I Loved a Rogue: The Prince Catchers

Filename: i-loved-a-rogue-the-prince-catchers.pdf
ISBN: 0062229850
Release Date: 2015-02-24
Number of pages:
Author: Katharine Ashe
Publisher: Avon

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I Loved Rogues: The Life of an Elephant Tramp

Filename: i-loved-rogues-the-life-of-an-elephant-tramp.pdf
ISBN: 0875649548
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Author: George "Slim" Lewis
Publisher: Superior Publishing Company

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Diana+ True Tales & Short Stories {Lomography}

Filename: diana-true-tales-short-stories-lomography.pdf
ISBN: 390221712X
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Author: The Lomographic Society
Publisher: The Lomographic Society

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I Loved a Rogue

Filename: i-loved-a-rogue.pdf
ISBN: 9780062229861
Release Date: 2015-02-24
Number of pages: 384
Author: Katharine Ashe
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online I Loved a Rogue in PDF and EPUB In the third in Katharine Ashe's Prince Catchers series, the eldest of three very different sisters must fulfill a prophecy to discover their birthright. But if Eleanor is destined to marry a prince, why can't she resist the scoundrel who seduced her? She can pour tea, manage a household, and sew a modest gown. In short, Eleanor Caulfield is the perfect vicar's daughter. Yet there was a time when she'd risked everything for a black-eyed gypsy who left her brokenhearted. Now he stands before her—dark, virile, and ready to escort her on a journey to find the truth about her heritage. Leaving eleven years ago should have given Taliesin freedom. Instead he's returned to Eleanor, determined to have her all to himself, tempting her with kisses and promising her a passion she's so long denied herself. But if he was infatuated before, he's utterly unprepared for what will happen when Eleanor decides to abandon convention—and truly live . . .

I Kissed a Rogue

Filename: i-kissed-a-rogue.pdf
ISBN: 9781402298783
Release Date: 2016-03-01
Number of pages: 352
Author: Shana Galen
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

Download and read online I Kissed a Rogue in PDF and EPUB "A perfectly delightful love story. This magical read is a keeper." -RT Book Reviews, Top Pick, 4 1⁄2 stars for The Rogue You Know Once she spurned the man... When the Duke of Lennox hires Sir Brook Derring, England's best investigator, to find his daughter, Brook intends only to rescue the lady and return to his solitary life. He deals with London's roughest criminals every day of the week; surely he should be able to endure seeing his first love again-the perfect girl who broke his heart... Now her life depends on him Lady Lillian-Anne Lennox has always done her best to live up to her father's standards of perfection-at the cost of following her heart. When she's kidnapped and her perfect life is shattered, Lila has another chance. Together, Lila and Brook navigate not only the dark and deadly side of London, but the chasm of pride and prejudice that divides them.

Seduced by a Rogue

Filename: seduced-by-a-rogue.pdf
ISBN: 0786255838
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 496
Author: Connie Mason

Download and read online Seduced by a Rogue in PDF and EPUB While searching for a priceless amulet at the request of the English government, spy Ramsey Dunsmore, Earl of Braxton, plays a dangerous game of seduction with his former lover, Phoebe Thompson, who holds the key to the missing artifact.

Rules for a Rogue

Filename: rules-for-a-rogue.pdf
ISBN: 9780062572356
Release Date: 2016-11-01
Number of pages: 384
Author: Christy Carlyle
Publisher: HarperCollins

Download and read online Rules for a Rogue in PDF and EPUB Kit Ruthven's Rules (for Rogues) #1 Love freely but guard your heart, no matter how tempting the invader. #2 Embrace temptation, indulge your sensual impulses, and never apologize. #3 Scorn rules and do as you please. You are a rogue, after all. Rules never brought anything but misery to Christopher “Kit” Ruthven. After rebelling against his controlling father and leaving the family’s etiquette empire behind, Kit has been breaking every one imaginable for the past four years. He’s enjoyed London’s sensual pleasures, but he’s failed to achieve the success he craves as London’s premier playwright. When his father dies, Kit returns to the countryside and is forced back into the life he never wanted. Worse, he must face Ophelia Marsden, the woman he left behind years before. After losing her father, Ophelia has learned to rely on herself. To maintain the family home and support her younger sister, she tutors young girls in deportment and decorum. But her pupils would be scandalized if they knew she was also the author of a guidebook encouraging ladies to embrace their independence. As Kit rediscovers the life, and the woman, he left behind, Ophelia must choose between the practicalities she never truly believed in, or the love she’s never been able to extinguish.

Love a Rebel Love a Rogue

Filename: love-a-rebel-love-a-rogue.pdf
ISBN: 0843944064
Release Date: 1998-07-01
Number of pages: 441
Author: Shirl Henke

Download and read online Love a Rebel Love a Rogue in PDF and EPUB American patriot Quintin Blackthorne and his half-Indian, half-brother Devon Blackthorne are bound by blood, but torn apart by choice. They're swept from Savannah's ballrooms to Revolutionary War battlefields. But with the women they love, they learn that the faithful heart could overcome even the fortunes of war.

Only a Duke Will Do

Filename: only-a-duke-will-do.pdf
ISBN: 9781633758698
Release Date: 2017-02-20
Number of pages: 303
Author: Tamara Gill
Publisher: Entangled: Select Historical

Download and read online Only a Duke Will Do in PDF and EPUB Without a Season, Lady Isolde Worthingham captured the Duke of Moore’s heart at a country dance. But on the eve of her wedding, a scandal that rocked the ton and sent her fleeing to Scotland alone and unwed, leaves her perfectly planned future in a tangle of disgrace and heartbreak. Merrick Mountshaw, the Duke of Moore loathes the pitiful existence he hides from the ton. With a scandalous wife he never wanted, who flaunts her many indiscretions, life is a never-ending parade of hell. When the one woman he loved and lost returns to London, he knows he can no longer live without her. But vows and past hurts are not easily forgotten. Love may not win against the ton when a too proper Lord and Lady play by the rules. Each book in the To Marry a Rogue series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Only an Earl Will Do Book #2 Only a Duke Will Do Book #3 Only a Viscount Will Do

A Rogue by Any Other Name

Filename: a-rogue-by-any-other-name.pdf
ISBN: 9781405511278
Release Date: 2012-02-28
Number of pages: 368
Author: Sarah MacLean
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online A Rogue by Any Other Name in PDF and EPUB What a scoundrel wants, a scoundrel gets . . . A decade ago, the Marquess of Bourne was cast from society with nothing but his title. Now a partner in London's most exclusive gaming hell, the cold, ruthless Bourne will do whatever it takes to regain his inheritance - including marrying perfect, proper Lady Penelope Marbury. A broken engagement and years of disappointing courtships have left Penelope with little interest in a quiet, comfortable marriage. How lucky that her new husband has access to such unexplored pleasures. Bourne may be a prince of London's underworld, but he vows to keep Penelope untouched by its wickedness - a challenge indeed as the lady discovers her own desires, and her willingness to wager anything for them . . . even her heart.

Tempted By A Rogue

Filename: tempted-by-a-rogue.pdf
ISBN: 9780996207911
Release Date: 2017-03-04
Number of pages: 188
Author: Lauren Smith
Publisher: Lauren Smith

Download and read online Tempted By A Rogue in PDF and EPUB The rogue’s temptation would be her undoing… Gemma Haverford knows exactly who she will marry: James Randolph, the man she’s had a secret understanding with for the last eleven years. With every letter written between them while he’s been off at sea, their love has grown. Now they will be reunited with his return to England. There’s just one problem. The man whose words she’d fallen in love with isn’t James at all… Jasper Holland, a gentleman rogue of the first order, is trapped. Talked into a scheme by his best friend, he pretended to be James for eleven years as he wrote to Gemma, even though he’d promised James he’d break it off. But now with his return to England, his secret will come out – and he’ll lose the one woman he can’t live without. What began as a game of words, now becomes a game of hearts, and Jasper will pay any price to call Gemma his.

Restoration Comedies

Filename: restoration-comedies.pdf
ISBN: PSU:000005757145
Release Date: 1922
Number of pages: 400
Author: Thomas Killigrew

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The Racket

Filename: the-racket.pdf
ISBN: 9781780329901
Release Date: 2016-04-15
Number of pages: 416
Author: Matt Kennard
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.

Download and read online The Racket in PDF and EPUB 'Kennard reports with devastating precision.' Naomi Klein While working at the Financial Times, investigative journalist Matt Kennard uncovered a scam - a deception and rip-off of immense proportions. From slanging matches with Henry Kissinger to afternoon coffees with the man who captured Che Guevara, Kennard’s unbridled access over four years to the crème de la crème of the global elite left him with only one conclusion: the world as we know it is run by a squad of cigar-smoking men with big guns, big cash and a reach much too close to home. But, through encounters with high-profile opponents of the racket, such as Thom Yorke, Damon Albarn, Gael García Bernal and others, Kennard shows that human decency remains. Now it’s time for the world’s citizens to also uncover the racket.

A Rogue In A Kilt

Filename: a-rogue-in-a-kilt.pdf
ISBN: 082177767X
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 256
Author: Sandy Blair
Publisher: Zebra Books

Download and read online A Rogue In A Kilt in PDF and EPUB The Bravest Heart To win a wager, and the keys to a castle from his liege lord, Sir Angus McDougall must find a bride in three months time. What woman would refuseso bold a knight? His slightly tarnished armor and battle scars should notmatter and yet they all say no. Then an inadvertent handfasting binds him to Birdalane, a shy beauty and a gifted healer whom some consider a witch.And Angus cannot help but fall under her spell? The Fairest Bride Though he is a stranger to her, Birdalane leaves her woodland home to follow her new husband over the hills and dales of Scotland. Their journeyis difficult and she has neither kith nor kin to help her. But her mystical gift allows her to read his innermost heart and foretell the incredible path they will travel together?

Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Filename: rogue-one-a-star-wars-story.pdf
ISBN: 9781473535794
Release Date: 2016-12-16
Number of pages: 352
Author: Alexander Freed
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Rogue One A Star Wars Story in PDF and EPUB Go beyond the film with a novelization featuring new scenes and expanded material. As the shadows of the Empire loom ever larger across the galaxy, so do deeply troubling rumors. The Rebellion has learned of a sinister Imperial plot to bring entire worlds to their knees. Deep in Empire-dominated space, a machine of unimaginable destructive power is nearing completion. A weapon too terrifying to contemplate . . . and a threat that may be too great to overcome. If the worlds at the Empire’s mercy stand any chance, it lies with an unlikely band of allies: Jyn Erso, a resourceful young woman seeking vengeance; Cassian Andor, a war-weary rebel commander; Bodhi Rook, a defector from the Empire’s military; Chirrut Ïmwe, a blind holy man and his crack-shot companion, Baze Malbus; and K-2SO, a deadly Imperial droid turned against its former masters. In their hands rests the new hope that could turn the tide toward a crucial Rebellion victory—if only they can capture the plans to the Empire’s new weapon. But even as they race toward their dangerous goal, the specter of their ultimate enemy—a monstrous world unto itself—darkens the skies. Waiting to herald the Empire’s brutal reign with a burst of annihilation worthy of its dreaded name: Death Star.

A Rogue s Conscience

Filename: a-rogue-s-conscience.pdf
ISBN: NYPL:33433074911136
Release Date: 1899
Number of pages: 311
Author: David Christie Murray

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A Rogue s Proposal

Filename: a-rogue-s-proposal.pdf
ISBN: 0061753289
Release Date: 2009-03-17
Number of pages: 432
Author: Stephanie Laurens
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online A Rogue s Proposal in PDF and EPUB Demon Cynster has seen love bring his brethren to their knees, and he′s vowed that he will not share their fate ... until he spies Felicity Parteger sneaking about his racing stable. Demon remembers Felicity as a mere chit of a girl, but now she stands before him, all lush curves and sparkling eyes... Felicity knows Demon was one of the town′s most eligible bachelors and a rogue of the worst sort, but he was the only one capable of getting her friend out of trouble. She knows Demon will never yield her the love she desperately seeks, but could a marriage of passion alone be enough?

I Adored a Lord

Filename: i-adored-a-lord.pdf
ISBN: 9780062229847
Release Date: 2014-07-29
Number of pages: 384
Author: Katharine Ashe
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online I Adored a Lord in PDF and EPUB Three very different sisters beguile society with their beauty and charm, but only one of them must fulfill a prophecy: marry a prince. Who is the mystery Prince Charming, and which sister will be his bride? All that clever, passionate Ravenna Caulfield wants is to stay far away from high society's mean girls. All that handsome, heroic Lord Vitor Courtenay wants is to dash from dangerous adventure to adventure. Now, snowbound in a castle with a bevy of the ton's scheming maidens all competing for a prince's hand in marriage, Ravenna's worst nightmare has come true. Now, playing babysitter to his spoiled prince of a half-brother and potential brides, Vitor is champing at the bit to be gone. When a stolen kiss in a stable leads to a corpse in a suit of armor, a canine kidnapping, and any number of scandalous liaisons, Ravenna and Vitor find themselves wrapped in a mystery they're perfectly paired to solve. But as for the mysteries of love and sex, Vitor's not about to let Ravenna escape until he's gotten what he desires . . .