Into the Fury

Filename: into-the-fury.pdf
ISBN: 9781420139013
Release Date: 2016-01-26
Number of pages: 400
Author: Kat Martin
Publisher: Zebra

Download and read online Into the Fury in PDF and EPUB A bodyguard, a bounty hunter, a P.I.—the men of Brodie Operations Security Service, Inc. are down for the job… Sinners, whores, and sluts beware—your time is at hand: a faceless menace is threatening lingerie models on a cross country tour, and Ethan Brodie is there to defend and protect. Ethan’s learned the hard way that beauty is no substitute for character. So even though Valentine Hart is one of the most breathtaking women he’s ever seen, he’s keeping his hands off and his eyes open. Or that’s what he tells himself. Then one of the models is murdered, and the closer Ethan gets to the answers, the closer he finds himself to Valentine—and the hotter the pressure feels. There’s more to Val—more to the other girls—than he could have guessed. But one is keeping a secret that could kill them all.

Headlong into Fury

Filename: headlong-into-fury.pdf
ISBN: 9781462125760
Release Date: 2016-04-12
Number of pages: 224
Author: Ron White
Publisher: Cedar Fort

Download and read online Headlong into Fury in PDF and EPUB “One shell whizzed past my ear, ripping the oxygen mask off my face. Seconds later, our wing was strafed and started to unravel . . . We were unable to control the plane any longer. She started to plummet.” Frank Kirkland dreamed about serving his country as a fighter pilot during World War II but was reassigned as a bomber pilot—where the dangerous flying conditions proved to be less glamorous and more deadly. After getting shot out of his plane and landing on German-occupied soil, Kirkland learned about rescue and redemption during some of the fiercest years of the twentieth century. Decades later, Kirkland’s story of fighting for his country would be the last fighting chance to mend his relationship with his son.

The Sound and the Fury

Filename: the-sound-and-the-fury.pdf
ISBN: 0394700058
Release Date: 1956
Number of pages: 427
Author: William Faulkner
Publisher: Vintage

Download and read online The Sound and the Fury in PDF and EPUB The text of this Norton Critical Edition is that of the corrected edition scrupulously prepared by Noel Polk, whose textual note precedes the text. David Minter's annotations are designed to assist the reader with obscure words and allusions.


Filename: fury.pdf
ISBN: 9780743452915
Release Date: 2006-07-01
Number of pages: 580
Author: Robert K. Tanenbaum
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Fury in PDF and EPUB New York District Attorney Butch Karp and his wife, Marlene, find themselves embroiled in corruption when they set out to bring a group of Brooklyn rapists to justice.

Operation Phantom Fury

Filename: operation-phantom-fury.pdf
ISBN: 9781616732530
Release Date: 2009-12-15
Number of pages: 320
Author: Dick Camp
Publisher: Zenith Press

Download and read online Operation Phantom Fury in PDF and EPUB The Second Battle for Fallujah, dubbed Operation Phantom Fury, took place over an almost two-month period, from November 7 to December 23, 2004. The Marine Corps’ biggest battle in Iraq to date, it was so prolonged and fierce that it has entered the pantheon of USMC battles alongside Iwo Jima, Inchon, and Hue City. This book offers an in-depth, intimate look into Operation Phantom Fury, the single most significant battle undertaken during the occupation of Iraq. The author, a retired Marine Corps colonel with combat service in Vietnam, conducted personal interviews with combatants, from the division commander in charge of the operation down to Marine infantrymen who did the fighting. The result--illustrated with a hundred action photographs--is a rare firsthand account of the brutal reality of the war in Iraq, how this battle for a key city was fought, and how such a crucial battle looks from positions of command and from the thick of the fight.

Martian Wars

Filename: martian-wars.pdf
ISBN: 9780987574411
Release Date: 2013-08-09
Number of pages:
Author: Peter Worthington
Publisher: Read Along Publishing

Download and read online Martian Wars in PDF and EPUB Zypson and a force of Wetans and Robots are on their way to Earth. They plan to assault the Earth Global Headquarters and capture the President and Supreme Commander of Earth’s Supreme Council. Mark is doing his best to appear as if he is loyal to Zypson, but undermine his efforts. With no intel of the location of Zypson, Ryon receives a message from Jon, Marie and Nypton on Europa. Jon says that Zypson is headed to Earth, but Ryon isn’t sure if the message is genuine or not. They are unable to confirm any more detail with Jon as the connection to Europa goes dead. Ryon and Xylon deliberate on their next course of action and decide to warn Earth Global Headquarters of the threat and scramble spaceships to help defend Earth. It appears as if a battle on Earth will take place after all.

Fury in the Ashes

Filename: fury-in-the-ashes.pdf
ISBN: 9781497630192
Release Date: 2014-04-01
Number of pages: 352
Author: William W. Johnstone
Publisher: Open Road Media

Download and read online Fury in the Ashes in PDF and EPUB It had been the cruelest joke ever played on the men and women who survived the Great War. The politicians had told them that all the major cities of the world had been destroyed, and it was only years later that Ben Raines and his legion of dedicated warriors found out the politicians had lied. The vast metropolises of America's West Coast had become bastions of evil-seemingly impregnable strongholds for hordes of mutant Night People and thousands of well-trained, well-armed punk street gangs eager to fight all those who threatened their empires of lust and murder. Now it is up to Ben Raines and his army to mop up California from San Francisco to Lost Angeles, annihilate the forces of world anarchy, strike a final blow for freedom's cause, and make any sacrifice necessary so that humankind might survive the Fury Of The Ashes.

Cassandra Wren of Black Crag

Filename: cassandra-wren-of-black-crag.pdf
ISBN: 9780981433721
Release Date: 2009-10-05
Number of pages: 404
Author: MR R a Jones
Publisher: R. A. Jones

Download and read online Cassandra Wren of Black Crag in PDF and EPUB The black despair that I had felt that morning came back to me. It was sicker and huger and more terribly unreal as the information was finally brought to light, dug out of the flight recorders of the three Wrens. "Wing wrack failure; inertialess lapse at critical point; the rotors ripped off; the craft destroyed. How can that be?" The Doctor's voice was strange, muffled, his words full of pain and puzzlement. His head was shaking as he went over the details of the three wrecked craft, "How could they all suffer exactly the same fault at almost exactly the same time; all at once? I don't understand it." I heard the quiet tread of the Master as he turned away from the portal and came towards us over the empty floor. I knew then that I would never get another chance. In my left hand I snatched a spare magazine, in my right I scooped up the heavy pistol from where the Doctor had laid it before he sat down. I took three swift paces away from the Doctor so he couldn't intervene and pointed the weapon straight at the Master. "Who are you?" I asked coldly, my eyes steady along the sights.


Filename: fury.pdf
ISBN: 9780857072023
Release Date: 2011-09-08
Number of pages: 384
Author: Elizabeth Miles
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Fury in PDF and EPUB In book one of the Fury trilogy, Em Winters and Chase Singer discover that a little guilt isn't the only consequence of doing wrong. After Em hooks up with her best friend's boyfriend and Chase's secret harassment of a social outcast spirals out of control, three mysterious Furies-paranormal creatures that often assume the form of beautiful women-come to town to make sure that Em and Chase get what they deserve. Not everyone will survive-and those who do will discover there are worse punishments than death. But when Em befriends outcast Drea and learns more about who and what the Furies really are, she becomes resolved above all to take them down and stop their plans. Little does Em know that, by confronting the Furies, she could become inextricably bound to them for life.


Filename: the-power-and-the-fury.pdf
ISBN: 9781910134009
Release Date: 2013-12-01
Number of pages: 312
Author: James Erith
Publisher: Jerico Press

Download and read online THE POWER AND THE FURY in PDF and EPUB One Key. One Test. One Last Chance. Our future rests with unsuspecting fourteen-year-old Archie de Lowe and his sisters, Daisy and Isabella. And it begins by withstanding the power and the fury of nature; a storm like never before. They have till sundown and their only task is to survive, at all costs. "Thrilling", "Gripping", "Unputdownable", "A brilliant read". "THE POWER AND THE FURY" is the first book in James Erith's YA fantasy adventure series that features wicked plot twists, compelling characters and stunning action. If you liked Percy Jackson, CS Lewis and Harry Potter, then you’ll love this epic new YA adventure fantasy series. Get into THE POWER AND THE FURY and start the action today!

Fury s Gate One

Filename: fury-s-gate-one.pdf
ISBN: 1465355014
Release Date: 2011-08-29
Number of pages: 317
Author: H. T. Martin
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online Fury s Gate One in PDF and EPUB Christian has a touch decision to make; does he go for the mysterious girl that teases and eludes him, or for the bubbly blonde who’s near perfect in his eyes? Looking past their unique personalities and their incredible sex appeal that is so difficult for him to resist, his decision bears heavy burden because the girls in question are really a Valkyrie and a Harpy. The two races have been warring with each other for many millennia and Christian’s final choice will decide one of their fates for good. As if a love triangle with devastating consequences wasn’t enough, Christian also has to make a good impression his freshman year of college if he wants to have any chance of playing football next fall. While behaving like a good boy and dealing with two fantastical girls, he also has to come to terms with who his father is and, more importantly, what his father is. Mayhem, an immortal that previously held the title as The God of War, offers to help Christian on his journey to answer all of his questions. Mayhem’s help proves to be detrimental rather than beneficial and forces Christian to take matters into his own hands. It’s time for him to grow up and make up his mind; time is short.

Kenzie Book 2 A Mother s Fury

Filename: kenzie-book-2-a-mother-s-fury.pdf
ISBN: 9781462805303
Release Date: 2010-12-13
Number of pages: 448
Author: Marilee Worrell
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online Kenzie Book 2 A Mother s Fury in PDF and EPUB Jeff and Kenzie have had a perfect wedding reception, and the Dwyer family is now whole again. Jeff and his sons couldn’t be happier. As the school year approaches, is Aleck’s biggest problem jitters at the prospect of being away from his new mother? Or is it dealing with the returning bully? These things are normal and could happen to anyone. But Aleck’s situation turns out to be far from normal. When Aleck is seriously injured in an accident during a class, forcing Jeff and Kenzie to come and investigate, the evidence that Kenzie discovers suggests that this apparent accident is actually part of a bigger plan concocted by none other than Cam Rowan and the real target is Jeff. When Rowan decides to take more direct action to get what he wants, Kenzie, despite having retired as an operative, must once again use her skills to find Rowan and protect those she loves. Kenzie’s adversaries discover that she will do whatever it takes to defend her family, like a mother panther protecting her cubs, including deadly force if necessary.

A Silent Terror A Silent Fury

Filename: a-silent-terror-a-silent-fury.pdf
ISBN: 9781460383445
Release Date: 2015-02-16
Number of pages:
Author: Lynette Eason
Publisher: Harlequin

Download and read online A Silent Terror A Silent Fury in PDF and EPUB Two suspenseful Santino siblings novels—in one volume for the first time!—by bestselling author Lynette Eason A Silent Terror When Marianna Santino's roommate is killed, Detective Ethan O'Hara realizes the deaf teacher was the intended target. Marianna must have something the murderer desperately wants. Digging for the truth, the guarded cop tries to learn everything he can about the charming beauty. Soon he's willing to risk everything—including his heart—to lay the silent terror stalking Marianna to rest. A Silent Fury With one student murdered and another missing, it's up to homicide detective Catelyn Clark to find the culprit. She'll even work with her ex-boyfriend, FBI agent Joseph Santino, to solve the case. Relationships between cops never work so she's learned to rely on herself. But when the killer starts targeting Catelyn, it's only by opening her heart to love that she can finally bring the threat to an end.

Siren s Fury

Filename: siren-s-fury.pdf
ISBN: 9781401690397
Release Date: 2015-06-02
Number of pages: 352
Author: Mary Weber
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

Download and read online Siren s Fury in PDF and EPUB “I thrust my hand toward the sky as my voice begs the Elemental inside me to waken and rise. But it’s no use. The curse I’ve spent my entire life abhorring—the thing I trained so hard to control—no longer exists.” Nym risked her life to save Faelen, her homeland, from a losing war, only to discover that the shapeshifter Draewulf has stolen everything she holds dear. But when the repulsive monster robs Nym of her storm-summoning abilities as well, the beautiful Elemental realizes her war is only just beginning. Now powerless to control the elements that once emboldened her, Nym stows away on an airship traveling to the metallic kingdom of Bron. She must stop Draewulf. But the horrors he’s brought to life and the secrets of Bron are more than Nym bargained for. Then the disturbing Lord Myles tempts her with new powers that could destroy the monster, and Nym must decide whether she can compromise in the name of good even if it costs her very soul. As she navigates the stark industrial cityscape of Bron, Nym is faced with an impossible choice: change the future with one slice of a blade . . . or sacrifice the entire kingdom for the one thing her heart just can’t let go.

Raging Fury

Filename: raging-fury.pdf
ISBN: 9781434942241
Release Date: 2010-08-12
Number of pages:
Author: Barnie De Wet
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

Download and read online Raging Fury in PDF and EPUB