Icons of Mystery and Crime Detection

Filename: icons-of-mystery-and-crime-detection.pdf
ISBN: 0313345309
Release Date: 2010-07
Number of pages: 700
Author: Mitzi M. Brunsdale
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Icons of Mystery and Crime Detection in PDF and EPUB This book provides an introduction to 24 iconic figures, real and fictional, that have shaped the detective/mystery genre of popular literature. * Parallel chronologies placing each of the book's 24 subjects in their historical/cultural context * Individual selected bibliographies for each of the 24 figures plus a selected general bibliography of critical sources treating the genre

A century of British mystery and suspense

Filename: a-century-of-british-mystery-and-suspense.pdf
ISBN: 0739407775
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 563
Author: Anne Perry

Download and read online A century of British mystery and suspense in PDF and EPUB

Icons of crime fighting

Filename: icons-of-crime-fighting.pdf
ISBN: PSU:000064304120
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 670
Author: Jeffrey B. Bumgarner
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

Download and read online Icons of crime fighting in PDF and EPUB Provides an overview of the most successful, the most well-known, and the most important crime fighters in recent American history.

Mystery Violence and Popular Culture

Filename: mystery-violence-and-popular-culture.pdf
ISBN: 0299196348
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 410
Author: John G. Cawelti
Publisher: Popular Press

Download and read online Mystery Violence and Popular Culture in PDF and EPUB Mystery, Violence, and Popular Culture is John G. Cawelti’s discussion of American popular culture and violence, from its precursors in Homer and Shakespeare to the Lone Ranger and Superman. Cawelti deciphers the overt sexuality, detached violence, and political intrigue embedded within Batman and .007. He analyzes the work of such famous pop-culture icons as Alfred Hitchcock, the Beatles, and Andy Warhol, and looks at a range of films, from Psycho and Dances with Wolves, and literature, from The Waste Land to Catch 22. Examples from popular movies, television, literature, and music, according to the author, characterize the evolving psychological, sociological, and political state of a nation. The book explores the relationship between racial and cultural groups in popular media such as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Here also are new perspectives on mystery literature, the detective story, and twentieth-century mystery writers from one of the founders of popular culture studies.

Women of Mystery

Filename: women-of-mystery.pdf
ISBN: 9780312276553
Release Date: 2000-12-11
Number of pages: 464
Author: Martha Hailey DuBose
Publisher: Minotaur Books

Download and read online Women of Mystery in PDF and EPUB In this remarkable book, Martha Hailey DuBose has given those multitudes of readers who love the mystery novel an indispensable addition to their libraries. Unlike other works on the subject, Women of Mystery is not merely a directory of the novelists and their publications with a few biographical details. DuBose combines extensive research into the lives of significant women mystery writers from Anna Katherine Green and Mary Roberts Rinehart with critical essays on their work, anecdotes, contemporary reviews and opinions and some of the women's own comments. She takes us through the Golden Age of the British women mystery writers, Christie, Sayers, Marsh, Allingham and Tey, to the leading crime novelists of today, focused on the women who have become legends of the genre. And though she laments, "so many mysteries, so little time," she makes a good effort a mentioning "some of the best of the rest." When DuBose writes of the lives of her principal players, she relates them to their times, their families, their personal situations and above all to their books. She subtly points out that Sayers, whose experience with the men in her life was inevitably disastrous, created in Lord Peter the ideal lover -- one who is all that a woman desires and needs. DuBose gives us the curriculum vitae that Dorothy Sayers created to help her bring Peter Wimsey to a virtual actuality. Ngaio Marsh would give up an active presence in the theatrical world she loved, but she recreated it for herself as well as her readers in many of her novels. The biographies of these woman are as engrossing as the stories they wrote, and Martha DuBose has shined a different, intimate and intriguing light on them, their works, and the lives that informed those works. This book is so full of treasure it's hard to see how any mystery enthusiast will be able to do without it. And what a gift it would make for anyone on your list who has been heard to announce "I love a mystery." Some of the treats inside: In the Beginning: The Mothers of Detection Anna Katherine Green Mary Roberts Rinehart A Golden Era: The Genteel Puzzlers Agatha Christie Dorothy L. Sayers Ngaio Marsh Margery Allingham Josephine Tey Modern Motives: Mysteries of the Murderous Mind Patricia Highsmith P.D. James Ruth Rendell Mary Higgins Clark Sue Grafton and more!!

Mystery and Suspense Writers

Filename: mystery-and-suspense-writers.pdf
ISBN: UOM:49015003017085
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 1296
Author: Robin W. Winks

Download and read online Mystery and Suspense Writers in PDF and EPUB

The Literature of Crime and Detection

Filename: the-literature-of-crime-and-detection.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015017638472
Release Date: 1988-01
Number of pages: 215
Author: Waltraud Woeller
Publisher: Ungar Publishing Company

Download and read online The Literature of Crime and Detection in PDF and EPUB Traces the history of the crime story, offers profiles of influential writers, and includes brief plot summaries of their major works

Reel Photos

Filename: reel-photos.pdf
ISBN: 9781442245242
Release Date: 2015-02-26
Number of pages: 222
Author: Wendy Sterba
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Download and read online Reel Photos in PDF and EPUB Even in an age when the photograph has changed from a physical object into a data file that can be easily manipulated, we tend to believe what we see. But photographs can and do lie. As an object in a film, a photograph’s meaning and function can be even more malleable and deceiving, as new developments in technology are altering how we perceive reality. In Reel Photos: Balancing Art and Truth in Contemporary Film, Wendy Sterba examines the use of photographs in cinema to explore issues of objectivity, subjectivity, fabrication, and fact. This study first looks at the traditional use of the photograph in films such as Blow-Up and then considers similar issues as they relate to the search for truth in detective films like Along Came a Spider, The Bone Collector, and Forgotten. Subsequent chapters explore ambivalence and photographic objectification in films about art photography, including The Governess, Fur, and Closer. Other movies discussed include Inception, Paparazzi, Under Fire, and Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture. By examining the function of the photograph in movies rather than the role of film photography as art, Sterba provides an innovative approach to cinema studies. Utilizing theory in an intelligent but easily understandable way, this book allows readers to re-examine the role of authorship and the value of authentic art. Reel Photos will appeal to students and scholars of cinema, as well as anyone interested in the aesthetics of art and truth in film.

Film Noir Reader 4

Filename: film-noir-reader-4.pdf
ISBN: 0879103051
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 326
Author: Alain Silver
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

Download and read online Film Noir Reader 4 in PDF and EPUB (Limelight). The earlier Film Noir Readers , which now boast a combined sale of well over 30,000 copies, have all quite deliberately conveyed a sweeping overview of the classic period, demonstrating how broad and inclusive noir movies are. Film Noir Reader 4 moves in a different direction. Its purpose is to identify the key films and motifs of noir and to analyze in depth the prototypical pictures that, while vivid examples of certain cinematic themes, bend and break their molds to find new ways to enthrall and frighten us. Like its predecessors, Film Noir Reader 4 is generously illustrated and features essays by such respected film critics and scholars as Robin Wood, J.P. Telotte, R. Barton Palmer, and Robert Porfirio. All have as their purpose to explain why and how these classic films work; the way screenplay, direction, acting, cinematography, editing and all the other filmmaking crafts blended together to produce work that exemplifies both a particular movement in film history and the innovations that keep the noir style fresh and compelling.

Icon in love

Filename: icon-in-love.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105021708230
Release Date: 1999-05-01
Number of pages: 200
Author: Eric Koch
Publisher: Mosaic Pr

Download and read online Icon in love in PDF and EPUB A murder mystery featuring as sleuth an alternative 20th century Goethe. On winning the 1992 Nobel Prize for Literature, he travels to Stockholm where he investigates the murder of another winner of the prize. By the author of Kassandrus.

Murder Manners and Mystery

Filename: murder-manners-and-mystery.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015069320573
Release Date: 2007-01
Number of pages: 150
Author: Peter C. Erb
Publisher: Scm Pr

Download and read online Murder Manners and Mystery in PDF and EPUB Highlighting popular works by P.D. James, Colin Dexter, Ian Pears and Umberto Eco, among others, this subtle and intelligently written book examines the treatment of religion in the genre of contemporary murder mystery novels, and the implications of this phenomenon for understanding Christian thought in a post-Christian society.

French Crime Fiction

Filename: french-crime-fiction.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015080841722
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 141
Author: Claire Gorrara

Download and read online French Crime Fiction in PDF and EPUB This volume explores the development of crime fiction as a genre in French literary culture from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, paying particular attention to the distinctive features of this French-language tradition. Grounded in the study of novels by Francophone writers, such as Georges Simenon and Léo Malet, French Crime Fiction examines both period and movement-specific work, engaging each in broader debates about the larger contributions of crime fiction to contemporary French and European culture, making this an accessible volume for both the scholar and the interested reader.

A Conventional Corpse

Filename: a-conventional-corpse.pdf
ISBN: 1429975407
Release Date: 2001-08-13
Number of pages: 288
Author: Joan Hess
Publisher: Minotaur Books

Download and read online A Conventional Corpse in PDF and EPUB Farberville, Arkansas is playing host to its first ever mystery convention. Sponsored by the Thurber Farber Foundation and held at Farber College, Murder Comes to Campus is playing host to five major mystery writers representing all areas of the field. Dragooned into running the show when the original organizer is hospitalized, local bookseller Claire Malloy finds herself in the midst of a barely controlled disaster. Not only do each of the writers present their own set of idiosyncracies and difficulties (including one who arrives with her cat Wimple in tow), the feared, distrusted, and disliked mystery editor of Paradigm House, Roxanne Small, puts in a surprise appearance at the conference. Added to Claire's own love-life woes with local police detective Peter Rosen, things have never been worse. Then when one of the attendees dies in a suspicious car accident, Wimple the cat disappears from Claire's home, and Roxanne Small is nowhere to be found, it becomes evident that the murder mystery is more than a literary genre.

Readers Guide to Periodical Literature

Filename: readers-guide-to-periodical-literature.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39076001892988
Release Date: 1929
Number of pages:

Download and read online Readers Guide to Periodical Literature in PDF and EPUB

Joyce in the Belly of the Big Truck Workbook

Filename: joyce-in-the-belly-of-the-big-truck-workbook.pdf
ISBN: 0976237318
Release Date: 2005-05
Number of pages:
Author: Joyce A. Cascio

Download and read online Joyce in the Belly of the Big Truck Workbook in PDF and EPUB