Let Me Get This Off My Chest

Filename: let-me-get-this-off-my-chest.pdf
ISBN: 0615812511
Release Date: 2013-07
Number of pages: 202
Author: Margaret Lesh
Publisher: Storyrhyme.com Publishing

Download and read online Let Me Get This Off My Chest in PDF and EPUB A two-time breast cancer survivor shares her funny and not-so-funny anecdotes about her experiences and life lessons with a stubborn disease.

Rediscovering Mrs Murphy

Filename: rediscovering-mrs-murphy.pdf
ISBN: 9781418453930
Release Date: 2007-10
Number of pages: 440
Author: Craig S. Austin
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Download and read online Rediscovering Mrs Murphy in PDF and EPUB Johnny Bates is incarcerated in the minimum-security correctional facility fighting boredom. One day he learns about an injustice that is being visited upon certain convicts in the maximum-security prison by one of the prison guards. Johnny decides he must be the one to right the wrong. To do that, he must return to maximum-security, to the Walls. Once again in maximum-security, Johnny happily reunites with his old friends from his earlier stay, both convict and guard. He works his way into the place and position he wants and needs in order to complete his mission, while here he learns again the habits of the officers and other convicts and plans the method by which he will put an end to the injustice. Inside the Walls, a lot has changed and Johnny finds himself violently thrust into the most recent problem confronting inmates as well as the prison administration, the problem of juveniles who've been sentenced as adults. The new trouble does serve to keep the attention of the security staff focused away from Johnny, so although it's a distraction, it's not as bad as it seems at first. As he told the warden, "I'm glad I ain't your biggest problem no more." Johnny manages to right the wrong, to wreak the kind of justice (punishment) that will be understood and accepted in prison culture, a culture which seems to be slightly out of step with that of free society, but upon closer inspection is frighteningly similar. The book illustrates that prison is not entirely a war between good (security staff) and bad (convicts), but a way of life with love and hate, fear and humor, and pleasure as well as hard knocks. In prison as well as on the outside, life is what you make of it with the cards you are dealt.

I ve Got to Get This Off My Chest

Filename: i-ve-got-to-get-this-off-my-chest.pdf
ISBN: 9781450014854
Release Date: 2009-12-21
Number of pages: 169
Author: Ilene Jones & Irene Gautney
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online I ve Got to Get This Off My Chest in PDF and EPUB “This book is an absolute must read for not only all cancer survivors, but for their friends and family. With lots of heart and even a little humor, it’s a life-changing journey of twists and turns that will open your eyes”—Mike Valentino, Editor.

Getting it off my Chest

Filename: getting-it-off-my-chest.pdf
ISBN: 9781456885076
Release Date: 2011-06-24
Number of pages:
Author: Sandra Fikus
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online Getting it off my Chest in PDF and EPUB

The C Word

Filename: the-c-word.pdf
ISBN: 9781473518216
Release Date: 2015-04-23
Number of pages: 320
Author: Lisa Lynch
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online The C Word in PDF and EPUB Updated with new material, The C Word is the incredibly moving, darkly humorous account of one woman's fight against breast cancer. Now a BBC Drama starring Sheridan Smith. The last thing Lisa Lynch had expected to put on her 'things to do before you're 30' list was beating breast cancer, but them's the breaks. So with her life on hold, and her mind stuffed with unspoken fears, questions and emotions, she turned to her computer and started blogging about the frustrating, life-altering, sheer pain-in-the-arse inconvenience of getting breast cancer at the age of 28. The C-Word is an unflinchingly honest and darkly humorous account of Lisa's battle with The Bullshit, as she came to call it. From the good days when she could almost pretend it wasn't happening, to the bad days, when she couldn't bear to wake up, Lisa's story is emotional, heartbreaking and often hilarious. The C-Word will make you laugh and cry, and ultimately reaffirm your faith in life.

Getting Things Off My Chest

Filename: getting-things-off-my-chest.pdf
ISBN: 1462113230
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages: 236
Author: Melanie Young
Publisher: Plain Sight

Download and read online Getting Things Off My Chest in PDF and EPUB Charge head on into the battle with breast cancer, armed with these outstanding survivor's tips on how to stay sane, focused, and in charge. Complete with checklists geared toward streamlining your new life, this book helps you eliminate stress and boost your spirits with positive thinking and humor. Don't let your cancer control you; empower yourself and ease the transition with this all-inclusive guide.

Always a Fan

Filename: always-a-fan.pdf
ISBN: 9781434404411
Release Date: 2009-07
Number of pages: 302
Author: Mike Resnick
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

Download and read online Always a Fan in PDF and EPUB Mike Resnick's second collection of essays, anecdotes, speeches, and convention reports (not to mention lists and obituaries), written for science fiction fan magazines, includes topics as diverse as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Teddy Roosevelt, My Most Memorable Collecting Experience, Where Do You Get Those Crazy (Novel) Ideas?, Bathrooms I Have Known, and much more.

Akhmed and the Atomic Matzo Balls

Filename: akhmed-and-the-atomic-matzo-balls.pdf
ISBN: 9781609520700
Release Date: 2011-12-20
Number of pages: 370
Author: Gary Buslik
Publisher: Travelers' Tales

Download and read online Akhmed and the Atomic Matzo Balls in PDF and EPUB Iranian president Akhmed teams up with the leaders of Venezuela and Cuba and their American intelligence agents to smuggle radioactive matzo balls into Miami Beach. But intelligence being as slippery a concept to these nincompoops as chicken fat on linoleum, when each member of the gang decides to ladle out his own personal nuke soup, holy terror Akhmed is left steaming. Will his plan to destroy America float like a fly or sink like a lead dumpling? Star-crossed lovers, conniving academics, and blustery social climbers collide with ravenous termites, international do-badders, and multi-level marketing in a plot as fast-paced and hilarious as a runaway mountain bus. Radioactivity has never been so much fun.


Filename: faceoff.pdf
ISBN: 9781476762081
Release Date: 2014-06-03
Number of pages: 384
Author: Lee Child
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online FaceOff in PDF and EPUB A New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller! Edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci and including stories by Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, and more, this one-of-a-kind anthology pulls together the most beloved characters from the best and most popular thriller series today. Worlds collide! In an unprecedented collaboration, twenty-three of the world’s bestselling and critically acclaimed thriller writers have paired their series characters—such as Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher, and Lincoln Rhyme—in an eleven-story anthology curated by the International Thriller Writers (ITW). All of the contributors to FaceOff are ITW members and the stories feature these dynamic duos: · Patrick Kenzie vs. Harry Bosch in “Red Eye,” by Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly · John Rebus vs. Roy Grace in “In the Nick of Time,” by Ian Rankin and Peter James · Slappy the Ventriloquist Dummy vs. Aloysius Pendergast in “Gaslighted,” by R.L. Stine, Douglas Preston, and Lincoln Child · Malachai Samuels vs. D.D. Warren in “The Laughing Buddha,” by M.J. Rose and Lisa Gardner · Paul Madriani vs. Alexandra Cooper in “Surfing the Panther,” by Steve Martini and Linda Fairstein · Lincoln Rhyme vs. Lucas Davenport in “Rhymes With Prey,” by Jeffery Deaver and John Sandford · Michael Quinn vs. Repairman Jack in “Infernal Night,” by Heather Graham and F. Paul Wilson · Sean Reilly vs. Glen Garber in “Pit Stop,” by Raymond Khoury and Linwood Barclay · Wyatt Hunt vs. Joe Trona in “Silent Hunt,” by John Lescroart and T. Jefferson Parker · Cotton Malone vs. Gray Pierce in “The Devil’s Bones,” by Steve Berry and James Rollins · Jack Reacher vs. Nick Heller in “Good and Valuable Consideration,” by Lee Child and Joseph Finder So sit back and prepare for a rollicking ride as your favorite characters go head-to-head with some worthy opponents in FaceOff—it’s a thrill-a-minute read.


Filename: nightman.pdf
ISBN: 9781883911614
Release Date: 2004-06-01
Number of pages: 181
Author: James D. Pendleton
Publisher: Brandylane Publishers Inc

Download and read online Nightman in PDF and EPUB Co-authored by white university creative writing professor, James Pendleton, and a black writer, Jerome Johnson, this is the life of Braxton Bragg, a black man in the capital of the modern Confederacy, and great grandson of a white Confederate general. Despite the apparent dullness of his job, what he faces behind locked doors ranges from the embarrassing to the life-threatening. Braxton's dark, sometimes humorous commentary exposes the seamy underbelly of this Southern city--as well as the secret sins of the elite--and takes us through ten days of mystery, danger and surprise.

The Edge

Filename: the-edge.pdf
ISBN: 1101191511
Release Date: 2000-08-01
Number of pages: 352
Author: Catherine Coulter
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online The Edge in PDF and EPUB An FBI agent's sister disappears after an attempted suicide. When Savich and Sherlock join the search, they discover a startling connection to a puzzling murder-and put their lives on the line to uncover the truth.

Breast Cancer

Filename: breast-cancer.pdf
ISBN: 0813333938
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages: 233
Author: Peggy McCarthy
Publisher: Westview Press

Download and read online Breast Cancer in PDF and EPUB Shares the experiences, knowledge, and feelings of active, professional women confronting breast cancer

Twenty Something

Filename: twenty-something.pdf
ISBN: 9781524588755
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Number of pages: 64
Author: Twinkle Zaman
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online Twenty Something in PDF and EPUB It’s not easy being a twentysomething. We’re curious, hungry, and have a deep burning desire to give our dreams light. It’s a time of self-discovery and finding out who we are, what we’re meant to do, and what our purpose is in this life. We’re continually being told we can do and accomplish anything we want in this life, but it’s easy to dream and hard to make that dream a reality when we’re stuck in a job cycle, trying to get a degree, or just to keep up with life in general. I’m with you, and I am where you are. I’m just another twentysomething-year-old trying to figure how to make my dreams a reality. In my collection of poetry, I touch on a little bit of everything—feeling stuck, the observations we make growing up, love, girl power, and chasing dreams. I hope you find a little bit of yourself in my book and know that you aren’t alone. I hope you find it in yourself to be fearless and determined to live out your dreams someday. Maybe taking the chance sometimes actually works out. I’m still figuring it out.

I Have to Get It Off My Chest I Have to Tell My Truth

Filename: i-have-to-get-it-off-my-chest-i-have-to-tell-my-truth.pdf
ISBN: 9781622129638
Release Date: 2013-02
Number of pages: 76
Author: Inguna Brazil
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

Download and read online I Have to Get It Off My Chest I Have to Tell My Truth in PDF and EPUB Post-Soviet Latvia in the 1990s was a place of political upheaval and societal turmoil. Such is the setting for I Have to Get It Off My Chest - I Have to Tell My Truth; the story of Lolita, a young woman who faces her own personal challenges stemming from a husband with addiction problems and the economic hardships that were widespread across Eastern Europe at the time. Lolita eventually chooses to move abroad and start a new life. But in a foreign country, away from her home and everything familiar to her, she faces new and different obstacles. She must also deal with the additional challenges of bringing up a child with special needs. Eventually Lolita does succeed in creating a good life for herself and comes to enjoy the happiness she has always sought for herself and her children. I Have to Get It Off My Chest - I Have to Tell My Truth is a compelling work that's based on author Inguna Brazil's own experiences as a Latvian woman. While the book depicts events from her personal history, it's a story that would undoubtedly be familiar to many Latvian women who faced similar adversities following the demise of Soviet controlled Eastern Europe.Author Inguna Brazil was born in Latvia during the Soviet era and currently resides in Ireland. The mother of two, Inguna is also a grandmother. With much of her time on a day-to-day basis devoted to caring for her youngest daughter, writing is something she has typically done in her spare time. This is her first book. Publisher's website: http: //sbpra.com/IngunaBrazi

Three Novels

Filename: three-novels.pdf
ISBN: 9781447706311
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Author: Bartolomeo Di Monaco
Publisher: Lulu.com

Download and read online Three Novels in PDF and EPUB