Lisa Bright and Dark

Filename: lisa-bright-and-dark.pdf
ISBN: 9781504032988
Release Date: 2016-03-22
Number of pages: 110
Author: John Neufeld
Publisher: Open Road Media

Download and read online Lisa Bright and Dark in PDF and EPUB Selected as one of TheNew York Times Book Review’s Best Books of the Year and honored worldwide, Lisa, Bright and Dark was an immediate sensation when it was first published. Detailing how mental illness affects friends and family of the ill, Lisa, Bright and Dark has been in print for more than forty years. Its value has not diminished over time, and readers throughout the world contact the author regularly to discuss their reactions to it. A straight-through read, it is full of romance, excitement, suspense, and finally triumph.

Lisa Bright and Dark

Filename: lisa-bright-and-dark.pdf
ISBN: 1435246152
Release Date: 2008-04-18
Number of pages:
Author: John Neufeld

Download and read online Lisa Bright and Dark in PDF and EPUB Sixteen-year-old Lisa seeks solace from her family when she begins to lose touch with the world of reason

Bright Galaxies Dark Matters

Filename: bright-galaxies-dark-matters.pdf
ISBN: 1563962314
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages: 236
Author: Vera C. Rubin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Bright Galaxies Dark Matters in PDF and EPUB Bright Galaxies, Dark Matters charts two extraordinary journeys: the road to a better understanding of the structure and composition of the universe, and Dr. Rubin's own path-breaking career. The scientific papers included here offer an overview of the topic that has been the major focus of Dr. Rubin's career: the motions of stars within galaxies and the evidence from these motions that most of the matter in the universe is dark. Elsewhere, Dr. Rubin examines some of the tools of her trade - from star charts to the Hubble Telescope to some of the observatories where she has worked. The concluding section, The Astronomical Life, finds Dr. Rubin writing candidly about the demands and rewards of her career, offering insightful portraits of colleagues, friends, and other notable women in science.

Edgar Allan

Filename: edgar-allan.pdf
ISBN: 9781504032858
Release Date: 2016-03-22
Number of pages: 84
Author: John Neufeld
Publisher: Open Road Media

Download and read online Edgar Allan in PDF and EPUB Selected as one of the New York Times Book Review’s Best Books of the Year and honored worldwide, Edgar Allan was an immediate sensation when it was first published. “This is not a novel about prejudice or race relations or brotherhood, or anything too simple. It is about parents and children, young people and older people, about love and failure, loss and discovery, coming to terms with our self and others. Edgar Allan . . . is a work of Art.” Its value has not been diminished over time, and readers throughout the world contact the author regularly to discuss their reactions to it. A straight-through read, it is full of anxiety, excitement, suspense, and finally, understanding.

Almost a Hero

Filename: almost-a-hero.pdf
ISBN: 060610738X
Release Date: 1996-01-01
Number of pages: 147
Author: John Neufeld
Publisher: Turtleback

Download and read online Almost a Hero in PDF and EPUB Twelve-year-old Ben Derby spends his spring break volunteering at a Santa Barbara day care center for homeless children.

Ink and Bone

Filename: ink-and-bone.pdf
ISBN: 9781501101663
Release Date: 2016-06-07
Number of pages: 352
Author: Lisa Unger
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Ink and Bone in PDF and EPUB New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger “builds a sense of place for The Hollows that rivals Stephen King’s Castle Rock for continuity and creepiness.” —The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) “For fans of dark and twisty psychological suspense, Ink and Bone is not to be missed.” —Lisa Scottoline, New York Times bestselling author of Most Wanted A young woman’s mysterious gift forces her into the middle of a dangerous investigation of a little girl's disappearance. Twenty-year-old Finley Montgomery is rarely alone. Visited by people whom others can’t see and haunted by prophetic dreams she has never been able to control or understand, Finley is terrified by the things that happen to her. When Finley’s abilities start to become too strong for her to handle—and even the roar of her motorcycle or another dazzling tattoo can’t drown out the voices—she turns to the only person she knows who can help her: her grandmother Eloise Montgomery, a renowned psychic living in The Hollows, New York. Merri Gleason is a woman at the end of her tether after a ten-month-long search for her missing daughter, Abbey. With almost every hope exhausted, she resorts to hiring Jones Cooper, a detective who sometimes works with psychic Eloise Montgomery. Merri’s not a believer, but she’s just desperate enough to go down that road, praying that she’s not too late. Time, she knows, is running out. As a harsh white winter moves into The Hollows, Finley and Eloise are drawn into the investigation, which proves to have much more at stake than even the fate of a missing girl. As Finley digs deeper into the town and its endless layers, she is forced to examine the past, even as she tries to look into the future. Only one thing is clear: The Hollows gets what it wants, no matter what.

Double Helix

Filename: double-helix.pdf
ISBN: 9781101577394
Release Date: 2005-05-05
Number of pages: 256
Author: Nancy Werlin
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Double Helix in PDF and EPUB Eighteen-year-old Eli discovers a shocking secret about his life and his family while working for a Nobel Prize-winning scientist whose specialty is genetic engineering.

Freddy s Book

Filename: freddy-s-book.pdf
ISBN: 0595008003
Release Date: 2000-06-01
Number of pages: 140
Author: John Neufeld
Publisher: Backinprint.Com

Download and read online Freddy s Book in PDF and EPUB A book for parents and children to read together about a nine-year-old boy who sees a four-letter word everywhere but doesn't really know what it means. A delight for kids who know; real data for those who don't. "Freddy is real, his problem is real, and the resolution is believable. The book is timely, the writing is good and it is for children about children now. And perhaps most important, it affirms life and loving based on caring." —Psychology Today "A boy's search for understanding a forbidden four-letter word (is) treated straightforwardly in this touching, unusual novel." —Scholastic Teacher

Way to Glow

Filename: way-to-glow.pdf
ISBN: 054590661X
Release Date: 2015-12-29
Number of pages: 48
Author: Lisa Regan
Publisher: Scholastic Nonfiction

Download and read online Way to Glow in PDF and EPUB Find out what's living in the darkest depths of the ocean! From the darkest depths of the ocean you suddenly see a bright light... Learn how it's possible in this new book all about bioluminescent animals! Featuring stunning photographs and information about the world's most fascinating bioluminescent animals (or animals that can produce their own light), this book will take readers deep into the depths of the ocean to discover everything there is to know about these incredible creatures. The photos and text will come to life with the latest glow in the dark technology to mimic how the animals really glow!

Strictly No Elephants

Filename: strictly-no-elephants.pdf
ISBN: 9781481416474
Release Date: 2015-10-27
Number of pages: 32
Author: Lisa Mantchev
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Strictly No Elephants in PDF and EPUB A boy is excluded from joining his friends' pet club because of his unusual pet.

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs

Filename: dark-matter-and-the-dinosaurs.pdf
ISBN: 9781448192229
Release Date: 2016-01-14
Number of pages: 432
Author: Lisa Randall
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs in PDF and EPUB 66 million years ago, a ten-mile-wide object from outer space hurtled into the Earth at incredible speed. The impact annihilated the dinosaurs, along with three-quarters of the other species on the planet. But what if this catastrophe was the sign of something greater: an opening vista onto the interconnectedness of the universe itself? This is the story of the astounding forces that underpin our existence; a horizon-expanding tour of the cosmos that unifies what we know about the universe with new thinking. From the far-flung reaches of space, the makeup of the universe and our solar system's place within it, to the mysterious and elusive stuff of dark matter and how it affects life here on Earth.

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

Filename: lizzie-bright-and-the-buckminster-boy.pdf
ISBN: 0547350058
Release Date: 2004-05-24
Number of pages: 224
Author: Gary D. Schmidt
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy in PDF and EPUB It only takes a few hours for Turner Buckminster to start hating Phippsburg, Maine. No one in town will let him forget that he's a minister's son, even if he doesn't act like one. But then he meets Lizzie Bright Griffin, a smart and sassy girl from a poor nearby island community founded by former slaves. Despite his father's-and the town's-disapproval of their friendship, Turner spends time with Lizzie, and it opens up a whole new world to him, filled with the mystery and wonder of Maine's rocky coast. The two soon discover that the town elders, along with Turner's father, want to force the people to leave Lizzie's island so that Phippsburg can start a lucrative tourist trade there. Turner gets caught up in a spiral of disasters that alter his life-but also lead him to new levels of acceptance and maturity. This sensitively written historical novel, based on the true story of a community's destruction, highlights a unique friendship during a time of change. Author's note.

Peony in Love

Filename: peony-in-love.pdf
ISBN: 9781408811795
Release Date: 2011-05-04
Number of pages: 416
Author: Lisa See
Publisher: A&C Black

Download and read online Peony in Love in PDF and EPUB Peony has neither seen nor spoken to any man other than her father, a wealthy Chinese nobleman. Nor has she ever ventured outside the cloistered women's quarters of the family villa. As her sixteenth birthday approaches she finds herself betrothed to a man she does not know, but Peony has dreams of her own. Her father engages a theatrical troupe to perform scenes from The Peony Pavilion, a Chinese epic opera, in their garden amidst the scent of ginger, green tea and jasmine. 'Unmarried girls should not be seen in public,' says Peony's mother, but her father allows the women to watch from behind a screen. Here, Peony catches sight of an elegant, handsome man and is immediately bewitched. So begins her unforgettable journey of love, desire, sorrow and redemption.


Filename: seed.pdf
ISBN: 9781780316741
Release Date: 2015-04-16
Number of pages: 352
Author: Lisa Heathfield
Publisher: Egmont UK

Download and read online Seed in PDF and EPUB 'Trust Us' the Kindreds tell Pearl and so she does. A thrilling story of life in a cult. Fifteen-year-old Pearl has lived her whole life protected within the small community at Seed, where they worship Nature and idolise their leader, Papa S. When some outsiders arrive, everything changes. Pearl experiences feelings that she never knew existed and begins to realise that there is darkness at the heart of Seed. A darkness from which she must escape, before it's too late. A chilling and heartbreaking coming-of-age story of life within a cult, Seed was shortlisted for the Waterstones' Children's Book Prize in 2016. Fans of Jennifer Niven's All The Bright Places and Lisa Williamson's The Art of Being Normal will love Lisa's haunting debut. 'We are obsessed with Seed' - YA Loves magazine ‘Compelling and exciting . . . I would give it 5 stars’ - Guardian Children’s Books Look out for Lisa's heartbreaking new title, Paper Butterflies. Lisa Heathfield launched her writing career with Seed, her stunning YA debut about a cult. Before becoming a mum to her three sons, she was a secondary school English teacher and loved inspiring teenagers to read. Paper Butterflies is her beautiful and heart-breaking second novel. Lisa lives in Brighton.

Every You Every Me

Filename: every-you-every-me.pdf
ISBN: 9780375896217
Release Date: 2011-09-13
Number of pages: 256
Author: David Levithan
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Download and read online Every You Every Me in PDF and EPUB A picture is worth a thousand lies in this psychological thriller by bestselling author David Levithan (Every Day; Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green). In this high school-set psychological tale, a tormented teen named Evan starts to discover a series of unnerving photographs—some of which feature him. Someone is stalking him . . . messing with him . . . threatening him. Worse, ever since his best friend Ariel has been gone, he's been unable to sleep, spending night after night torturing himself for his role in her absence. And as crazy as it sounds, Evan's starting to believe it's Ariel that's behind all of this, punishing him. But the more Evan starts to unravel the mystery, the more his paranoia and insomnia amplify, and the more he starts to unravel himself. Creatively told with black-and-white photos interspersed between the text so the reader can see the photos that are so unnerving to Evan, Every You, Every Me is a one-of-a-kind departure from a one-of-a-kind author. From the Hardcover edition.