Mad Which Neither

Filename: mad-which-neither.pdf
ISBN: NYPL:33433076052004
Release Date: 1904
Number of pages: 515
Author: Eveleen Laura Mason

Download and read online Mad Which Neither in PDF and EPUB

Is Mother Nature Mad

Filename: is-mother-nature-mad.pdf
ISBN: 9781932890136
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 141
Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Publisher: Summit University Press

Download and read online Is Mother Nature Mad in PDF and EPUB Global Warming. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Raging Fires. Is Mother Nature Mad? answers the age-old questions: Are natural disasters God-made or man-made? Is extreme weather a cyclic activity? What if anything has man done to bring disasters upon the earth? This book provides practical spiritual tools to help restore harmony to the environment and to mitigate extreme weather conditions. Complete with real-life stories.

Mad in Translation

Filename: mad-in-translation.pdf
ISBN: 9780974261874
Release Date: 2009-06-01
Number of pages: 740
Author: Robin D. Gill
Publisher: Paraverse Press

Download and read online Mad in Translation in PDF and EPUB This is the first book to translate a broad spectrum of the informal, improper and generally comic side of 31-syllable Japanese poetry called `kyoka,¿ or `kyouka,¿ literally, ¿mad-poems¿ or ¿madcap verse,¿ representing ¿absolute freedom both in respect of language and choice of subject.¿ (Aston: 1899) Literary anthologies have published only a handful of translations and the lion¿s share of kyoka Englished to date are the rather tame variety found on early-19c color prints called `surimono,¿ published as catalogues. Because of the narrow focus of most kyoka-related publishing in Japan, even specialists in Japanese literature may be surprised to discover in this book a brave old world of humor, far larger and more entertaining than anything they might have imagined. The 2000 poems in Robin D. Gill¿s 740-page book include hundreds of ¿wild waka¿ (`waka¿ being the formal side of 31-syllable poetry) to help define the field and demonstrate how the presence or absence of humor depends upon our expectations and, in the case of an exotic tongue, our translation. ¿Mad In Translation¿ re-creates the wit of the originals in English on the one hand, while explaining what is specific to Japanese on the other. Many poems will delight those who appreciate the best epigrams of the metaphysical poets, the grooks of Piet Hein and all that might be called `light verse for egg-heads.¿

Mad at School

Filename: mad-at-school.pdf
ISBN: 9780472071388
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 279
Author: Margaret Price
Publisher: University of Michigan Press

Download and read online Mad at School in PDF and EPUB Explores the contested boundaries between disability, illness, and mental illness in higher education

Mad about Trade

Filename: mad-about-trade.pdf
ISBN: 9781935308195
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 203
Author: Daniel T. Griswold
Publisher: Cato Institute

Download and read online Mad about Trade in PDF and EPUB Made about Trade demonstrates how free trade is "the working family's best friend" and reexamines "the globalization debate from the perspective of what it means for millions of typical American families."

A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Filename: a-mad-mad-mad-mad-world.pdf
ISBN: 0151549583
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages: 251
Author: Stanley Kramer
Publisher: Harcourt

Download and read online A Mad Mad Mad Mad World in PDF and EPUB The producer of memorable--and constroversial--films from "High Noon" to "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" recounts his life and career

Mad Days in April

Filename: mad-days-in-april.pdf
ISBN: 9781456798628
Release Date: 2011-11
Number of pages: 248
Author: Fraser Bradley
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Download and read online Mad Days in April in PDF and EPUB Life for Johnny Connor was about to take a major u-turn, as he was about to finally get his opportunity to escape the 'rat race' he so loathed. Innocently finding himself in a sticky situation that had quickly spiralled out of control, which left him with bloody fists and a bag full of stolen cash. He had to make a key decision fast! Whether, to do the honourable thing and give the money back, whilst becoming the new short lived local hero, or on the flip side with no witnesses should he just keep the loot for himself. The choice should have been easy, but nothing was straight forward for Johnny. Plus anyway, what's the worst that could happen???

Mad Elaine

Filename: mad-elaine.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105021425512
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Number of pages: 235
Author: Helen Stevenson
Publisher: Anchor (UK)

Download and read online Mad Elaine in PDF and EPUB On the face of it, Madelaine is a dumpy, dull librarian, respectable, outwardly timid, inwardly enraged, and of no consequence to anyone whatsoever. That is, until a mysterious would-be novelist enters her life and turns her world upside down.

Mad Travelers

Filename: mad-travelers.pdf
ISBN: 0674009541
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 239
Author: Ian Hacking
Publisher: Harvard University Press

Download and read online Mad Travelers in PDF and EPUB Albert Dadas suffered from a strange compulsion that led him to travel obsessively, often without identification, not knowing who he was or why he traveled. Medical reports of Dadas set off at the time a small epidemic of compulsive mad voyagers, the epicenter of which was Bordeaux but which soon spread throughout France to Italy, Germany, and Russia. Today we are besieged by mental illnesses of the moment, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The debate rages about which of these conditions are affectations or cultural artifacts and which are "real." In Mad Travelers, Ian Hacking uses the Dadas case to weigh the legitimacy of cultural influences versus physical symptoms in the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. He argues that psychological symptoms find stable homes at a given place and time, in "ecological niches" where transient illnesses flourish.

Mad mad mad world of Indian films

Filename: mad-mad-mad-world-of-indian-films.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015027242976
Release Date: 1977
Number of pages: 189
Author: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas

Download and read online Mad mad mad world of Indian films in PDF and EPUB Articles, most previously published.

Madness and the Mad in Russian Culture

Filename: madness-and-the-mad-in-russian-culture.pdf
ISBN: 9780802091406
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 331
Author: Angela Brintlinger
Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Download and read online Madness and the Mad in Russian Culture in PDF and EPUB Editors Angela Brintlinger and Ilya Vinitsky have brought together essays that cover over 250 years and address a wide variety of ideas related to madness

Mad for God

Filename: mad-for-god.pdf
ISBN: 0813920019
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 228
Author: Sara Tilghman Nalle
Publisher: University of Virginia Press

Download and read online Mad for God in PDF and EPUB Convinced he was the Elijah Messiah, the Spanish peasant Bartolomé Sánchez believed that God had sent him in divine retribution for the crimes committed by the Inquisition and the Church. Sánchez's vocal and intolerable religious deviance quickly landed him in the very court he believed he was sent to destroy. Fortunately for him, the first inquisitor assigned to his case came to believe that Sánchez was not guilty by virtue of insanity, and tried to collect the proof that would save his life. For seven years, Sánchez shuttled between jails, hospitals, and his home village while his fate hung in the balance. Nalle convincingly evokes the compassion of Sánchez's first inquisitor, Pedro Cortes, as he struggled to save his prisoner's life, and argues that the Spanish, compared to other Europeans of the day, were remarkably rational and humane when dealing with the mentally ill. A gripping tale of madness and religious conviction, Mad for God offers new historical insight into the ongoing debate over the nature of religious inspiration, insanity, and criminal responsibility.

Mad Among Us

Filename: mad-among-us.pdf
ISBN: 9781439105719
Release Date: 1994-02-21
Number of pages: 400
Author: Gerald N. Grob
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Mad Among Us in PDF and EPUB In the first comprehensive one-volume history of the treatment of the mentally ill, the foremost historian in the field compellingly recounts our various attempts to solve this ever-present dilemma from colonial times to the present. Gerald Grob charts the growth of mental hospitals in response to the escalating numbers of the severely and persistently mentally ill and the deterioration of these hospitals under the pressure of too many patients and too few resources. Mounting criticism of psychiatric techniques such as shock therapies, drugs, and lobotomies and of mental institutions as inhumane places led to a new emphasis on community care and treatment. While some patients benefited from the new community policies, they were ineffective for many mentally ill substance abusers. Grob’s definitive history points the way to new solutions. It is at once an indispensable reference and a call for a humane and balanced policy in the future.

Mad about math

Filename: mad-about-math.pdf
ISBN: 0716616181
Release Date: 1992-01-01
Number of pages: 32
Author: World Book-Childcraft International

Download and read online Mad about math in PDF and EPUB Presents directions for more than twenty activities that demonstrate concepts of mathematics.

Mad about Mia

Filename: mad-about-mia.pdf
ISBN: 9780307415943
Release Date: 2007-12-18
Number of pages: 336
Author: Millie Criswell
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Download and read online Mad about Mia in PDF and EPUB Award-winning author Millie Criswell has won a loyal following with her gift for creating unforgettable characters with lots of humor and heart. Now comes her newest confection of a novel—a story filled with delicious passion and a delirious sense of fun! It might be hard to picture impish Mia DeNero as a bodyguard, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in determination. So when straight-laced Nick Caruso walks into her office and says he needs protection from the mob because of a book he’s writing, she doesn’t hesitate to take the job. Moving the studious author into her apartment seems like the best way to protect him from shady characters. But soon after he’s settled in, the thick, nerdy glasses come off and Mia starts wondering who’s going to protect her from this irresistible new client? Posing as a geeky author on the run from the mob is making FBI agent Nick Caruso crazy. But if it will help him shut down a money laundering operation out of Little Italy, he can ignore the wimp jokes for a little while longer. It’s harder to ignore the sassy woman he hired to be his “bodyguard.” There are a number of things he’d like Mia to do to his body, and guarding it isn’t on the list. As things heat up—on the job and in the apartment—Nick begins to see he’s in danger of losing his heart to the woman he’s deceived, and who is determined to save his life. . . . From the Paperback edition.