I Am a Hero Omnibus

Filename: i-am-a-hero-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781506701455
Release Date: 2017-04-25
Number of pages: 512
Author: Kengo Hanazawa
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online I Am a Hero Omnibus in PDF and EPUB Hideo and his new ward, young Hiromi, head out of the desolate forest they've been hiding in, hoping to find refuge at a local shrine. Once there, however, they soon realize that populated areas are just as dangerous as the haunted woods they've left! A new ally may help them find a safe place to hole up again--but one quick, deadly bite could threaten all of their lives! Collecting two of the original Japanese volumes into each Dark Horse edition, this value-priced excursion into the world's weirdest zombie apocalypse is not to be missed! "I Am a Hero is probably the greatest zombie manga ever. It has the slow buildup of a psychological horror manga, but when the zombies hit, they hit hard, and the manga accelerates into volumes-long fight-or-flight sequences that seem like they'll never stop." -Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide) "... an amazing story that puts it firmly in my Must Read list of manga. If you like zombie stories and are curious as to what other countries might have to offer to the genre, trust me when I say, you do not want to skip this one." -Kotaku

Blade of the Immortal Omnibus

Filename: blade-of-the-immortal-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781506701325
Release Date: 2017-04-25
Number of pages: 536
Author: Hiroaki Samura
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Blade of the Immortal Omnibus in PDF and EPUB v. 1. "This omnibus collects Blade of the Immortal Volumes 1 to 3, previously published by Dark Horse Comics in 1997, 1998, and 1999."


Filename: manga.pdf
ISBN: 0345485904
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 556
Author: Jason Thompson
Publisher: Del Rey

Download and read online Manga in PDF and EPUB A comprehensive guide to manga features detailed reviews of more than nine hundred different manga series released in the U.S., with descriptions of each series, star ratings, background on the series and artist, age appropriateness, number of volumes, and more, along with a history of manga in the U.S., types of manga, and a detailed bibliography and resource section. Original. 25,000 first printing.

Planetes Omnibus

Filename: planetes-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781616559212
Release Date: 2015-12-22
Number of pages: 528
Author: Makoto Yukimura
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Planetes Omnibus in PDF and EPUB "First published in Japan in 1999 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo."--Colophon.

Goodnight Punpun

Filename: goodnight-punpun.pdf
ISBN: 1421586215
Release Date: 2016-06-21
Number of pages: 432
Author: Inio Asano
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

Download and read online Goodnight Punpun in PDF and EPUB This is Punpun Onodera’s coming-of-age story. His parents’ marriage is falling apart. His dad goes to jail, and his mom goes to the hospital. He has to live with his loser uncle. He has a crush on a girl who lives in a weird cult. Punpun tries talking with God about his problems, but God is a jerk. Punpun keeps hoping things will get better, but they really, really don’t. Punpun was an average kid in an average town… But things have changed. The love of his life wants to kill him. His parents got divorced. And God is being mean to him. What are you going to do now, Punpun?

The Fantastic Four Omnibus

Filename: the-fantastic-four-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 0785191747
Release Date: 2015-05-12
Number of pages: 952
Publisher: Marvel

Download and read online The Fantastic Four Omnibus in PDF and EPUB Under Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, FANTASTIC FOUR earned the tagline "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine." And there's no doubting it when you read the adventures they have in store for you in their third Omnibus collection! It's one history-making hit after another -the first appearances of the Kree, Annihilus and "Him" (a.k.a. Adam Warlock); team-ups with the Inhumans and Silver Surfer; and the birth of Franklin Richards! Add in classic enemies Dr. Doom, the Mole Man and Galactus - and Crystal's first outing as a member of the FF. COLLECTING: Fantastic Four (1961) 61-93, Annual (1963) 5-7, Not Brand Echh (1967) 5-7

Tokyo Undead

Filename: tokyo-undead.pdf
ISBN: 1626923337
Release Date: 2016-10-18
Number of pages: 400
Author: Tsukasa Saimura
Publisher: Seven Seas

Download and read online Tokyo Undead in PDF and EPUB Tokyo Undead is a story of zombie survival taking place in one of the most densely populated cities in the world—Tokyo, Japan! This omnibus edition tells the complete story of an organization putting its last hopes on one man to find the antidote they need to save the world. Originally released in Japan as two separate volumes, Seven Seas will compile both parts of Tokyo Undead in a four-hundred-page omnibus edition that includes several full-color illustrations. After a man-made pathogen known as the K virus is accidentally released from Fieldwar Labs in the heart of Tokyo, the city is overrun by flesh-eating zombies. In the hopes of saving the last remaining survivors of this apocalypse, an organization known as Madara sends out its rookie member in a last-ditch effort to find a cure. Young Itachi must survive the zombie-ravaged streets of Tokyo while searching for the missing key that’s integral to Japan’s survival!

Hour of the Zombie

Filename: hour-of-the-zombie.pdf
ISBN: 162692306X
Release Date: 2016-04-05
Number of pages: 180
Author: Tsukasa Saimura
Publisher: Seven Seas

Download and read online Hour of the Zombie in PDF and EPUB Akira is your typical student living a conventional high school life. He has dreams and aspirations like everyone else, and an unrequited crush on his childhood friend, Kurumi. Unfortunately for him she seems more interested in Akira's best friend, Umezawa. And yet their innocent love triangle pales in comparison to what the three friends are about to experience, even if it may yet be their saving grace. Students are suddenly turning into frenzied zombies, attacking and gorging themselves upon each other's flesh. The school is being torn apart until suddenly... they stop. With the zombies apparently back to normal, the school is now divided between the previously turned and the unbitten. But how long will this peace last? And what caused students to turn in the first place? When any of your classmates could suddenly decide to have you for lunch, a friendly face can become the scariest thing in the room.

Princess Jellyfish 1

Filename: princess-jellyfish-1.pdf
ISBN: 1632362287
Release Date: 2016-02-16
Number of pages: 400
Author: Akiko Higashimura

Download and read online Princess Jellyfish 1 in PDF and EPUB Two very different worlds collide in this hit manga series by Akiko Higashimura! Tsukimi Kurashita has a strange fascination with jellyfish. She's loved them from a young age and has carried that love with her to her new life in the big city of Tokyo. There, she resides in Amamizukan, a safe-haven for girl geeks - the last place she'd expect to meet a fashionable socialite! There's much more to this woman than her trendy clothes, though. Their odd encounter is only the beginning of a new and unexpected path for Tsukimi and her friends.

The Amazing Spider Man Omnibus

Filename: the-amazing-spider-man-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 130290082X
Release Date: 2016-05-17
Number of pages: 1088
Publisher: Marvel

Download and read online The Amazing Spider Man Omnibus in PDF and EPUB In 1962, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko gave birth to one of the most enduring icons in American popular media: the one and only Amazing Spider-Man! Turning the concept of a super hero on its head, they imbued the young, guilt-ridden Peter Parker with the fantastic powers of an arachnid and the fantastic pressures of an everyday teenager. The combination was pure magic, and during the course of 40 issues of webslinging, wisecracking wonderment Lee and Ditko built the foundation for 45 years of Spidey spectaculars. COLLECTING: AMAZING FANTASY 15, AMAZING SPIDERMAN (1963) 1-38, ANNUAL (1964) 1-2, STRANGE TALES ANNUAL 2, FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL (1963) 1

One Punch Man

Filename: one-punch-man.pdf
ISBN: 9781421589800
Release Date: 2016-04-19
Number of pages: 210
Author: , ONE
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

Download and read online One Punch Man in PDF and EPUB Time bomb Garo, a monster admirer, finally explodes, attacking the Hero Association! Meanwhile, Miss Blizzard visits Saitama at his apartment. Because of his lower rank, she plans to make him one of her subordinates, but... -- VIZ Media

Predator Omnibus

Filename: predator-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781593077327
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 427
Author: Mark Verheiden
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Predator Omnibus in PDF and EPUB Dark Horse Comics set the comics industry on its ear with its comics expansion of the Predator mythos, a comics series so true to the spirit of the original 20th Century Fox film blockbuster that concepts from the first Predator comics series were incorporated into the Predator screen universe. Now, the three core Dark Horse Predator graphic novels-Concrete Jungle, Cold War, and Dark River- are collected together for the first time, in a value-priced, quality-format omnibus, featuring over 400 explosive story pages in full color.

Happiness 4

Filename: happiness-4.pdf
ISBN: 1632363933
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Number of pages: 208
Author: Shuzo Oshimi
Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Download and read online Happiness 4 in PDF and EPUB A supernatural story of sexual awakening, growing up, and suburban vampirism, Happiness follows a dorky boy who is attacked by a girl in an alley. She sucks his blood and gives him a choice: life or death. He chooses life, but finds himself nearly overwhelmed by a new thirst and a fascination with the necks of his classmates... Praise for Flowers of Evil: -A shockingly readable story that vividly--one might even say queasily--evokes the fear and confusion of discovering one's own sexuality. Recommended.- -The Manga Critic -A page-turning tale of sordid middle school blackmail.- -Otaku USA Magazine -By loving this manga I recognize what a sick and twisted individual I have become. While I can still say that I am not truly deviant, Flowers of Evil is a great reminder of my own thirst for power and my own personal corruption.- -Otaku Champloo

Girl Genius Omnibus Volume One

Filename: girl-genius-omnibus-volume-one.pdf
ISBN: 0765331322
Release Date: 2012-02-28
Number of pages: 320
Author: Phil Foglio
Publisher: Tor Books

Download and read online Girl Genius Omnibus Volume One in PDF and EPUB Girl Genius, the multiple Hugo Award-winning steampunk webcomic by Phil and Kaja Foglio, now collected in hardcover! The Industrial Revolution has become all-out war! Mad Scientists, gifted with the Spark of genius, unleash insane inventions on an unprepared Europe. For centuries, the Heterodyne family of inventors kept the peace, but the last Heterodyne disappeared twenty years ago, leaving their ally Baron Klaus Wulfenbach to maintain order with his fleet of airships and army of unstoppable, if not very bright, Jaeger Monsters. At Transylvania Polygnostic University, Agatha Clay dreams of being a scientist herself, but her trouble concentrating dooms her to be a lowly minion at best. When her locket, a family heirloom, is stolen, Agatha shows signs of having the Spark in a spectacular, destructive fashion and captures the attention of the Baron--and the Baron's handsome young son, Gilgamesh. Swept up to the Baron's Airship City, Agatha finds herself in the midst of the greatest minds of her generation, as well as palace intrigue, dashing heroes, and an imperial cat. Agatha may be the most brilliant mind of her generation and the key to control of the continent, but first, she just has to survive.

Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus

Filename: fantastic-four-by-john-byrne-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 0785158243
Release Date: 2011-11-23
Number of pages: 1096
Publisher: Marvel

Download and read online Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus in PDF and EPUB It was the world's greatest comic magazine - again! Not since the days of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had a creator so perfectly captured the intense mood, cosmic style and classic sense of adventure of Marvel's First Family. Fresh off an earth-shattering and reputation-making run as penciler on UNCANNY X-MEN, John Byrne proved his writing talent was every bit the equal of his art as he pulled double-duty on FANTASTIC FOUR, launching Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny into realms of imagination and wonder into which few creators before had dared to travel. From the four corners of the globe to the farthest reaches of space to the deepest depths of the Negative Zone, the FF face off against foes old and new - including the Dr. Doom, Galactus and Annihilus! Plus: The FF aid the Inhumans, bid farewell to the Baxter Building, don new costumes and celebrate their 20th anniversary in style as Byrne reminds us all there's a family at the heart of this team of adventurers! Collecting MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #61-62; MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE 2 FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #215-218, #220-221, #232-262 and ANNUAL PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (1976) * AVENGERS (1963) é THING (1983) and ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) #4.