Till Death Do Us Part

Filename: till-death-do-us-part.pdf
ISBN: 1416523138
Release Date: 2006-03-28
Number of pages: 256
Author: Robi Ludwig
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Till Death Do Us Part in PDF and EPUB Every day six people in the United States are murdered by spouses or intimate partners. The stories of killer spouses tend to captivate us, as they beg the question of how so many seemingly normal and happy people manage to go over the edge. Indeed, every relationship presents "extreme moments" where scary feelings surface, yet what happens when those feelings turn to action? In Till Death Do Us Part, noted psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig, along with journalist Matt Birkbeck, presents the psychological profiles of notorious killer spouses -- from Scott Peterson and Clara Harris to Rabbi Fred Neulander and Betty Broderick. Ludwig reveals ten killer personality types. These ten personality types are defined in detail and illustrated with examples from high-profile cases along with in-depth analyses of the motivations behind the murders. The ten types range from the Betrayal/Abandonment Killer (who loses control and kills from a broken heart) to the Control Killer (who micromanages every aspect of the spouse's life) and the Black Widow/Profit Killer (who kills for money). With gripping stories and probing insight, authors Ludwig and Birkbeck examine the concept of peaceful versus violent resolution and why certain spouses believe murder is the best and only response. In an age when spousal murder is headline news, Till Death Do Us Part explores a phenomenon that many spouses can't help but think about at some point in their relationships -- which sheds light on the very notion of "happily ever after."

Till Death Do Us Part

Filename: till-death-do-us-part.pdf
ISBN: 9781908518255
Release Date: 2015-11-25
Number of pages: 230
Author: Siobhan Gaffney
Publisher: Maverick House

Download and read online Till Death Do Us Part in PDF and EPUB Young, handsome Colin Whelan was a magnet for women, who always fell for his seductive charms. Little did they know that underneath his cool exterior lay a twisted desire to kill. Behind the facade of normality lay a psychopathic mind struggling to control its homicidal urges. Having seduced and married his sweetheart Mary Gough, Whelan immediately began planning her brutal murder. While his young wife dreamed of a love-filled marriage, Whelan searched the internet for information on serial killers and the methods they used to strangle their victims. Compelling and disturbing, this book reveals how Whelan murdered his wife to claim a hefty life insurance policy, and how he faked his own suicide when he became the prime suspect for the murder. Till Death Do Us Part offers a fascinating insight into the true motivation behind one of Irelands most notorious murders, and is a horrifying story of love, lust, revenge and murder - all the more shocking because every word is true.

Til Death Do Us Part

Filename: til-death-do-us-part.pdf
ISBN: 0866566015
Release Date: 1986
Number of pages: 192
Author: Jeanette C. Lauer
Publisher: Psychology Press

Download and read online Til Death Do Us Part in PDF and EPUB Three couples : happily ever after? -- Is marriage obsolete? -- Enduring is not enough -- 'Til death do us part : the role of commitment -- To love and to honor -- The two become one : dilemma or opportunity? -- Conflict : how to engage in "good fighting"--Nowhere to somewhere : avoiding the ruts -- What is more important?

The Story of a Brief Marriage

Filename: the-story-of-a-brief-marriage.pdf
ISBN: 9781250074751
Release Date: 2016-09-06
Number of pages: 208
Author: Anuk Arudpragasam
Publisher: Flatiron Books

Download and read online The Story of a Brief Marriage in PDF and EPUB Shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize “Brave...Brilliant...This is a book that makes one kneel before the elegance of the human spirit and the yearning that is at the essence of every life.” —The New York Times Book Review "One of the best books I have read in years." —Colm Toibin Two and a half decades into a devastating civil war, Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority is pushed inexorably towards the coast by the advancing army. Amongst the evacuees is Dinesh, whose world has contracted to a makeshift camp where time is measured by the shells that fall around him like clockwork. Alienated from family, home, language, and body, he exists in a state of mute acceptance, numb to the violence around him, till he is approached one morning by an old man who makes an unexpected proposal: that Dinesh marry his daughter, Ganga. Marriage, in this world, is an attempt at safety, like the beached fishing boat under which Dinesh huddles during the bombings. As a couple, they would be less likely to be conscripted to fight for the rebels, and less likely to be abused in the case of an army victory. Thrust into this situation of strange intimacy and dependence, Dinesh and Ganga try to come to terms with everything that has happened, hesitantly attempting to awaken to themselves and to one another before the war closes over them once more. Anuk Arudpragasam’s The Story of a Brief Marriage is a feat of extraordinary sensitivity and imagination, a meditation on the fundamental elements of human existence—eating, sleeping, washing, touching, speaking—that give us direction and purpose, even as the world around us collapses. Set over the course of a single day and night, this unflinching debut confronts marriage and war, life and death, bestowing on its subjects the highest dignity, however briefly.

God s Mysterious Ways

Filename: god-s-mysterious-ways.pdf
ISBN: 9781490863498
Release Date: 2015-01-12
Number of pages: 112
Author: Josephine Taffy Kuthembamwale
Publisher: WestBow Press

Download and read online God s Mysterious Ways in PDF and EPUB Josephine would like to share inspiration and encouraging stories, including teachings of God that need to be spread to the whole world and help His chosen people to live the way he wants. God has mysterious ways--God is working in ways the human race may not understand. God was doing miracles during Abraham's days and is still doing miracles today. In a chapter of testimonies, God healed a woman with cancer, and she has survived two times with cancer of the cervix and the throat. She is a living testimony in the world of hopeless. Indeed, God is working in mysterious ways. God is teaching us to live the way he wanted us to live as visitors on the Earth. We should prepare ourselves a home in heaven. This book will help us to prepare for heaven, where we will live with God forever and ever.

Till Death Do Us Part Or Else

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ISBN: 9781631356223
Release Date: 2014-10-02
Number of pages:
Author: Stef Lochard
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

Download and read online Till Death Do Us Part Or Else in PDF and EPUB Till Death Do Us Part takes on eerie meaning in this suspenseful murder mystery. In a twisted sort of wedding ceremony, “The Groom” kidnaps his brides, dresses them up in wedding gowns, and then leaves their battered bodies along the side of a highway in Florida. Four girls are dead and a fifth is missing. The four were raped and left wearing the dresses that should have marked the best day of their lives. The Groom has disappeared, almost as if he’s a ghost, leaving behind no traces to his identity. His fifth victim, Laicee Hannighan, is still very much alive, and manages to do what the four before her couldn’t: she escapes. The police catch a break and are able to capture her abductor, but The Groom manages to escape. Laicee decides to use herself as bait to recapture him. When the plan goes awry, Laicee winds up back in The Groom’s clutches. Can the police and Laicee’s friends and family find the killer before he can exact his revenge?

Til Death Do Us Part

Filename: til-death-do-us-part.pdf
ISBN: 9781459213890
Release Date: 2011-10-01
Number of pages: 384
Author: Beverly Barton
Publisher: HQN Books

Download and read online Til Death Do Us Part in PDF and EPUB Blackwood's Woman At first J.T. thinks beautiful Joanna Beaumont is just a spoiled socialite roughing it on Blackwood Ranch. But then he discovers the danger she's fled from—and the real reason she needs him. Suddenly, all that matters to J.T. is seeing her safely through the long, hot nights…. Roarke's Wife Cleo McNamara desperately needs a husband…someone to father her child and protect her from a would-be murderer. Security expert Simon Roarke is happy to take the job—and the sizable paycheck. But Cleo is more than he'd bargained for—and with her life on the line, now is the worst possible time for Simon to lose his heart….

Til Death Or Distance Do Us Part

Filename: til-death-or-distance-do-us-part.pdf
ISBN: 9780199716517
Release Date: 2010-01-12
Number of pages: 224
Author: Frances Smith Foster
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online Til Death Or Distance Do Us Part in PDF and EPUB Conventional wisdom tells us that marriage was illegal for African Americans during the antebellum era, and that if people married at all, their vows were tenuous ones: "until death or distance do us part." It is an impression that imbues beliefs about black families to this day. But it's a perception primarily based on documents produced by abolitionists, the state, or other partisans. It doesn't tell the whole story. Drawing on a trove of less well-known sources including family histories, folk stories, memoirs, sermons, and especially the fascinating writings from the Afro-Protestant Press,'Til Death or Distance Do Us Part offers a radically different perspective on antebellum love and family life. Frances Smith Foster applies the knowledge she's developed over a lifetime of reading and thinking. Advocating both the potency of skepticism and the importance of story-telling, her book shows the way toward a more genuine, more affirmative understanding of African American romance, both then and now.


Filename: marriage.pdf
ISBN: 9781491876404
Release Date: 2013-10
Number of pages: 146
Author: Dorothy Adisa Mulanda
Publisher: Author House

Download and read online Marriage in PDF and EPUB Marriage is constantly changing. From courtship to the death of a spouse, each stage comes with new challenges, and married couples will inevitably face conflicts. Marriage! Why Bother? describes the challenges married people will face on their journey together and how they can unite their diverse traits to overcome them. Marriage! Why Bother? describes the common problems: - Between a husband and wife, including a lack of quality time together, communication, sex, and children - Between married couples and their children, in-laws, servants, and friends -Faced by widows, widowers, or divorcees at the end of a marriage Real-life advice and the teachings of the Bible teach married people how to handle each challenge.

Call of the Wilder

Filename: call-of-the-wilder.pdf
ISBN: 9781937349660
Release Date: 2013-03-28
Number of pages: 182
Author: Kris Fletcher
Publisher: Beyond The Page

Download and read online Call of the Wilder in PDF and EPUB “This book has it all as a charming conflicted woman makes peace with her past and her free-spirited family. Great writing style and characters set in the glitz of Las Vegas. It’s a complete joy!” —Goodreads Gemini Wilder loves her family but decided long ago that their free-loving approach to life wasn’t for her. She turned her back on her wild-child youth and embraced monogamy, sobriety, and her amazing boyfriend Randy, who has just popped the question. Her dreams of a peaceful and stable life are finally coming true. So why is her past suddenly singing to her again? When a family crisis calls her to Vegas, she hopes the time away will help her regain her perspective. But with her anti-marriage loved ones questioning her every move and her Elvis-impersonating ex stirring up old feelings, her inner Wilder is gaining strength. With everything she loves on the line, it’s time for the real Gemini to stand up. But is she strong enough to resist the call of the Wilder?

Til Death Do Us Part

Filename: til-death-do-us-part.pdf
ISBN: 9780982794487
Release Date: 2015-11-30
Number of pages: 334
Author: Mike & Paschall
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online Til Death Do Us Part in PDF and EPUB The beginning of love is involuntary. It’s falling and helpless and head-over-heels. It’s a deliriously happy blush that poets and rock stars have spent history and will spend eternity trying to describe to us. But we already know how it feels. We’ve been there and we desperately want to go back there whether we’re single or newly married or divorced or reaching the end of a lifelong partnership. The beginning of love is the inclination to leap without looking. But, sooner or later, we have to look. We have to consider how we will ever go on living if something happens to these people who have become our treasures and where our hearts find rest. Authors Mike and Patti Paschall step into that scary question with Till Death Do Us Part. Through interviews with 12 brave souls who cared for their spouses during end-of-life illnesses, the Paschalls uncover the stories of men and women who have truly been a safe haven even as the storm of life drenched them to the bone. Till Death Do Us Part uses question-and-answer, so we hear directly from the sources. Each interview begins with “Tell us about how you two met and fell in love?” and works through the stories from there. Eventually, the authors come to queries such as “Did his personality change at any level?” “How much of the overall burden did you shoulder by yourself?” “Was there an opportunity to say goodbye before their final sleep?” The answers span the spectrum of human existence as we’re shown pain to the point of torture, love stronger than cancer, brokenness beyond the repair of trite encouragement, hope in things unseen and joy in the face of shattering adversity. In the end, Till Death Do Us Part spares easy answers and trite solutions, but instead buoys us as we face the most frightening questions of life and love and death.

Forced Marriage and Honour Killings in Britain

Filename: forced-marriage-and-honour-killings-in-britain.pdf
ISBN: 9781317134176
Release Date: 2016-03-09
Number of pages: 180
Author: Christina Julios
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Forced Marriage and Honour Killings in Britain in PDF and EPUB This book explores the contemporary phenomenon of forced marriage and 'honour' killings in Britain. Set against a background of increasing 'honour'-based violence within the country's South Asian and Muslim Diasporas, the book traces the development of the 'honour' question over the past two decades. It accordingly witnesses unprecedented changes in public awareness and government policy including ground-breaking 'honour'-specific legislation and the criminalisation of forced marriage. All of which makes Britain an important context for the study of this now indigenous and self-perpetuating social problem. In considering the scale of the challenge and its underlying causes, attention is paid to the intersections of gendered power structures that disadvantage female members of 'honour' cultures as well as feminist theories that seek to explain them. The book features five key case-studies of 'honour' killings and draws from a wide range of narratives including those of 'honour' violence survivors, grassroots service providers and legislators. Such myriad of perspectives reveals the complexity of the 'honour' issue and the deep ideological divisions that characterise it. With the UK's multiculturalist discourse unable to reconcile protecting patriarchal minority cultures with safeguarding gender equality and human rights, the book raises fundamental questions about the country's future direction. Following a long trend of state-sponsored integrationist policies, the government's response to the 'honour' question points decisively in the direction of a post-multicultural British nation.

Marriage from A to Z

Filename: marriage-from-a-to-z.pdf
ISBN: 9781449088330
Release Date: 2010-08-30
Number of pages: 136
Author: Carolyn Tatem
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Download and read online Marriage from A to Z in PDF and EPUB

Timeline Memoirs of a Bipolar Christian

Filename: timeline-memoirs-of-a-bipolar-christian.pdf
ISBN: 9781483586236
Release Date: 2016-10-01
Number of pages: 150
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online Timeline Memoirs of a Bipolar Christian in PDF and EPUB I decided to write a book for people who feel as if their Christian experience is mostly episodes of mood swings, ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. After reading this book, it wouldn't surprise me if young women around the world related to some of my old thinking: that death and sleep might feel the same, that a few days in a psych ward could be an escape from reality. And I'm almost certain that there are woman out there who, having gone through a mental breakdown, hid their shame behind the mask of Christianity. If you haven't experienced something so extreme, maybe you're simply one of those people who go to church every Sunday, and leave with the same tormented mind in which you came. Hopefully, this book will make you laugh, cry, and analyze your own life, but my desire is that it helps to free you so that your own timeline can be more than just one-sided tragic moments from your past that have seeped into your future.

Til Death Do Us Part

Filename: til-death-do-us-part.pdf
ISBN: 9780698193611
Release Date: 2016-04-19
Number of pages: 352
Author: Amanda Quick
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Til Death Do Us Part in PDF and EPUB The author of the New York Times bestseller Garden of Lies returns to Victorian London in an all-new novel of deadly obsession. Calista Langley operates an exclusive “introduction” agency in Victorian London, catering to respectable ladies and gentlemen who find themselves alone in the world. But now, a dangerously obsessed individual has begun sending her trinkets and gifts suitable only for those in deepest mourning—a black mirror, a funeral wreath, a ring set with black jet stone. Each is engraved with her initials. Desperate for help and fearing that the police will be of no assistance, Calista turns to Trent Hastings, a reclusive author of popular crime novels. Believing that Calista may be taking advantage of his lonely sister, who has become one of her clients, Trent doesn’t trust her. Scarred by his past, he’s learned to keep his emotions at bay, even as an instant attraction threatens his resolve. But as Trent and Calista comb through files of rejected clients in hopes of identifying her tormentor, it becomes clear that the danger may be coming from Calista’s own secret past—and that only her death will satisfy the stalker...