Long Range Shooting Handbook

Filename: long-range-shooting-handbook.pdf
ISBN: 151865472X
Release Date: 2016-02-01
Number of pages: 328
Author: Ryan M. Cleckner
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Download and read online Long Range Shooting Handbook in PDF and EPUB 25% of this book's proceeds will be donated to two military charities: the Special Operation Warrior Foundation and the Sua Sponte Foundation. This book is the complete beginner's guide to long range shooting written in simple every-day language so that it's easy to follow. Included are personal tips and best advice from my years of special operations sniper schooling and experience, and as a sniper instructor. If you are an experienced shooter, this guide will be a resource covering the principles and theory of long range shooting. This is the preliminary book to help you understand fundamental concepts such as MOA vs Mils and external ballistics, that can be like a trusted resource at the range. Learning to shoot long range isn't that difficult. Once you understand the basics, you can start to master your technique and you'll be hitting targets in no time. The author has a series of online instructional videos known for their ability to take seemingly complex areas of long range shooting and breaking them down so that they're easy to understand. This book was motivated by the feedback from those videos. The handbook is broken down into three main categories: What it is/How it works, Fundamentals, and How to use it. "What it is/How it works" covers equipment, terminology, and basic principles. "Fundamentals" covers the theory of long range shooting. "How to use it" gives you practical advice on how to implement what you've learned so far to make you a long range shooter.

Gun Digest Book of Long Range Shooting

Filename: gun-digest-book-of-long-range-shooting.pdf
ISBN: 9781440239465
Release Date: 2014-09-25
Number of pages: 254
Author: L. P. Brezny
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."

Download and read online Gun Digest Book of Long Range Shooting in PDF and EPUB Provides information on long-range shooting, including the best new long-range guns and an explanation of what Rifle Golf is.

Hunter s Guide to Long Range Shooting

Filename: hunter-s-guide-to-long-range-shooting.pdf
ISBN: 9780811743150
Release Date: 2006-08-15
Number of pages: 496
Author: Wayne Van Zwoll
Publisher: Stackpole Books

Download and read online Hunter s Guide to Long Range Shooting in PDF and EPUB Determine your maximum effective range under a variety of conditions. Tips on range estimation, rangefinders, and wind-doping. How temperature and elevation influence bullet travel.

Mastering the Art of Long Range Shooting

Filename: mastering-the-art-of-long-range-shooting.pdf
ISBN: 9781440234651
Release Date: 2013-12-31
Number of pages: 240
Author: Wayne van Zwoll
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."

Download and read online Mastering the Art of Long Range Shooting in PDF and EPUB The long shot. It's a challenge that both thrills and intimidates. Now, with Wayne van Zwoll's newest Gun Digest book, Mastering the Art of Long-Range Shooting, you can tackle the shots you've always wanted to with confidence and accuracy. Beautifully tol

Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting

Filename: applied-ballistics-for-long-range-shooting.pdf
ISBN: 061527661X
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 536
Author: Bryan Litz

Download and read online Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting in PDF and EPUB

Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting

Filename: modern-advancements-in-long-range-shooting.pdf
ISBN: 0990920631
Release Date: 2016-05-30
Number of pages:
Author: Bryan Litz

Download and read online Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting in PDF and EPUB

Long Range Precision Rifle Expanded Edition

Filename: long-range-precision-rifle-expanded-edition.pdf
ISBN: 1610048873
Release Date: 2015-10-01
Number of pages: 216
Author: Anthony Cirincione II
Publisher: Paladin Press

Download and read online Long Range Precision Rifle Expanded Edition in PDF and EPUB In his original version of Long-Range Precision Rifle, U.S. Army sniper and avid precision rifle and long-range rifle shooter, competitor, and enthusiast Anthony Cirincione II put extreme accuracy with a precision rifle within the reach of any shooter. His instruction was based on 26 months of combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and his training of squad-designated marksmen for his battalion. His precision-shooting book proved to be an instant best-seller. In this expanded edition, Cirincione adds five new sections: "External Ballistic Truing." Although he briefly detailed the process of external ballistic truing in the first edition, given the level of importance to midrange and long-range target engagement, he believes that the process of truing deserves a detailed description. "Determining Fast and Correct Windage Adjustments or Holds."Cirincione covered the creation of a custom windage card for specific guns and pet loads in the first edition, but this added windage section shares his current process. The old way works fine, but his new method is faster and more precise, and doesn't require you to look at a card. As always, the process can be applied to any caliber you are using. "Midrange and Long-Range Target Engagement: Magneto Speed V3 Ballistic Chronograph vs. External Ballistic Truing." This section features a report Cirincione sent to the U.S. Army Sniper School outlining the testing of a barrel-mounted chronograph. The test pitted the device against his current method of external ballistic truing, given target engagements from 100 to 1,000 yards. It gives you a couple of different options to get on target at extended range. "How to Build a Switch-Barrel Rifle, and the Process of Swapping Barrels." As Cirincione has moved away from factory bolt-action rifles and into custom-built guns, he thought readers would appreciate information on how to build one. Not only that, but he also includes specific information on how to remove and add barrels of different calibers to that same stock and action. "Suppressed Subsonic Shooting." This section is about precision shot placement with subsonic ammo out to 400 yards. Long-Range Precision Rifle: Expanded Edition lays out the most up-to-date methods for getting the most out of whatever rifle you are using. After discussing rifle, ammunition and optic selection, Cirincione reveals his tried-and-true methods of gathering and recording data. He takes you step-by-step through the process of discovering how to make your rifle perform at its peak with every shot. You will also learn how to adjust for environmental factors and obstructions that lie between you and your target, and discover why handloading and building your own precision cartridges is an extra step well worth taking. "Anthony Cirincione was an amazing teacher while helping me get ready for sniper school. His knowledge and meticulous rifle setup techniques were instrumental to my success. udents and further help the sniper community."

Fundamentals of Long Distance Shooting

Filename: fundamentals-of-long-distance-shooting.pdf
ISBN: 1480157678
Release Date: 2013-04-19
Number of pages: 138
Author: Ralph T. Hicks
Publisher: CreateSpace

Download and read online Fundamentals of Long Distance Shooting in PDF and EPUB Teaching how to shoot long distance using beginning and advanced shooting techniques and strategies. From 300 to a 1000 yards beyond. A in depth of how to become a better and competitive shooter from hunting to the range.

ABCs of Rifle Shooting

Filename: abcs-of-rifle-shooting.pdf
ISBN: 9781440238970
Release Date: 2014-01-13
Number of pages: 224
Author: David Watson
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."

Download and read online ABCs of Rifle Shooting in PDF and EPUB Think you know rifle shooting? You will after reading ABCs of Rifle Shooting by David Watson! With this comprehensive look at the elements you need to connect with your target, you'll get not only the ABCs, but the Ds through Zs, too! The hundreds of details that go into making an accurate shot - at any distance, in any place - are all right here. Indeed, if you could have only one volume on the art of triggering your rifle consistently, accurately, every time you line up your sights on a distant target, this is the book to have.

Precision Shooting at 1 000 Yards

Filename: precision-shooting-at-1-000-yards.pdf
ISBN: 0967094887
Release Date: 2000-10
Number of pages: 262
Author: Dave Brennan
Publisher: Precision Shooting Incorporated

Download and read online Precision Shooting at 1 000 Yards in PDF and EPUB Among riflemen there has always been a fascination with 'the long shot', and this book addresses every aspect of this highly specialised skill. The dedicated proponent of serious rifle accuracy will come away with loads of practical advice on ultra-long-range riflery, including the ingredients for a great long-range rifle; varmint shooting at 1,000 yards and beyond; 1,000-yard military sniping; 1,000-yard bench-rest shooting; optics for 1,000-yard shooting; long-range competitions today; hand-loading for long-range rifle competition; high-power rifle gunsmithing; replicating Billy Dixon's legendary shot; and much more.

Long Range Shooting the Art the Science the Tools

Filename: long-range-shooting-the-art-the-science-the-tools.pdf
ISBN: 1440247129
Release Date: 2017-07-04
Number of pages: 224
Author: Joseph Von Benedikt
Publisher: Gun Digest

Download and read online Long Range Shooting the Art the Science the Tools in PDF and EPUB

Layne Simpson s Shooter s Handbook

Filename: layne-simpson-s-shooter-s-handbook.pdf
ISBN: 0873499395
Release Date: 2005-02-24
Number of pages: 384
Author: Layne Simpson
Publisher: Krause Publications

Download and read online Layne Simpson s Shooter s Handbook in PDF and EPUB Organized into six categories - rifles, handguns, cartridges, shotguns, reloading and optics - the book features more than 600 questions from active shooters and hunters on a huge range of topics, as well as over 100 photos to help illustrate key points. Published in a handy, portable format, this book is sure to become the gun enthusiast's favorite reference and will be referred to again and again. Readers will find answers to questions such as: - What is the maximum range of inline muzzleloaders? - How much should I compensate when shooting uphill and downhill? - Will the 44 magnum work on moose?

The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting

Filename: the-ultimate-optics-guide-to-rifle-shooting.pdf
ISBN: 9781460273388
Release Date: 2015-12-08
Number of pages: 198
Author: CPL. Reginald J.G. Wales
Publisher: FriesenPress

Download and read online The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting in PDF and EPUB The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting walks you through each step of the process on how to use your optical rifle scope to its maximum potential. A complete and comprehensive guide to using your rifle scope in the field or on the range. The optical rifle scope has been in use for more than one hundred years, but it’s not until now that a book has come along to teach the shooter how to truly use it. Law Enforcement and Military Snipers, competition shooters and hunters, this book will raise your shooting skills to a whole new level of effectiveness. With illustrations and full description of each facet of the operation of the rifle scope this book is a must for anyone who uses an optic on a firearm. The author speaks to you in a language that every shooter can understand and gives you real world examples of its uses.