Lexicography Terminology and Translation

Filename: lexicography-terminology-and-translation.pdf
ISBN: 9780776606279
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 252
Author: Ingrid Meyer
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

Download and read online Lexicography Terminology and Translation in PDF and EPUB This volume in honour of Ingrid Meyer is a tribute to her work in the interrelated fields of lexicography, terminology and translation. One key thing shared by these fields is that they all deal with text. Accordingly, the essays in this collection are united by the fact that they too are all "text-based" in some way. In the majority of essays, electronic corpora serve as the textual basis for investigations. Chapters focusing on electronic corpora include a description of a tool that can be used to help build specialized corpora in a semi-automatic fashion; corpus-based investigations of terminological knowledge patterns, terminological implantation, lexicographic information and translation solutions; comparisons of corpora to conventional resources such as dictionaries; and analyses of corpus processing tools such as translation memory systems. In several essays, notably those dealing with historical or literary documents, the texts in question are specific manuscripts that have been studied with a view to learning more about lexicographic and translation practice. The volume is rounded out with a chapter on audiovisual translation that takes a non-conventional view of text, where "text" includes film.

The Key to Technical Translation

Filename: the-key-to-technical-translation.pdf
ISBN: 9789027273710
Release Date: 1992-10-01
Number of pages: 242
Author: Michael Hann
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

Download and read online The Key to Technical Translation in PDF and EPUB This handbook for German/English/German technical translators at all levels from student to professional covers the root terminologies of the spectrum of scientific and engineering fields. The work is designed to give technical translators direct insight into the main error sources occurring in their profession, especially those resulting from a poor understanding of the subject matter and the usage of particular terms to designate different concepts in different branches of technology. The style is easy to read and suitable for nonnative English speakers and translators with no engineering experience. Volume 1 presents a comprehensive systematic description of the basic concepts underlying all branches of technology: Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, Materials, Science, Electronics, Nucleonics, Aeronautics, Computers, Automobiles, Plastics and other important fields. Volume 2 expands this terminology with the aid of a Technical Thesaurus and a set of structured bilingual dictionaries which draw attention to specific English/German errors, usage of technical vocabulary and to collocations of general vocabulary in engineering contexts. The two volumes combine 3 major areas: 1. Technical Translation, 2. General Linguistics and 3. Computational Lexicography, possibly indirectly marking the birth of a new discipline “Technical Linguistics”. The book is designed for practical as well as academic use, for translator trainers, practicing translators, applied linguists, and professional engineers and scientists working with English/German documentation. “There is so much material there that the books will not only be wanted by English/German/English translators, but the English basis on its own will be attractive to other language orientations involving English” Juan C. Sager (UMIST, Manchester)

Terminology LSP and Translation

Filename: terminology-lsp-and-translation.pdf
ISBN: 9789027216199
Release Date: 1996-01-01
Number of pages: 249
Author: H. L. Somers
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

Download and read online Terminology LSP and Translation in PDF and EPUB A state-of-the-art volume highlighting the links between lexicography, terminology, language for special purposes (LSP) and translation and Machine Translation, that constitute the domain of Language Engineering.Part I: Terminology and Lexicography. Takes us through terminological problems and solutions in Europe, the former Soviet Union and Egypt.Part II focuses on LSP for second language learners and lexical analysis.Part III treats translator training in a historical context, as well as new methods from cognitive and corpus linguistics.Part IV is about the application of language engineering in Machine Translation, corpus linguistics and multilingual text generation.

The Structure of the Lexicon

Filename: the-structure-of-the-lexicon.pdf
ISBN: 9789038218267
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 442
Author: Marcel Thelen
Publisher: Academia Press

Download and read online The Structure of the Lexicon in PDF and EPUB One of the few scholarly attempts to reconcile a generatively-based approach to the structure of the lexicon with the cognitive approach of Cognitive Grammar


Filename: terminology.pdf
ISBN: 9027216347
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 247
Author: Maria Teresa Cabré
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

Download and read online Terminology in PDF and EPUB Beginning with an overview of terminology, this work goes on to discuss the interdisciplinary nature of the field, the foundations of terminology, terminography, computerized terminology, terminology and standardization, and the role of terminologists in a language service,

Pedagogical Specialised Lexicography

Filename: pedagogical-specialised-lexicography.pdf
ISBN: 9789027223357
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 165
Author: Pedro Antonio Fuertes Olivera
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

Download and read online Pedagogical Specialised Lexicography in PDF and EPUB This stimulating new book, which combines dictionary research and linguistic knowledge, analyses the representation of meaning in business dictionaries from a pedagogical perspective. By examining in detail the macrostructure, mediostructure, access structure and microstructure of eight business dictionaries, this book presents interesting findings on how the dictionaries studied represent the 'noun-term', and on how they cope with the principles of new lexicography that aims at solving the needs of a specific type of user with specific types of problems related to a specific type of user situation. This exhaustive study, which makes simultaneous contributions to the theory of terminology, lexicography, and LSP teaching, defends a methodological confluence between LSP lexicography and terminology, and proposes some guiding principles towards the construction of pedagogically-oriented specialised dictionaries that must target students enrolled in LSP courses: Business English, Business Spanish, Business Translation, etc.

Essays on Terminology

Filename: essays-on-terminology.pdf
ISBN: 9789027216076
Release Date: 1995-01-01
Number of pages: 223
Author: Alain Rey
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

Download and read online Essays on Terminology in PDF and EPUB A carefully selected collection of essays by the most renowned specialist in terminology in France, now published in English. The chapters deal with the origins of terminology, theoretical issues, social aspects, neologisms and evolution, lexicology and lexicography, applied issues, description and control, standardization and terminology in "Le Grand Robert." It contains the revised and translated chapters of Rey's famous "La Terminologie" "noms et notions" and other recent articles in English. This book is essential reading for terminology theorists and practitioners and will serve as elementary reading in Terminology training. It includes a complete bibliography of Alain Rey's writings.

Investigating Lexis

Filename: investigating-lexis.pdf
ISBN: 9781443873550
Release Date: 2015-01-12
Number of pages: 235
Author: José Ramón Calvo-Ferrer
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Download and read online Investigating Lexis in PDF and EPUB Lexical research plays a central role in present-day linguistics. Thanks to its ability to combine the traditional humanistic approach with state-of-the-art linguistic theory, it quickly responds to the demands of a constantly changing society, which requires scholars to provide answers to challenges in the field of translation, language teaching and language use. Furthermore, while still dealing with areas like legal language or dictionaries, the parameters of research have expanded to include previously unforeseeable fields, such as video game terminology, code mixing in pop music or the translation of erotic literature. This book shows how researchers are currently responding to these challenges, with a collection of essays representing various aspects of lexicography, combining cutting-edge research with a user-friendly approach. Divided into four major sections (Lexical Theory and Acquisition; Legal Terminology; Dictionaries; and New Challenges), it proves that lexicology, lexicography and terminology are very much at the forefront of current research trends.

Theory and Practice of Specialised Online Dictionaries

Filename: theory-and-practice-of-specialised-online-dictionaries.pdf
ISBN: 9783110349023
Release Date: 2014-06-18
Number of pages: 282
Author: Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

Download and read online Theory and Practice of Specialised Online Dictionaries in PDF and EPUB This book is the first comprehensive monograph on the Function Theory of Lexicography, which originated at the Aarhus School of Business (Aarhus University). Function Theory considers dictionaries to be tools that are constructed for assisting specific users with punctual needs in specific usage situations, e.g. communicative-oriented situations and cognitive-oriented situations. The book's main focus is on defending the independent academic status of lexicography and its corollary: The process of designing, compiling and updating (specialised) online dictionaries needs a theoretical framework that addresses general and specific aspects. The former are common to all types of information tools, the latter are mainly dependent on the media for which the information tool is constructed and their specific target users. This books offers both aspects and moves from the highest level of abstraction to very detailed aspects of lexicographic work, e.g. how to convert an originally-conceived polyfunctional online dictionary into several monofunctional usage-based ones. The book illustrates that the theory and the methodology currently used by advocates of the Function Theory of Lexicography offers better results than other approaches and therefore makes its case for proposing the Function Theory for terminological/terminographical work.

Translation and Lexicography

Filename: translation-and-lexicography.pdf
ISBN: 9789027286017
Release Date: 1989-01-01
Number of pages: 238
Author: Mary Snell-Hornby
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

Download and read online Translation and Lexicography in PDF and EPUB Translation and Lexicography includes a selection of papers presented at the 1987 European Lexicographers' Conference (EURALEX). The volume gives a comprehensive impression of new developments in the making and use of dictionaries for translation purposes, providing practical and theoretical approaches, general and in-depth studies.

Essays on Lexicon Lexicography Terminography in Russian American and Other Cultures

Filename: essays-on-lexicon-lexicography-terminography-in-russian-american-and-other-cultures.pdf
ISBN: 9781443806459
Release Date: 2009-03-26
Number of pages: 265
Author: Olga Karpova
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Download and read online Essays on Lexicon Lexicography Terminography in Russian American and Other Cultures in PDF and EPUB The book contains a collection of works devoted to the most topical issues of modern linguistics, including сross-cultural communication, various aspects of theoretical and practical lexicography, terminology and terminography. Papers contributed are divided into four major sections. Cultural Aspects in Different Linguistic and Lexicographic Traditions deals with analysis of cultural aspects of language and lexicography with special reference to English, Russian, German, French, Arabic and other languages. User’s Perspective and Dictionary Use is devoted to discussion of research results in the field of user’s needs and demands received during social surveys in different countries. Terminology and Terminography reveals the latest tendencies in modern terminology formation, scientific knowledge engineering in languages for special purposes and professional communication, while New Dictionaries Projects presents models of new reference works. All those and many other topics were discussed at the VI-th International School-Seminar Lexicon, Lexicography, Terminography in Russian, American and Other Cultures held at Ivanovo State University, Russia, September 12-14, 2005.

Handbook of Terminology

Filename: handbook-of-terminology.pdf
ISBN: 9027257779
Release Date: 2015-03-13
Number of pages: 539
Author: Hendrik Kockaert

Download and read online Handbook of Terminology in PDF and EPUB Terminology has started to explore unbeaten paths since Wüster, and has nowadays grown into a multi-facetted science, which seems to have reached adulthood, thanks to integrating multiple contributions not only from different linguistic schools, including computer, corpus, variational, socio-cognitive and socio-communicative linguistics, and frame-based semantics, but also from engineering and formal language developers. In this ever changing and diverse context, Terminology offers a wide range of opportunities ranging from standardized and prescriptive to prototype and user-based approaches. At this point of its road map, Terminology can nowadays claim to offer user-based and user-oriented, hence user-friendly, approaches to terminological phenomenona, when searching, extracting and analysing relevant terminology in online corpora, when building term bases that contribute to efficient communication among domain experts in languages for special purposes, or even when proposing terms and definitions formed on the basis of a generally agreed consensus in international standard bodies. Terminology is now ready to advance further, thanks to the integration of meaning description taking into account dynamic natural language phenomena, and of consensus-based terminology management in order to help experts communicate in their domain-specific languages. In this Handbook of Terminology (HoT), the symbiosis of Terminology with Linguistics allows a mature and multi-dimensional reflection on terminological phenomena, which will eventually generate future applications which have not been tested yet in natural language. The HoT aims at disseminating knowledge about terminology (management) and at providing easy access to a large range of topics, traditions, best practices, and methods to a broad audience: students, researchers, professionals and lecturers in Terminology, scholars and experts from other disciplines (among which linguistics, life sciences, metrology, chemistry, law studies, machine engineering, and actually any expert domain). In addition, theHoT addresses any of those with a professional or personal interest in (multilingual) terminology, translation, interpreting, localization, editing, etc., such as communication specialists, translators, scientists, editors, public servants, brand managers, engineers, (intercultural) organization specialists, and experts in any field. Moreover, the HoT offers added value, in that it is the first handbook with this scope in Terminology which has both a print edition (also available as a PDF e-book) and an online version. For access to theHandbook of Terminology Online, please visit http://www.benjamins.com/online/hot/ . The HoT is linked to the Handbook of Translation Studies, not in the least because of its interdisciplinary approaches, but also because of the inevitable intertwining between translation and terminology. All chapters are written by specialists in the different subfields and are peer-reviewed.

The Ashgate Handbook of Legal Translation

Filename: the-ashgate-handbook-of-legal-translation.pdf
ISBN: 9781409469681
Release Date: 2014-12-28
Number of pages: 350
Author: Dr King Kui Sin
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

Download and read online The Ashgate Handbook of Legal Translation in PDF and EPUB This volume investigates advances in the field of legal translation both from a theoretical and practical perspective, with professional and academic insights from leading experts in the field. Part I of the collection focuses on the exploration of legal translatability from a theoretical angle. Covering fundamental issues such as equivalence in legal translation, approaches to legal translation and the interaction between judicial interpretation and legal translation, the authors offer contributions from philosophical, rhetorical, terminological and lexicographical perspectives. Part II focuses on the analysis of legal translation from a practical perspective among different jurisdictions such as China, the EU and Japan, offering multiple and pluralistic viewpoints. This book presents a collection of studies in legal translation which not only provide the latest international research findings among academics and practitioners, but also furnish us with a new approach to, and new insights into, the phenomena and nature of legal translation and legal transfer. The collection provides an invaluable reference for researchers, practitioners, academics and students specialising in law and legal translation, philosophy, sociology, linguistics and semiotics.

Translation and Lexicography

Filename: translation-and-lexicography.pdf
ISBN: 9789027286017
Release Date: 1989-01-01
Number of pages: 238
Author: Mary Snell-Hornby
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

Download and read online Translation and Lexicography in PDF and EPUB Translation and Lexicography includes a selection of papers presented at the 1987 European Lexicographers' Conference (EURALEX). The volume gives a comprehensive impression of new developments in the making and use of dictionaries for translation purposes, providing practical and theoretical approaches, general and in-depth studies.