, to a man who is able to cross the divide between humans and predators. As a self-taught animal behaviorist, Richardson has broken every safety rule known to humans when working with these wild animals. Flouting common misconceptions that breaking an animal's spirit with sticks and chains is the best way to subdue them, he uses love, understanding and trust to develop personal bonds with them. His unique method of getting to know their individual personalities, what makes each of them angry, happy, upset, or irritated—just like a mother understands a child—has caused them to accept him like one of their own into their fold. Like anyone else who truly loves animals, Richardson allows their own stories to share center stage as he tells readers about Napoleon and Tau, the two male lions he calls his "brothers"; the amazing Meg, a lioness Richardson taught to swim; the fierce Tsavo who savagely attacked him; and the heartbreaking little hyena called Homer who didn't live to see his first birthday. Richardson also chronicles his work on the feature film "The White Lion" and has a lot to say about the state of lion farming and hunting in South Africa today. In "Part of the Pride", Richardson, with novelist Tony Park, delves into the mind of the big cats and their world to show readers a different way of understanding the dangerous big cats of Africa.

Silenced in the Library Banned Books in America

Filename: silenced-in-the-library-banned-books-in-america.pdf
ISBN: 9781440843952
Release Date: 2017-08-31
Number of pages: 299
Author: Zeke Jarvis
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Silenced in the Library Banned Books in America in PDF and EPUB Censorship has been an ongoing phenomenon even in "the land of the free." This examination of banned books across U.S. history examines the motivations and effects of censorship, shows us how our view of right and wrong has evolved over the years, and helps readers to understand the tremendous importance of books and films in our society. • Provides readers with a broad understanding of the different levels of censorship • Puts challenges to books into historical context of societal standards and current events • Takes both historical and literary perspectives, recognizing the lasting cultural influences of texts and their literary significance • Presents biographical background of major authors who have been challenged • Identifies the source and explains the result of challenges to the most important or influential banned books • Compares challenges to controversial books against similar challenges to controversial films, television shows, and video games

Ex Machina Book One

Filename: ex-machina-book-one.pdf
ISBN: 9781401249830
Release Date: 2014-01-21
Number of pages:
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Publisher: DC

Download and read online Ex Machina Book One in PDF and EPUB Award-winning writer Brian K. Vaughan (PRIDE OF BAGHDAD, Y: THE LAST MAN) uniquely combines big city politics and superheroes in this criticially acclaimed series. Set in our modern-day world, EX MACHINA tells the story of civil engineer Mitchell Hundred, who becomes America's first living, breathing super-hero after a strange accident gives him the power to communicate with machines. Eventually Mitchell tires of risking his life merely to maintain the status quo, retires from masked crime fighting and runs for mayor of New York City, winning by a landslide after the events of 9/11. Illustrated by Tony Harris, EX MACHINA BOOK ONE is the first chapter of one of the finest series ever from Vertigo. Collects issues #1-11.

Whatever Happened to Language Arts

Filename: whatever-happened-to-language-arts.pdf
ISBN: 9781551388113
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 176
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

Download and read online Whatever Happened to Language Arts in PDF and EPUB


Filename: cycles.pdf
ISBN: 1401200761
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 117
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Publisher: Vertigo

Download and read online Cycles in PDF and EPUB When a plague of unknown origin kills every mammal with a Y chromosome, Yorick Brown discovers that he is the only male left and embarks on a transcontinental journey to discover why.

Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels 2 volumes

Filename: encyclopedia-of-comic-books-and-graphic-novels-2-volumes.pdf
ISBN: 9780313357473
Release Date: 2010-05-11
Number of pages: 763
Author: M. Keith Booker
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels 2 volumes in PDF and EPUB The most comprehensive reference ever compiled about the rich and enduring genre of comic books and graphic novels, from their emergence in the 1930s to their late-century breakout into the mainstream. • Includes over 330 entries on comic books and their creators • Presents the work of 80 contributors—accomplished academics and librarians who are also fans of comic books and graphic novels • Offers selected bibliographic listings with the entries • Provides a comprehensive index of artists, writers, works, characters, genres, and themes