Old Farmer s Almanac Gardening Notebook

Filename: old-farmer-s-almanac-gardening-notebook.pdf
ISBN: 1416246118
Release Date: 2017-03-14
Number of pages: 440
Author: Old Farmer's Almanac
Publisher: Sellers Publishing

Download and read online Old Farmer s Almanac Gardening Notebook in PDF and EPUB The Old Farmer's Almanac Gardening Notebook is the all-in-one note-keeping book for gardening enthusiasts. With planting and maintenance tips embedded in the perpetual calendar, luscious color illustrations, and plenty of room for personal notes, gardeners will find year-round inspiration.

The Old Farmer s Almanac All Season Garden Journal

Filename: the-old-farmer-s-almanac-all-season-garden-journal.pdf
ISBN: 1571981233
Release Date: 1999-05-27
Number of pages: 80
Author: Old Farmer's Almanac
Publisher: Yankee Pub

Download and read online The Old Farmer s Almanac All Season Garden Journal in PDF and EPUB The All-Season Garden Journal provides the perfect place to write gardening reminders, seed-ordering information, and personal gardening experiences from year to year. Includes planting tables plus advice for growing flowers, vegetables, lawns, and shrubs.

The Old Farmer s Almanac 2018

Filename: the-old-farmer-s-almanac-2018.pdf
ISBN: 1571987398
Release Date: 2017-08-29
Number of pages: 304
Author: Old Farmer Almanac

Download and read online The Old Farmer s Almanac 2018 in PDF and EPUB

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2016

Filename: the-world-almanac-and-book-of-facts-2016.pdf
ISBN: 9781600572005
Release Date: 2015-12-08
Number of pages: 1008
Author: Sarah Janssen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2016 in PDF and EPUB Get thousands of facts right at your fingertips with this essential resource The World Almanac® and Book of Facts is America's top-selling reference book of all time, with more than 82 million copies sold. Since 1868, this compendium of information has been the authoritative source for all your entertainment, reference, and learning needs. The 2016 edition of The World Almanac® reviews the events of 2015 and will be your go-to source for any questions on any topic in the upcoming year. Praised as a "treasure trove of political, economic, scientific and educational statistics and information" by The Wall Street Journal, The World Almanac® and Book of Facts will answer all of your trivia needs—from history and sports to geography, pop culture, and much more. Features include: • The Year in Review: The World Almanac® takes a look back at 2015 while providing all the information you'll need in 2016. • 2015—Top 10 News Topics: The editors of The World Almanac® list the top stories that held their attention in 2015. • 2015—Year in Sports: Hundreds of pages of trivia and statistics that are essential for any sports fan, featuring complete coverage of the first College Football Playoff, the Women's World Cup, 2015 World Series, and much more. • 2015—Year in Pictures: Striking full-color images from around the world in 2015, covering news, entertainment, science, and sports. • 2015—Offbeat News Stories: The World Almanac® editors found some of the strangest news stories of the year. • World Almanac® Editors' Picks: Time Capsule: The World Almanac® lists the items that most came to symbolize the year 2015, from news and sports to pop culture. • U.S. Immigration: A Statistical Feature: The World Almanac® covers the historical background, statistics, and legal issues surrounding immigration, giving factual context to one of the hot-button topics of the upcoming election cycle. • World Almanac® Editors' Picks: Most Memorable Super Bowls: On the eve of Super Bowl 50, the editors of The World Almanac® choose the most memorable "big games." • New Employment Statistics: Five years after the peak of the great recession, The World Almanac® takes a look at current and historic data on employment and unemployment, industries generating job growth, and the training and educational paths that lead to careers. • 2016 Election Guide: With a historic number of contenders for the presidential nominations, The World Almanac® provides information that every primary- and general-election voter will need to make an informed decision in 2016, including information on state primaries, campaign fundraising, and the issues voters care about most in 2016. • The World at a Glance: This annual feature of The World Almanac® provides a quick look at the surprising stats and curious facts that define the changing world. • and much more.

Fairy Gardens

Filename: fairy-gardens.pdf
ISBN: 1893443507
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 76
Author: Betty K. Earl
Publisher: B. B.Mackey Books

Download and read online Fairy Gardens in PDF and EPUB Provides information on designing, planting, accessorizing, and caring for a fairy garden.

The Old Farmer s Almanac 2017

Filename: the-old-farmer-s-almanac-2017.pdf
ISBN: 9781571987099
Release Date: 2016-08-30
Number of pages: 304
Author: Old Farmer’s Almanac
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online The Old Farmer s Almanac 2017 in PDF and EPUB What is 225 years old yet always of the moment? The Old Farmer’s Almanac! America’s oldest continuously published periodical, beloved by generations for being “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor,” celebrates its unique history with a special edition and more readers than ever before! As the nation’s iconic calendar, the 2017 edition will predict and mark notable events; glance back and look forward, with historic perspectives on food, people, and businesses; salute legendary customs and folklore; hail celestial events; explore, forage, and cultivate the natural world; forecast traditionally 80 percent–accurate weather; inspire giggles and perhaps romance; and more—too much more to mention—all in the inimitably useful and humorous way it has done since 1792.


Filename: clay.pdf
ISBN: 0425205665
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 272
Author: Suzanne Staubach
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

Download and read online Clay in PDF and EPUB A vivid account of the role of clay in shaping the development of human history, culture, and technology ranges from the invention of pottery and the creation of clay tablets for the first written communication, to the construction of architectural monuments and sanitation infrastructure, to the latest in high-tech gizmos.

City of Inmates

Filename: city-of-inmates.pdf
ISBN: 9781469631196
Release Date: 2017-02-15
Number of pages: 312
Author: Kelly Lytle Hernández
Publisher: UNC Press Books

Download and read online City of Inmates in PDF and EPUB Los Angeles incarcerates more people than any other city in the United States, which imprisons more people than any other nation on Earth. This book explains how the City of Angels became the capital city of the world's leading incarcerator. Marshaling more than two centuries of evidence, historian Kelly Lytle Hernandez unmasks how histories of native elimination, immigrant exclusion, and black disappearance drove the rise of incarceration in Los Angeles. In this telling, which spans from the Spanish colonial era to the outbreak of the 1965 Watts Rebellion, Hernandez documents the persistent historical bond between the racial fantasies of conquest, namely its settler colonial form, and the eliminatory capacities of incarceration. But City of Inmates is also a chronicle of resilience and rebellion, documenting how targeted peoples and communities have always fought back. They busted out of jail, forced Supreme Court rulings, advanced revolution across bars and borders, and, as in the summer of 1965, set fire to the belly of the city. With these acts those who fought the rise of incarceration in Los Angeles altered the course of history in the city, the borderlands, and beyond. This book recounts how the dynamics of conquest met deep reservoirs of rebellion as Los Angeles became the City of Inmates, the nation's carceral core. It is a story that is far from over.

An Island Garden

Filename: an-island-garden.pdf
ISBN: 9781429014298
Release Date: 2008-11-01
Number of pages: 144
Author: Celia Thaxter
Publisher: Applewood Books

Download and read online An Island Garden in PDF and EPUB "Celia Laighton Thaxter (1835-1894) was born in Portsmouth, NH. When she was four, her father became the lighthouse keeper on White Island in the Isles of Shoals. After resigning his post eight years later, he built a resort hotel on Appledore Island in Maine. The first of its kind on the New England coast, the hotel became a gathering place for writers and artists during the latter half of the 19th century. In her last year of life, Celia published this work, in which she lovingly describes her Appledore garden and its flowers. The flowers she grew in her cutting garden filled her own rooms and those of the hotel, and this work became famous for its descriptions of the old-fashioned flowers she grew there. Her island garden, a plot that measured 15 feet square, has been re-created and is open to visitors."

Lois Hole s Perennial Favorites

Filename: lois-hole-s-perennial-favorites.pdf
ISBN: 1551050765
Release Date: 1995
Number of pages: 350
Author: Lois Hole
Publisher: Lone Pine Pub

Download and read online Lois Hole s Perennial Favorites in PDF and EPUB Lois Hole makes gardening easy, successful, and enjoyable, profiling 100 of her favorite perennial plants chosen for their beauty and hardiness. With common sense and practical wisdom, she tells homeowners all they need to know to easily transform any patch of earth into a spectacular garden they can enjoy year after year. 430+ color photos.

Linnea s Almanac

Filename: linnea-s-almanac.pdf
ISBN: 9129591767
Release Date: 1989
Number of pages: 61
Author: Christina Björk
Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux

Download and read online Linnea s Almanac in PDF and EPUB Linnea records her activities in an almanac whose entries reflect and offer possibilities for indoor and outdoor fun

Poor Richard s Almanac

Filename: poor-richard-s-almanac.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015008636188
Release Date: 1900
Number of pages: 132
Author: Benjamin Franklin

Download and read online Poor Richard s Almanac in PDF and EPUB


Filename: melons.pdf
ISBN: 1579652131
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 176
Author: Amy Goldman
Publisher: Artisan Books

Download and read online Melons in PDF and EPUB This year's heirloom tomato is a melon! Acclaimed gardener Amy Goldman, known to viewers of Martha Stewart and PBS, is a dedicated seed saver working to preserve fast-disappearing varieties of heirloom melons. Her book, Melons for the Passionate Grower, is a celebration of the speckled, bumpy, oh-so-sweet world of the melonÑfrom Minnesota Midget and Georgia Rattlesnake to Ali Baba and Sweet Siberian. Here she profiles more than one hundred varieties, each showcased in a full-color photographic still life recalling eighteenth- and nineteenth-century botanical paintings and engravings. Goldman also offers expert advice on cultivating and selecting your own melons, as well as the rudiments of seed saving.

The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in Southern California

Filename: the-timber-press-guide-to-vegetable-gardening-in-southern-california.pdf
ISBN: 9781604697575
Release Date: 2016-02-25
Number of pages: 200
Author: Geri Galian Miller
Publisher: Timber Press

Download and read online The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in Southern California in PDF and EPUB Grow your own food in the Golden State! There is nothing more regionally specific than vegetable gardening—what to plant, when to plant it, and when to harvest are decisions based on climate, weather, and first frost. The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in Southern California, by regional expert Geri Miller, focuses on the unique eccentricities of California’s gardening calendar, which include extreme temperatures and low rainfall. The month-by-month format makes it perfect for beginners and accessible to everyone—gardeners can start gardening the month they pick it up.

The Old Farmer s Almanac

Filename: the-old-farmer-s-almanac.pdf
ISBN: 1571983198
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 320
Author: Old Farmer's Almanac
Publisher: Yankee Pub

Download and read online The Old Farmer s Almanac in PDF and EPUB