Interest Rate Swaps and Other Derivatives

Filename: interest-rate-swaps-and-other-derivatives.pdf
ISBN: 9780231159647
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 599
Author: Howard Corb
Publisher: Columbia University Press

Download and read online Interest Rate Swaps and Other Derivatives in PDF and EPUB The first swap was executed over thirty years ago. Since then, the interest rate swaps and other derivative markets have grown and diversified in phenomenal directions. Derivatives are used today by a myriad of institutional investors for the purposes of risk management, expressing a view on the market, and pursuing market opportunities that are otherwise unavailable using more traditional financial instruments. In this volume, Howard Corb explores the concepts behind interest rate swaps and the many derivatives that evolved from them. Corb's book uniquely marries academic rigor and real-world trading experience in a compelling, readable style. While it is filled with sophisticated formulas and analysis, the volume is geared toward a wide range of readers searching for an in-depth understanding of these markets. It serves as both a textbook for students and a must-have reference book for practitioners. Corb helps readers develop an intuitive feel for these products and their use in the market, providing a detailed introduction to more complicated trades and structures. Through examples of financial structuring, readers will come away with an understanding of how derivatives products are created and how they can be deconstructed and analyzed effectively.

Swaps and Other Derivatives

Filename: swaps-and-other-derivatives.pdf
ISBN: 9780470721919
Release Date: 2010-01-26
Number of pages: 392
Author: Richard R. Flavell
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Swaps and Other Derivatives in PDF and EPUB "Richard Flavell has a strong theoretical perspective on swaps with considerable practical experience in the actual trading of these instruments. This rare combination makes this welcome updated second edition a useful reference work for market practitioners." —Satyajit Das, author of Swaps and Financial Derivatives Library and Traders and Guns & Money: Knowns and Unknowns in the Dazzling World of Derivatives Fully revised and updated from the first edition, Swaps and Other Derivatives, Second Edition, provides a practical explanation of the pricing and evaluation of swaps and interest rate derivatives. Based on the author’s extensive experience in derivatives and risk management, working as a financial engineer, consultant and trainer for a wide range of institutions across the world this book discusses in detail how many of the wide range of swaps and other derivatives, such as yield curve, index amortisers, inflation-linked, cross-market, volatility, diff and quanto diffs, are priced and hedged. It also describes the modelling of interest rate curves, and the derivation of implied discount factors from both interest rate swap curves, and cross-currency adjusted curves. There are detailed sections on the risk management of swap and option portfolios using both traditional approaches and also Value-at-Risk. Techniques are provided for the construction of dynamic and robust hedges, using ideas drawn from mathematical programming. This second edition has expanded sections on the credit derivatives market – its mechanics, how credit default swaps may be priced and hedged, and how default probabilities may be derived from a market strip. It also prices complex swaps with embedded options, such as range accruals, Bermudan swaptions and target accrual redemption notes, by constructing detailed numerical models such as interest rate trees and LIBOR-based simulation. There is also increased discussion around the modelling of volatility smiles and surfaces. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM where all the models are replicated, enabling readers to implement the models in practice with the minimum of effort.

Interest Rate Swaps and Their Derivatives

Filename: interest-rate-swaps-and-their-derivatives.pdf
ISBN: 0470526114
Release Date: 2009-08-07
Number of pages: 272
Author: Amir Sadr
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Interest Rate Swaps and Their Derivatives in PDF and EPUB An up-to-date look at the evolution of interest rate swaps and derivatives Interest Rate Swaps and Derivatives bridges the gap between the theory of these instruments and their actual use in day-to-day life. This comprehensive guide covers the main "rates" products, including swaps, options (cap/floors, swaptions), CMS products, and Bermudan callables. It also covers the main valuation techniques for the exotics/structured-notes area, which remains one of the most challenging parts of the market. Provides a balance of relevant theory and real-world trading instruments for rate swaps and swap derivatives Uses simple settings and illustrations to reveal key results Written by an experienced trader who has worked with swaps, options, and exotics With this book, author Amir Sadr shares his valuable insights with practitioners in the field of interest rate derivatives-from traders and marketers to those in operations.

Interest Rate Modeling and the Risk Premiums in Interest Rate Swaps

Filename: interest-rate-modeling-and-the-risk-premiums-in-interest-rate-swaps.pdf
ISBN: 0943205387
Release Date: 1991-01-15
Number of pages: 40
Author: Robert Brooks
Publisher: Wiley

Download and read online Interest Rate Modeling and the Risk Premiums in Interest Rate Swaps in PDF and EPUB This monograph addresses the return side of the decision to use interest rate swaps or other interest-rate-contingent claims. Because the economic costs of decisions related to a company's policies toward debt maturities are important to stock price performance, the analysis in this monograph has practical implications for investment analysts. Brooks demonstrates how an at-the-market swap with a risk premium can have a significant impact on the expected return from using the swap.

Optionen Futures und andere Derivate

Filename: optionen-futures-und-andere-derivate.pdf
ISBN: 382737281X
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 990
Author: John Hull
Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

Download and read online Optionen Futures und andere Derivate in PDF and EPUB

Understanding Interest Rate Swaps

Filename: understanding-interest-rate-swaps.pdf
ISBN: 0070390207
Release Date: 1993-05-01
Number of pages: 302
Author: Mary S. Schaeffer
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Download and read online Understanding Interest Rate Swaps in PDF and EPUB Across the globe, professional cash, treasury, and portfolio managers, as well as government regulators, are scrutinizing Swaps - innovative, easily customized synthetic investment vehicles that permit savvy users to fine-tune interest rate and currency exposure, manage debt, hedge against geopolitical uncertainty, and dramatically enhance investment portfolio returns. Understanding Interest Rate Swaps presents a clear and compelling picture of the growing $3 trillion Swap market. This hands-on guide keeps readers immediately current with the latest, successful strategies and techniques used by today's top Swap traders and corporate users. And it takes market watchers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the global Swap bazaar, shedding critical light on questions regulators and industry insiders are currently raising about the security and future of the Swap markets. This striking new guide first explains what Swaps are, introducing key concepts and crucial market terminology. It next traces the development of today's red-hot Swaps, disclosing how they originated and grew, and sharing inside information about why financial institutions set up Swap desks and how they currently capitalize on these profitable instruments. Using diagramming techniques, the guide then walks you through a series of realistic Swap examples, building from simple "plain vanilla" transactions - the market's essential building blocks - to nearly two dozen other derivative interest rate products, including Swaptions, Caps, spreadlocks, floors, and collars. You'll find detailed guidelines for using foreign exchange and commodity Swaps, and discover emerging opportunities in the surging equity derivatives market. Formaximum advantage, Understanding Interest Rate Swaps delivers the systematic, empirical guidance you need to master all the methodologies and calculations used in the international Swap market. You'll learn how rates are set, how to evaluate competing quotes from traders, and how to best negotiate and execute a profitable Swap trade. When it comes to unwinding a Swap position, the guide shows how to maximize profits by marking a Swap to market, and exploiting sophisticated price refining techniques on your PC or financial calculator. Understanding Interest Rate Swaps also tackles head-on the most serious issues confronting today's Swap market - the credit crunch, declining margins, the threat of regulation, overcapacity, and the recent scandals involving some of Wall Street's premier investment houses. Special attention is given to properly documenting all phases of Swap transactions and setting up a reliable risk management program. Amidst the continuous profit taking and storm of controversy, the interest rate Swap market may become unglued. If you're serious about getting up on the learning curve to handle powerful new financing techniques in your day-to-day responsibilities, here's the day-to-day guide you need to proceed safely and profitably.

Swaps and Other Derivatives in

Filename: swaps-and-other-derivatives-in.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105064130912
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages:

Download and read online Swaps and Other Derivatives in in PDF and EPUB


Filename: derivatives.pdf
ISBN: 0875845606
Release Date: 1996
Number of pages: 394
Author: Fred D. Arditti
Publisher: Island Press

Download and read online Derivatives in PDF and EPUB Clears up misconceptions about the derivatives market, describes its four major classes of instruments, and discusses the investment potential of derivatives

Project Financing and the International Financial Markets

Filename: project-financing-and-the-international-financial-markets.pdf
ISBN: 9780585315614
Release Date: 2007-08-27
Number of pages: 302
Author: Esteban C. Buljevich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Project Financing and the International Financial Markets in PDF and EPUB Since the 1970s, the practice of financing major private and public sector capital-intensive projects has shifted to an ever-greater reliance on private funding sources, as opposed to direct financing through the issuance of corporate or government bonds. In the 1990s, these financing practices have undergone further changes with the increasing globalization of capital markets, the growth of derivative instruments, and the rapid increase in information technology that enhances cash-management practices. Today's project financing market is increasingly using sophisticated capital market, bank and agency financing mechanisms as well as using derivative instruments for asset and liability management. Thus, financial market innovations are bringing the once separate fields of project financing and international finance more closely together. This is the first book to treat both topics as an interrelated whole, for contemporary project financing cannot be fully understood without a good working knowledge of the international financial markets that have developed the various financing techniques and funding sources being used. The book provides an in-depth description of cross-border project financing as a technique for financing capital-intensive projects, as well as an overview of certain financing and derivative instruments currently available in the global financial markets. The first part of the book provides an overview of certain funding and derivative instruments currently used in the international financial markets, including a general overview of financial innovations that have occurred in recent decades. Topics covered include an introduction to the syndicated Euro-credit market; an overview of various marketable debt securities actively used in the international financial markets; an introduction to depositary receipt as an innovative way of raising cross-border equity capital; an elaboration of the derivative instruments most commonly used in the project financing arena, including interest rate, currency and commodity swaps; and finally an overview of banks' off-balance sheet activities as a critical driving force for the participation of banks in the international financial and derivative markets. The second part of the book provides an in-depth analysis of project financing that concentrates on the financier's perspective. Topics covered include a general overview of the project financing industry; a step-by-step description of a typical cross-border project finance transaction; a description of the main characteristics and advantages of project financing as opposed to more traditional corporate lending practices; an overview of appraisal techniques for assessing project financing; a comprehensive analysis of the different risk management techniques used in project financing for reducing, distributing and hedging risks; and a brief overview of certain limited-resource financing schemes. The book includes a special focus on the various stages of the risk management process for project financing, elaborating on the different stages of risk identification, risk assessment, risk reduction, risk distribution and hedging and insurance. The authors also provide a comprehensive glossary of terms relating to international finance and project financing. This book will fulfill the need for an essential text on project financing as well as a professional reference guide.


Filename: financial-derivatives.pdf
ISBN: 9788120353480
Release Date: 2017-07-01
Number of pages: 892
Author: S.L. GUPTA
Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Download and read online FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES in PDF and EPUB This highly acclaimed text, designed for postgraduate students of management, commerce, and financial studies, has been enlarged and updated in its second edition by introducing new chapters and topics with its focus on conceptual understanding based on practical examples. Each derivative product is illustrated with the help of diagrams, charts, tables and solved problems. Sufficient exercises and review questions help students to practice and test their knowledge. Since this comprehensive text includes latest developments in the field, the students pursuing CA, ICWA and CFA will also find this book of immense value, besides management and commerce students. THE NEW EDITION INCLUDES • Four new chapters on ‘Forward Rate Agreements’, ‘Pricing and Hedging of Swaps’, ‘Real Options’, and ‘Commodity Derivatives Market’ • Substantially revised chapters—‘Risk Management in Derivatives’, ‘Foreign Currency Forwards’, and ‘Credit Derivatives’ • Trading mechanism of Short-term interest rate futures and Long-term interest rate futures • Trading of foreign currency futures in India with RBI Guidelines • Currency Option Contracts in India • More solved examples and practice problems • Separate sections on ‘Swaps’ and ‘Other Financial Instruments’ • Extended Glossary

Inflation indexed Securities

Filename: inflation-indexed-securities.pdf
ISBN: 9780470868980
Release Date: 2004-04-21
Number of pages: 360
Author: Mark Deacon
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Inflation indexed Securities in PDF and EPUB The global market for inflation-indexed securities has ballooned in recent years, and this trend is set to continue. This book examines the rationale behind issuance and investment decisions, and details the issues facing anyone who designs indexed securities, illustrating them wherever possible with actual examples from the international capital markets. In particular, an extensive review of indexed debt markets throughout the world is provided - including for the first time, a comprehensive and consistent set of cash flow and price-yield equations for the instruments already in existence in the major bond markets - forming an important reference for those already experienced in the field, as well as practitioners and academics approaching the subject for the first time. The book also provides unique insight into the development of inflation-indexed derivative products, and the analytical tools required to value such instruments.

e Study Guide for Options Futures and Other Derivatives by John C Hull ISBN 9780132777421

Filename: e-study-guide-for-options-futures-and-other-derivatives-by-john-c-hull-isbn-9780132777421.pdf
ISBN: 9781478445371
Release Date: 2013-01-01
Number of pages: 76
Author: Cram101 Textbook Reviews
Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

Download and read online e Study Guide for Options Futures and Other Derivatives by John C Hull ISBN 9780132777421 in PDF and EPUB Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.

Interest Rate Risk Management

Filename: interest-rate-risk-management.pdf
ISBN: 1557383707
Release Date: 1993-01
Number of pages: 276
Author: Benton E. Gup
Publisher: Irwin Professional Publishing

Download and read online Interest Rate Risk Management in PDF and EPUB In Interest Rate Risk Management experts Benton Gup and Robert Brooks explain how banks and other types of financial institutions can use derivative securities to reduce interest rate risk. Comprehensive and in-depth, the book examines the effects of interest rate risk; the effects of interest rate changes on the value of financial assets; traditional and state-of-the art asset liability management techniques; how to hedge interest rate risks using forwards, futures, swaps and various types of options; regulatory and accounting considerations; and interest rate risk management policies. Thorough appendices provide greater detail through discussion of technical details and mathematics. An extensive glossary is provided for quick reference.

Accounting for Investments Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives

Filename: accounting-for-investments-fixed-income-securities-and-interest-rate-derivatives.pdf
ISBN: 9780470825914
Release Date: 2011-07-20
Number of pages: 709
Author: R. Venkata Subramani
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Accounting for Investments Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives in PDF and EPUB A comprehensive guide to new and existing accounting practices for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives The financial crisis forced accounting standard setters and market regulators around the globe to come up with new proposals for modifying existing practices for investment accounting. Accounting for Investments, Volume 2: Fixed Income and Interest Rate Derivatives covers these revised standards, as well as those not yet implemented, in detail. Beginning with an overview of the financial products affected by these changes?defining each product, the way it is structured, its advantages and disadvantages, and the different events in the trade life cycle?the book then examines the information that anyone, person or institution, holding fixed income security and interest rate investments must record. Offers a comprehensive overview of financial products including fixed income and interest rate derivatives like interest rate swaps, caps, floors, collars, cross currency swaps, and more Follows the trade life cycle of each product Explains how new and anticipated changes in investment accounting affect the investment world Accurately recording and reporting investments across financial products requires extensive knowledge both of new and existing practices, and Accounting for Investments, Volume 2, Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives covers this important topic in-depth, making it an invaluable resource for professional and novice accountants alike.

Bank Management

Filename: bank-management.pdf
ISBN: 9781305177239
Release Date: 2014-08-25
Number of pages: 800
Author: Timothy W. Koch
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Download and read online Bank Management in PDF and EPUB Closely examine the impact of today's changing, competitive environment on commercial banks and banking services, as well as the entire financial services industry, with Koch/MacDonald's BANK MANAGEMENT, 8E. This new edition reflects the latest changes and developments, from complete regulatory updates to details of the many programs evolving amidst today's financial crises. Whether your students are practicing or future professionals, they will gain a better understanding of the risks associated with loans and securities, the process of securitization, excessive leverage and inadequate liquidity. Core business models demonstrate value core operating earnings versus trading as well as price- and volume-driven profits. The book provides a framework for developing effective strategies that ensure a proper balance between management's profit targets and allowable risk taking. The book's unique approach to understanding commercial bank management from a decision-making perspective presents actual bank managers making strong financial decisions. Your students clearly see how decisions in one area affect performance and opportunities in other areas. Students gain a solid foundation in the key issues confronting managers today as they become familiar with basic financial models used to formulate decisions and better understand the strengths and weaknesses of data analysis. With the help of this latest edition, students develop the logical thought processes needed to achieve strong financial and management results. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.