Inches Off Your Tummy

Filename: inches-off-your-tummy.pdf
ISBN: 9781609614980
Release Date: 2013-08-27
Number of pages: 256
Author: Jorge Cruise
Publisher: Rodale

Download and read online Inches Off Your Tummy in PDF and EPUB Jorge Cruise unleashes his new fitness and weight-loss series with one simple piece of advice: Work smarter, not harder. With his revolutionary 5-Minute Fitness Formula and 6-Day Challenge, he shatters the conventional wisdom that rapid, lasting weight loss can only be achieved through hours and hours in the gym, day after day. In Inches Off! Your Tummy, Jorge unveils the most effective exercise formula to optimize belly-fat burn all day--using compound exercises to hit virtually every muscle in the body with each rep--while also showing readers how to avoid the hidden sugars in foods that signal their bodies to store fat. The outcome: Visible results in 6 days, exercising just 5 minutes per day. With more than 6 million books in print and 3 million online weight-loss clients via, Jorge Cruise is one of the most successful fitness and diet authors on the planet--and his newest book franchise launches now. "Jorge Cruise has answers that really work and take almost no time. I recommend them highly."--Andrew Weil, MD "Jorge Cruise sets you up to win!"--Anthony Robbins

The Chocolate Beach Collection

Filename: the-chocolate-beach-collection.pdf
ISBN: 9780986229251
Release Date: 2015-06-15
Number of pages: 760
Author: Julie Carobini
Publisher: Dolphin Gate Books (Julie Carobini)

Download and read online The Chocolate Beach Collection in PDF and EPUB The Chocolate Beach Collection: Chocolate Beach, Truffles by the Sea, Mocha Sunrise

Blessed By Birth a Collection of Inspirational Birth Stories

Filename: blessed-by-birth-a-collection-of-inspirational-birth-stories.pdf
ISBN: 9781365996634
Release Date: 2017-06-07
Number of pages:
Author: SK Bell
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

Download and read online Blessed By Birth a Collection of Inspirational Birth Stories in PDF and EPUB We often call it “the miracle of childbirth,” yet we rarely take the time to discuss just how many ways God was present throughout our pregnancies and during the births of our babies. In Blessed by Birth, 12 women share the intimate details of the way God blessed them, guided them, or helped them survive their pregnancies, births, and early days of motherhood. These 26 stories will make you laugh and cry. Whether you haven’t yet had your first baby or are watching your grandbabies welcome babies of their own, you’ll treasure the miracle of each individual story. They will offer you hope, facilitate healing, and inspire you to find God in your own birth story.


Filename: dailyom.pdf
ISBN: 9781458772213
Release Date: 2010-05
Number of pages: 324
Author: Madisyn Taylor

Download and read online Dailyom in PDF and EPUB This inspirational book delivers messages of healing, awareness, and well-being. A companion to the popular Daily OM Website, it is a valuable guide that will enable you to find balance and wellness through conscious awareness. As you read these passages, which touch on topics including meditation, relationships, nature, and more, you'll see that they'll make the journey of your life much more meaningful. The gentle and affirming wisdom contained within these pages is intended to make each of your days a little happier, less stressful, and more satisfying. It will introduce you to elements of Mother Nature's majesty that you may never have noticed before, guide you as you discover the inward peace you've longed for, and inspire you to embrace change in every corner of your existence. As you open your mind to the possibilities contained within, you'll discover that the power to create a fulfilling and more purposeful life was in you all along.

The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa Volume Two

Filename: the-collected-works-of-chogyam-trungpa-volume-two.pdf
ISBN: 0834821516
Release Date: 2010-09-28
Number of pages: 736
Author: Chogyam Trungpa
Publisher: Shambhala Publications

Download and read online The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa Volume Two in PDF and EPUB The Collected Works of Chögyam Trungpa brings together in eight volumes the writings of the first and most influential and inspirational Tibetan teachers to present Buddhism in the West. Organized by theme, the collection includes full-length books as well as articles, seminar transcripts, poems, plays, and interviews, many of which have never before been available in book form. From memoirs of his escape from Chinese-occupied Tibet to insightful discussions of psychology, mind, and meditation; from original verse and calligraphy to the esoteric lore of tantric Buddhism—the impressive range of Trungpa's vision, talents, and teachings is showcased in this landmark series. Volume Two examines meditation, mind, and Mahayana, the "great vehicle" for the development of compassion and the means to help others. Chögyam Trungpa introduced a new psychological language and way for looking at the Buddhist teachings in the West. His teachings on human psychology and the human mind are included in this volume.

Inspiring IVF Stories

Filename: inspiring-ivf-stories.pdf
ISBN: 9781620958650
Release Date: 2011-10-22
Number of pages: 216
Author: Carolyn Martinez
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online Inspiring IVF Stories in PDF and EPUB The Stories – Sally & Dean - met in their early twenties. It never occurred to them that falling pregnant would be difficult. Their thirties bring them tragedy and joy. Wendy- 39 and single, Wendy decided to have a baby on her own. A wishing well answered her prayers. Vicki, Shane & Rachael - Vicki and Shane underwent IVF in its formative years. They share a twelve-year journey. Rachael tells us what it’s like to be an IVF child born to an ‘older’ couple. Beth & Ben - at the early stages of their IVF journey, they relate the challenges of trying to fall pregnant after the age of 35. Clarissa & Shayne - Shayne already had children and a vasectomy. When he fell in love with fellow cop Clarissa, big decisions had to be made. Stacey & Leigh - even though it wasn’t easy, after successfully having her own children thanks to IVF, Stacey did it all again to donate her eggs to another couple. Rachel & Antony – talk about coming to terms with using a donor after their first child, AJ, was born with Down Syndrome. AJ’s Down Syndrome is a blessing in disguise. Paula & Paul - abdominal cramping starts a chain of events that changes their lives and propels them down a path they never imagined. Kristy- an extraordinary lady shares how she came to donate her eggs to a family member, and then to a complete stranger. Carolyn & Saul – six unsuccessful IVF cycles brings them to a crossroads. What are the options? Is there any hope? Lisa & Richard - Richard already had four kids when he and Lisa fell in love. Love or madness? They candidly share their love story as three more little ones join their brood. Alana & Jasson - one of the youngest couples in this book, they struggled with the isolation of IVF because nobody they knew had experienced fertility issues. They discuss the strain, and how they plan to re-group. Krystal & Matt - young and unable to afford IVF, an entire family rallies together to make dreams happen. An Open Letter to Mums-to-be from a Birth Doula – The next stage in the IVF journey is completely different. Pregnancy is not a medical condition, it’s a natural, beautiful experience – enjoy!

Poems of Praise and Inspiration

Filename: poems-of-praise-and-inspiration.pdf
ISBN: 9781490862446
Release Date: 2015-01-16
Number of pages: 198
Author: Carrie B. Harris
Publisher: WestBow Press

Download and read online Poems of Praise and Inspiration in PDF and EPUB Human beings have many issues and problems in life, which are normal, and need encouragement, love, and inspiration. These poems were written with much love, thought, and prayer, and strive to help those who need it.

When Technology Fails

Filename: when-technology-fails.pdf
ISBN: 9781603580953
Release Date: 2008-08-18
Number of pages: 493
Author: Matthew Stein
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

Download and read online When Technology Fails in PDF and EPUB There’s never been a better time to “be prepared.” Matthew Stein’s comprehensive primer on sustainable living skills—from food and water to shelter and energy to first-aid and crisis-management skills—prepares you to embark on the path toward sustainability. But unlike any other book, Stein not only shows you how to live “green” in seemingly stable times, but to live in the face of potential disasters, lasting days or years, coming in the form of social upheaval, economic meltdown, or environmental catastrophe. When Technology Fails covers the gamut. You’ll learn how to start a fire and keep warm if you’ve been left temporarily homeless, as well as the basics of installing a renewable energy system for your home or business. You’ll learn how to find and sterilize water in the face of utility failure, as well as practical information for dealing with water-quality issues even when the public tap water is still flowing. You’ll learn alternative techniques for healing equally suited to an era of profit-driven malpractice as to situations of social calamity. Each chapter (a survey of the risks to the status quo; supplies and preparation for short- and long-term emergencies; emergency measures for survival; water; food; shelter; clothing; first aid, low-tech medicine, and healing; energy, heat, and power; metalworking; utensils and storage; low-tech chemistry; and engineering, machines, and materials) offers the same approach, describing skills for self-reliance in good times and bad. Fully revised and expanded—the first edition was written pre-9/11 and pre-Katrina, when few Americans took the risk of social disruption seriously—When Technology Fails ends on a positive, proactive note with a new chapter on "Making the Shift to Sustainability," which offers practical suggestions for changing our world on personal, community and global levels.

The Daily Word for Anybody and Everybody

Filename: the-daily-word-for-anybody-and-everybody.pdf
ISBN: 9781469105222
Release Date: 2010-05-20
Number of pages: 520
Author: Cynthia Marta Small
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online The Daily Word for Anybody and Everybody in PDF and EPUB This book is about living at the highest level of ones existence.

Fire in My Belly

Filename: fire-in-my-belly.pdf
ISBN: 9781449426422
Release Date: 2012-10-16
Number of pages: 304
Author: Kevin Gillespie
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Download and read online Fire in My Belly in PDF and EPUB "Cooking is figuring out the great qualities of any food and making those qualities shine." That's the inspiring message of Fire in My Belly by Top Chef fan favorite Kevin Gillespie. Fire In My Belly celebrates good ingredients with more than 120 hip, accessible recipes presented in a cutting-edge design. This book taps into our national obsession with knowing where our food comes from. Kevin’s southern charm, passion, and funny stories guide readers through one-of-a-kind chapters, like "Foods You Thought You Hated," "When I Want to Eat Healthy," "My Version of Southern Food," "World Classics Revisited," and "Junk Food." Fire in My Belly shows cooks what to do with fresh farmers' market foods while providing a backstage pass to the life of a rising culinary star.

Short Messages of Inspiration and Prayers

Filename: short-messages-of-inspiration-and-prayers.pdf
ISBN: 9781612159232
Release Date: 2011-03
Number of pages: 452
Author: Joselyn Champ
Publisher: Xulon Press

Download and read online Short Messages of Inspiration and Prayers in PDF and EPUB If you have a love for the Word of God and His promises, you will enjoy this book, because it is full of God's Word. Whatever circumstances you are facing don't take your eyes off of God and His Word. And you will experience His Word that says, Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. These short messages speak on every area of our life, and there is a scripture that you can stand on with each one. If we don't give up in the battle the Lord promises that joy is coming in the morning. There are messages that you can worship the Lord with, along with His Word and find peace as you worship, and praise the Living God. These short messages with The Word of God will speak to you for it will be His Word. So be inspired by the Word.

Milk and Honey

Filename: milk-and-honey.pdf
ISBN: 9781449478650
Release Date: 2015-10-06
Number of pages: 208
Author: Rupi Kaur
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Download and read online Milk and Honey in PDF and EPUB The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. Milk and Honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.

NEW CLEAR ENERGY A Treasury of Quotations to Ignite Motivate Inspire Energize

Filename: new-clear-energy-a-treasury-of-quotations-to-ignite-motivate-inspire-energize.pdf
ISBN: 9789383952786
Release Date: 2016-02-25
Number of pages: 212
Author: Dr. Ushy Mohan Das

Download and read online NEW CLEAR ENERGY A Treasury of Quotations to Ignite Motivate Inspire Energize in PDF and EPUB A collection of quotations, simple and relevant to modern life, translated into writing. Ideas gathered over experiences and human interactions have been conveyed concisely with humor and inspiration, representing both wit and wisdom. A dash of humor, to keep the healthy circuit that generates energy, from hardening. We carry burdens like a pack on our back. A thought is worth remembering if it’s worth repeating A set of uplifting quotes for everyday life. Powerful quotes that sharpen, set you thinking, refresh, energize and divert you into a spontaneous state of well being. An instant source to read from to energize your thought and life, no matter where, who or what time. An enjoyable read for all those who appreciate dexterity with words.

Modern Day Psalms

Filename: modern-day-psalms.pdf
ISBN: 9781491712054
Release Date: 2013-11-15
Number of pages: 270
Author: Richard. Vincent. Rose
Publisher: iUniverse

Download and read online Modern Day Psalms in PDF and EPUB Modern-Day Psalms: Praise Songs and Love Messages presents an inspiring collection of poems and heartfelt messages from author Richard. Vincent. Rose. Be prepared to read and feel living words that penetrate your deepest emotions, reaching into your heart and soul. The words leap from the pages, bringing hope, joy, encouragement, comfort, and inspiration into every area of your life! From President to Pastor, Mayor to Minister, the writing of Richard. Vincent. Rose. has touched the hearts of the most powerful and the most humble individuals on earth. Men and women from all walks of life have been touched in a remarkable way by his ability to reach the depths of human emotion through his writing. Now, for the first time, all of his previous works are gathered in one collection, along with his new, inspired writings, designed to impact a whole new audience of hearts, minds, and souls. Airborne All the faces look the same As I hurriedly board the plane I wonder, as we get ready to split the clouds above I can’t help but think, “Is anyone else so much in love?” The feeling in my stomach As we lift off the ground Still not as thrilling As this love that I’ve found …