Gut Reactions

Filename: gut-reactions.pdf
ISBN: 0195348591
Release Date: 2004-08-12
Number of pages: 288
Author: Jesse J. Prinz
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online Gut Reactions in PDF and EPUB Gut Reactions is an interdisciplinary defense of the claim that emotions are perceptions in a double sense. First of all, they are perceptions of changes in the body, but, through the body, they also allow us to literally perceive danger, loss, and other matters of concern. This proposal, which Prinz calls the embodied appraisal theory, reconciles the long standing debate between those who say emotions are cognitive and those who say they are noncognitive. The basic idea behind embodied appraisals is captured in the familiar notion of a "gut reaction," which has been overlooked by much emotion research. Prinz also addresses emotional valence, emotional consciousness, and the debate between evolutionary psychologists and social constructionists.

Gut Reactions

Filename: gut-reactions.pdf
ISBN: 9781489964915
Release Date: 2013-12-11
Number of pages: 377
Author: W. Grant Thompson
Publisher: Springer

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Gut Reactions

Filename: gut-reactions.pdf
ISBN: 9780767911337
Release Date: 2002-07-16
Number of pages: 256
Author: Raphael Kellman, M.D.
Publisher: Harmony

Download and read online Gut Reactions in PDF and EPUB You don’t have to be in pain! You don’t have to pop antacids after every meal, or rely on prescription drugs to coax your gastrointestinal system to do what it’s supposed to. Whether you suffer from chronic indigestion or from a more serious condition such as Crohn’s disease, it is possible to find relief and return to a comfortable, healthy way of eating and living. In Gut Reactions, Dr. Raphael Kellman, a pioneer in the practice of complementary medicine, draws upon the best conventional Western treatments and holistic therapies to offer a breakthrough, all-natural program for treating a variety of stomach complaints with safe, lasting results. Building on the revolutionary idea of the mind-gut connection, Kellman’s four-step program guides you in understanding your symptoms and obtaining an accurate diagnosis, and then helps you tailor a healing regimen to your specific condition. His unique bio-ecological diet (complete with four weeks of menus and recipes) works with nutritional supplements, herbal therapies, and mind-body exercises to manage symptoms and in many cases restore normal gut function. Enlightened and comprehensive, Gut Reactions provides specific treatment plans for: Antacid “addiction” Inflammatory bowel disease Crohn’s disease Acid reflux (esophageal reflux disease) Constipation Ulcers Low gastric acitvity Dysbiosis “Leaky gut” syndrome Heartburn Gluten sensitivity Gastritis Irritable bowel syndrome Parasitic disease From the Trade Paperback edition.

Gut Reactions

Filename: gut-reactions.pdf
ISBN: 9781473541993
Release Date: 2017-01-12
Number of pages: 320
Author: Justin Sonnenburg
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Gut Reactions in PDF and EPUB From your weight, to how you age, to allergies and diseases - your gut controls it all. In Gut Reactions, leading scientists Justin and Erica Sonnenberg explain how we've neglected this vital organ for far too long. As well as the consequences you might expect - a dramatic rise in food intolerances and inflammatory bowel diseases - are a whole host of other concerns, such as an increase in cancer, asthma, autism and diabetes. We now have only 1,200 species of microbes living in our gut. We used to have many more. Why are these species becoming extinct? And how do we prevent it? With recipes and meal plans, as well as guidance on alternatives to antibiotics and lifestyle choices, Gut Reactions will help you to interpret, understand and incorporate these new radical findings into your diet and lifestyle and will help you on your journey to a healthier gut.


Filename: gut.pdf
ISBN: 9781925113785
Release Date: 2015-05-07
Number of pages: 288
Author: Giulia Enders
Publisher: Scribe Publications

Download and read online Gut in PDF and EPUB WINNER OF THE 2016 AUSTRALIAN BOOK INDUSTRY AWARDS, INTERNATIONAL BOOK OF THE YEAR SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2016 BRITISH BOOK INDUSTRY AWARDS, NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR LONGLISTED FOR THE 2015 GOODREADS CHOICE AWARDS 'BEST SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY BOOK' A Sunday Times bestseller The key to living a happier, healthier life is inside us. Our gut is almost as important to us as our brain or our heart, yet we know very little about how it works. In Gut, Giulia Enders shows that rather than the utilitarian and — let’s be honest — somewhat embarrassing body part we imagine it to be, it is one of the most complex, important, and even miraculous parts of our anatomy. And scientists are only just discovering quite how much it has to offer; new research shows that gut bacteria can play a role in everything from obesity and allergies to Alzheimer’s. Beginning with the personal experience of illness that inspired her research, and going on to explain everything from the basics of nutrient absorption to the latest science linking bowel bacteria with depression, Enders has written an entertaining, informative health handbook. Gut definitely shows that we can all benefit from getting to know the wondrous world of our inner workings. In this charming book, young scientist Giulia Enders takes us on a fascinating tour of our insides. Her message is simple — if we treat our gut well, it will treat us well in return. But how do we do that? And why do we need to? Find out in this surprising, and surprisingly funny, exploration of the least understood of our organs. PRAISE FOR GIULIA ENDERS ‘A publishing sensation that … sets out to free toilet talk from its taboo’ The Times ‘Enders’ gut manifesto calls on its readers to celebrate their lower bodies’ achievements, rather than apologise for them’ The Guardian

Head Versus Heart and Our Gut Reactions

Filename: head-versus-heart-and-our-gut-reactions.pdf
ISBN: 1903816920
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 314
Author: Michael Hampson
Publisher: Psyche Books

Download and read online Head Versus Heart and Our Gut Reactions in PDF and EPUB Head versus Heart plots a map of humankind and of the spiritual journeys we take. Based on the enneagram, it is the most important new material on it in thirty years. The enneagram is generally presented as a system of three parts; a list of nine types of people, their arrangement in a circle in a specific order, and their interconnection by a distinctive pattern of internal arrows. Over a hundred books have been published on this material, endlessly describing it, but never explaining it. Most assume ancient Eastern sources as its authority, but none such exist. Into "the gap where the explanation should be" comes the present text. Head versus Heart explains why the nine types exist as they do, why they can be arranged around a circle in a specific order, and why they interconnect. It uncovers for the first time the logic behind the system. It's assumptions are the assumptions of faith; that when we speak of the experience of humankind we must speak of sin and redemption, of temptations and gifts, and of participation in the community of Christ. It is fundamentally outward looking - concerned with the nature of our engagement with the world, with recognising and valuing the gifts of others, and with discerning our own vocation. It is logical and rational throughout-with clear links to cognitive, behavioural and even neurological psychology. It traces every detail of the system back to the simple, familiar concepts of "head" and "heart", plus "gut," as in "gut instinct" and "gut" reaction.

Gut Reactions

Filename: gut-reactions.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015019961575
Release Date: 1980
Number of pages: 167
Author: David M. Taylor

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Gut Reactions

Filename: gut-reactions.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:270631904
Release Date: 1976
Number of pages: 76
Author: Individualized Science Instructional System

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The ACOA Trauma Syndrome

Filename: the-acoa-trauma-syndrome.pdf
ISBN: 9780757316449
Release Date: 2012-09-03
Number of pages: 312
Author: Tian Dayton
Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

Download and read online The ACOA Trauma Syndrome in PDF and EPUB The ACoA syndrome is a post-traumatic stress reaction in which pain from the stress of growing up with parental addiction emerges years—even decades—later in adult relationships. Adult Children of Alcoholics suffer from a post-traumatic stress created by their dysfunctional family situations. Through insightful analysis and thoughtful examination, bestselling author and renowned psychologist Tian Dayton shows ACoAs how and why this family trauma has such a profound effect on adult relationships and provides the tools for marshalling resilience and restoring health and happiness. Dr. Dayton explores how our brains and bodies process childhood trauma and how those traumas can become the catalyst for unhealthy, self-medicating behaviours including drug and alcohol abuse, food issues, and sex, gambling, and shopping addictions. Readers who have experienced previous trauma will learn how they developed PTSD and how they can heal both personally and interpersonally.

Gut Reactions

Filename: gut-reactions.pdf
ISBN: 073331239X
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 146
Author: Joan Sauers

Download and read online Gut Reactions in PDF and EPUB How much fibre is enough? Why do I get constipated when I travel? Is coffee good or bad for me? Why do I need to go to the toilet when I'm nervous? Should my poo float or sink? In frank and clear terms, with just a dash of wit, Gut Reactions provides a simple explanation of how our digestion works, as well as an overview of digestive problems from mild (indigestion) to serious (bowel cancer). It takes a clear-eyed look at the huge variety of treatments for digestive health including diatetics, general practice, traditional Chinese medicine, gastroenterology, naturopathy and meditation. Gut Reactions also explores the exciting idea of food as therapy with lots of recommendations on what to eat and what not to eat for various tummy troubles, which is great news for anyone who's ever had a stomach ache. Illustrated with useful, easy-to-undertand diagrams and lists, Gut Reactions contains everything you need to know about looking after your digestive health.

The Mind Gut Connection

Filename: the-mind-gut-connection.pdf
ISBN: 9780062376596
Release Date: 2016-07-05
Number of pages: 320
Author: Emeran Mayer
Publisher: HarperCollins

Download and read online The Mind Gut Connection in PDF and EPUB Combining cutting-edge neuroscience with the latest discoveries on the human microbiome, a practical guide in the tradition of Wheat Belly and Grain Brain that conclusively demonstrates the inextricable, biological link between mind and body. We have all experienced the connection between our mind and our gut—the decision we made because it “felt right”; the butterflies in our stomach before a big meeting; the anxious stomach rumbling when we’re stressed out. While the dialogue between the gut and the brain has been recognized by ancient healing traditions, including Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, Western medicine has failed to appreciate the complexity of how the brain, gut, and more recently, the microbiome—the microorganisms that live inside us—communicate with one another. In The Mind-Gut Connection, Dr. Emeran Mayer, executive director of the UCLA Center for Neurobiology of Stress, offers a revolutionary look at this developing science, teaching us how to harness the power of the mind-gut connection to take charge of our health. The Mind-Gut Connection shows how to keep the brain-gut communication clear and balanced to: • heal the gut by focusing on a plant-based diet • balance the microbiome by consuming fermented foods and probiotics, fasting, and cutting out sugar and processed foods • promote weight loss by detoxifying and creating healthy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption • boost immunity and prevent the onset of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s • generate a happier mindset and reduce fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, and depression • prevent and heal GI disorders such as leaky gut syndrome, food sensitivities and allergies, and IBS, as well as digestive discomfort such as heartburn and bloating • and much more.

The Gut Makeover

Filename: the-gut-makeover.pdf
ISBN: 9781784297732
Release Date: 2015-12-31
Number of pages: 256
Author: Jeannette Hyde
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online The Gut Makeover in PDF and EPUB 'LIFE-CHANGING. THE MOST PRACTICAL GUT GUIDE.' Dr Rangan Chatterjee of BBC1's Doctor in the House Transform your body with this 4-week health plan for a healthier mind and body. This is more than another fad diet. This is a lifestyle you'll want to adopt for life. Revolutionary new science has shown that the state of our gut is central to our weight, health, immune system and mood. Packed with easy-to-follow advice, the latest science, meal plans and delicious recipes, The Gut Makeover is a radical new approach to eating and living. The Gut Makeover is the only book you'll need to control your weight, improve your skin, sleep better, lift your spirits, and strengthen your immune system for good. 'I dropped a dress size. I feel mentally clearer, far less emotional, have got rid of an ongoing chest infection and sleep better on a regular basis than I have in months. So much so that a few months later I'm still eating according to the plan, which doesn't feel like a hassle at all.' The Times

Gut Reaction

Filename: gut-reaction.pdf
ISBN: 0091816785
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 160
Author: Gudrun Jonsson
Publisher: Random House Uk Limited

Download and read online Gut Reaction in PDF and EPUB 'On Gudrun's programme I ate more, weighed less and restored my mental clarity' Mary Killen Most doctors now accept that diet has a profound effect on our overall health and wellbeing. Gudrun Jonsson takes this one step further with her belief that the best diet in the world counts for nothing if you don't digest the food properly. Apparently thousands of us suffer from a range of ailments - from minor bloating after meals to chronic migraine and stress - because we have poor digestion. Using her training as a biopath she passes on her knowledge of the body and explains how to analyze our digestive systems and plan a regime that will improve the overall wellbeing of all of us.

Gut Feelings

Filename: gut-feelings.pdf
ISBN: 9781101202418
Release Date: 2007-07-05
Number of pages: 288
Author: Gerd Gigerenzer
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Gut Feelings in PDF and EPUB Why is split second decision-making superior to deliberation? Gut Feelings delivers the science behind Malcolm Gladwell?s Blink Reflection and reason are overrated, according to renowned psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer. Much better qualified to help us make decisions is the cognitive, emotional, and social repertoire we call intuition?a suite of gut feelings that have evolved over the millennia specifically for making decisions. ?Gladwell drew heavily on Gigerenzer?s research. But Gigerenzer goes a step further by explaining just why our gut instincts are so often right. Intuition, it seems, is not some sort of mystical chemical reaction but a neurologically based behavior that evolved to ensure that we humans respond quickly when faced with a dilemma? (BusinessWeek).

Furnishing the Mind

Filename: furnishing-the-mind.pdf
ISBN: 0262264110
Release Date: 2004-08-20
Number of pages: 368
Author: Jesse J. Prinz
Publisher: MIT Press

Download and read online Furnishing the Mind in PDF and EPUB Western philosophy has long been divided between empiricists, who argue that human understanding has its basis in experience, and rationalists, who argue that reason is the source of knowledge. A central issue in the debate is the nature of concepts, the internal representations we use to think about the world. The traditional empiricist thesis that concepts are built up from sensory input has fallen out of favor. Mainstream cognitive science tends to echo the rationalist tradition, with its emphasis on innateness. In Furnishing the Mind, Jesse Prinz attempts to swing the pendulum back toward empiricism.Prinz provides a critical survey of leading theories of concepts, including imagism, definitionism, prototype theory, exemplar theory, the theory theory, and informational atomism. He sets forth a new defense of concept empiricism that draws on philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology and introduces a new version of concept empiricism called proxytype theory. He also provides accounts of abstract concepts, intentionality, narrow content, and concept combination. In an extended discussion of innateness, he covers Noam Chomsky's arguments for the innateness of grammar, developmental psychologists' arguments for innate cognitive domains, and Jerry Fodor's argument for radical concept nativism.