Fluoropolymer Applications in the Chemical Processing Industries

Filename: fluoropolymer-applications-in-the-chemical-processing-industries.pdf
ISBN: 9780815517290
Release Date: 2004-12-02
Number of pages: 592
Author: Sina Ebnesajjad
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Fluoropolymer Applications in the Chemical Processing Industries in PDF and EPUB This is a self-contained collection of data and information on applications of fluoropolymers components for corrosion control in chemical processing industries. Due to their superior properties, fluoropolymers have been rapidly replacing metal alloys for preserving the purity of processing streams in the chemical processing, plastics, food, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and pulp and paper industries.

Applied Plastics Engineering Handbook

Filename: applied-plastics-engineering-handbook.pdf
ISBN: 9780323390415
Release Date: 2016-09-15
Number of pages: 784
Author: Myer Kutz
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Applied Plastics Engineering Handbook in PDF and EPUB Applied Plastics Engineering Handbook: Processing, Materials, and Applications, Second Edition, covers both the polymer basics that are helpful to bring readers quickly up-to-speed if they are not familiar with a particular area of plastics processing and the recent developments that enable practitioners to discover which options best fit their requirements. New chapters added specifically cover polyamides, polyimides, and polyesters. Hot topics such as 3-D printing and smart plastics are also included, giving plastics engineers the information they need to take these embryonic technologies and deploy them in their own work. With the increasing demands for lightness and fuel economy in the automotive industry (not least due to CAFÉ standards), plastics will soon be used even further in vehicles. A new chapter has been added to cover the technology trends in this area, and the book has been substantially updated to reflect advancements in technology, regulations, and the commercialization of plastics in various areas. Recycling of plastics has been thoroughly revised to reflect ongoing developments in sustainability of plastics. Extrusion processing is constantly progressing, as have the elastomeric materials, fillers, and additives which are available. Throughout the book, the focus is on the engineering aspects of producing and using plastics. The properties of plastics are explained, along with techniques for testing, measuring, enhancing, and analyzing them. Practical introductions to both core topics and new developments make this work equally valuable for newly qualified plastics engineers seeking the practical rules-of-thumb they don't teach you in school and experienced practitioners evaluating new technologies or getting up-to-speed in a new field. Presents an authoritative source of practical advice for engineers, providing guidance from experts that will lead to cost savings and process improvements Ideal introduction for both new engineers and experienced practitioners entering a new field or evaluating a new technology Updated to include the latest technology, including 3D Printing, smart polymers, and thorough coverage of biopolymers and biodegradable plastics

Technology of Fluoropolymers Second Edition

Filename: technology-of-fluoropolymers-second-edition.pdf
ISBN: 1420063189
Release Date: 2008-09-19
Number of pages: 248
Author: Jiri George Drobny
Publisher: CRC Press

Download and read online Technology of Fluoropolymers Second Edition in PDF and EPUB Fully revised and updated, this second edition continues to provide industrial chemists, technologists, and engineers with the most accurate, compact, and practical source on fluoropolymers (such as Teflon). Highlighting new industrial, military, medical, and consumer goods applications, this edition adds more detailed information on equipment and processing conditions. It explores breakthroughs in understanding property-structure relationships, new polymerization techniques, and the chemistry underlying novel polymers, such as melt-processable fluoroplastics. It also expands upon critical environmental aspects of fluoropolymers, including heat degradation, health effects, and recycling.

Fluoropolymers Applications in Chemical Processing Industries

Filename: fluoropolymers-applications-in-chemical-processing-industries.pdf
ISBN: 0815515022
Release Date: 2005-01
Number of pages: 574
Author: Sina Ebnesajjad
Publisher: Noyes Publications

Download and read online Fluoropolymers Applications in Chemical Processing Industries in PDF and EPUB This unique resource covers fluoropolymer lining materials, structural piping and tubing, fluoropolymers properties, permeation, environmental stress cracking, processing equipment operation, failure analysis components and selection for corrosion control. Safety and recycling are also covered.

Introduction to Fluoropolymers

Filename: introduction-to-fluoropolymers.pdf
ISBN: 9781455775514
Release Date: 2013-05-11
Number of pages: 344
Author: Sina Ebnesajjad
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Introduction to Fluoropolymers in PDF and EPUB Introduction to Fluoropolymers demystifies fluoropolymers for a wide audience of designers, engineers, sales staff and managers. This important group of high-performance polymers has applications across a wide range of market sectors, including automotive, aerospace, medical devices, high performance apparel, oil & gas, renewable energy / solar photovoltaics, electronics / semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing. Dr. Ebnesajjad covers the history and applications of a wide variety of materials, including expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, polyvinyl fluoride, vinylidene fluoride polymers and fluoroelastomers, just to name a few. Properties and applications are illustrated by real-world examples as diverse as waterproof clothing, vascular grafts and coatings for aircraft interiors. The different applications of fluoropolymers show the benefits of a group of materials that are highly water-repellant and flame-retardant, with unrivalled lubrication properties and a high level of biocompatibility. Health and safety and environmental aspects are also covered throughout the book. Demystifies fluoropolymers for a broad audience of engineers in areas such as product design and manufacturing, as well as for non-engineers such as technical sales and management professionals Explains the potential of fluoropolymers for a wide range of applications across sectors such as aerospace, energy and medical devices Ideal for both recently qualified engineers and engineers with limited experience of fluoropolymers

Fluorinated Polymers Applications

Filename: fluorinated-polymers-applications.pdf
ISBN: 9781782629160
Release Date: 2016-11-08
Number of pages: 419
Author: Bruno Ameduri
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

Download and read online Fluorinated Polymers Applications in PDF and EPUB Industrial Aspects of Fluorinated Oligomers and Polymers; Fluoroalkyl Acrylate Polymers and Their Applications; Structural Diversity in Fluorinated Polyphosphazenes: Exploring the Change from Crystalline Thermoplastics to High-Performance Elastomers and Other New Materials; Fluoroplastics and Fluoroelastomers - Basic Chemistry and High-performance Applications; Fluorinated Specialty Chemicals - Fluorinated Copolymers for Paints and Perfluoropolyethers for Coatings; Commercial Synthesis and Applications of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride); The Role Perfluoropolyethers in the Development of Polymeric Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells; Fluorinated Ionomers and Ionomer Membranes: Monomer and Polymer Synthesis and Applications; Research and Non-major Commercial Co- and Terpolymers of Tetrafluoroethylene; Chlorotrifluoroethylene Copolymers for Energy-applied Materials; Fabrication of Flexible Transparent Nanohybrids with Heat-resistance Properties Using a Fluorinated Crystalline Polymer; Creation of Superamphiphobic, Superhydrophobic/Superoleophilic and Superhydrophilic/Superoleophobic Surfaces by Using Fluoroalkyl-endcapped Vinyltrimethoxysilane Oligomer as a Key Intermediate

Fluorinated Polymers

Filename: fluorinated-polymers.pdf
ISBN: 9781782629368
Release Date: 2016-11-04
Number of pages: 396
Author: Bruno Ameduri
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

Download and read online Fluorinated Polymers in PDF and EPUB Fluoropolymers display a wide range of remarkable properties and are used in a number of applications including high performance elastomers, thermoplastics, coatings for optical fibers, and hydrophobic and lipophobic surfaces. Fluorinated Polymers: Applications covers the recent developments in the uses of fluoropolymers. Examples include materials for energy applications such as fuel cell membranes, lithium ion batteries and photovoltaics, as well as high-tech areas such as aerospace and aeronautics, automotives, building industries, textile finishings and electronics. Written by internationally recognized academic and industrial contributors, the book will be of interest to those in industry and academia working in the fields of materials science, polymer chemistry and energy applications of polymers. Together with Fluorinated Polymers: Synthesis, Properties, Processing and Simulation, these books provide a complete overview of different fluorinated polymer materials and their uses.


Filename: fluoroplastics.pdf
ISBN: 1847350070
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 188
Author: Jiri Drobny
Publisher: iSmithers Rapra Publishing

Download and read online Fluoroplastics in PDF and EPUB

Handbook of Plastics Joining

Filename: handbook-of-plastics-joining.pdf
ISBN: 0815519761
Release Date: 2008-10-17
Number of pages: 600
Author: Michael J. Troughton
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Handbook of Plastics Joining in PDF and EPUB The new edition of this bestselling reference provides fully updated and detailed descriptions of plastics joining processes, plus an extensive compilation of data on joining specific materials. The volume is divided into two main parts: processes and materials. The processing section has 18 chapters, each explaining a different joining technique. The materials section has joining information for 25 generic polymer families. Both sections contain data organized according to the joining methods used for that material. * A significant and extensive update from experts at The Welding Institute * A systematic approach to discussing each joining method including: process, advantages and disadvantages, applications, materials, equipment, joint design, and welding parameters * Includes international suppliers’ directory and glossary of key joining terms * Includes new techniques such as flash free welding and friction stir welding * Covers thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and rubbers.

Effect of Temperature and other Factors on Plastics and Elastomers

Filename: effect-of-temperature-and-other-factors-on-plastics-and-elastomers.pdf
ISBN: 9780815516941
Release Date: 2008-12-05
Number of pages: 824
Author: Laurence W. McKeen
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Effect of Temperature and other Factors on Plastics and Elastomers in PDF and EPUB This book is an update to the first edition compiled and published in 1990 by William Woishnis. A lot has changed in the field since 1990 and a lot has not changed. There are new plastic materials. There has been a huge turnover in ownership of plastics producing companies. There has been a lot of consolidation, which of course means discontinued products. Thus, this update is much more extensive than the usual "next edition." It has been reorganized from a chemistry point of view. Plastics of similar polymer types are grouped into nine chapters. Each of these chapters includes an introduction with a brief explanation of the chemistry of the polymers used in the plastics. An extensive first chapter has been added as an introduction that summarizes the chemistry of making polymers, the formulation of plastics, testing and test methods, and plastic selection. Most plastic products and parts are expected to be used in environments other than room temperature and standard humidity conditions. Chapters 2-10 are a databank that serves as an evaluation of plastics as they are exposed to varying operating conditions at different temperatures, humidity, and other factors. Over 900 graphs for more than 45 generic families of plastics are contained in these chapters. Chapter 11 contains extensive mechanical and electrical data in tabular form. The tables contain data on several thousand plastics. Similarly, Chapter 12 contains thermal data on several thousand plastics. Data from the first edition have only been removed if those products were discontinued, and many products were. Product names and manufacturers have been updated. • Detailed introductions of plastics properties, testing procedures, and principles of plastics design. • The only "databook" available on the effects of temperature and humidity conditions on plastics and elastomers. • More than 1,000 graphs and tables allow for easy comparison between products. • Covers more than 70 types of plastics, and summarizes the chemistry of each type.

Development of Predictive Tools for Membrane Ageing

Filename: development-of-predictive-tools-for-membrane-ageing.pdf
ISBN: 9781780406251
Release Date: 2014-03-07
Number of pages: 196
Author: Pierre LeClech
Publisher: IWA Publishing

Download and read online Development of Predictive Tools for Membrane Ageing in PDF and EPUB This study increases our current understanding on the degradation/ageing mechanisms occurring on porous membranes used in the water and wastewater industries. Accelerated membrane degradation was obtained through both static and consecutive ageing protocols on the pilot-scale, and a range of carefully selected characterisation and analytical techniques was used to characterise the nascent changes faced by the membrane material. The report covers four interrelated sections: critical assessment of characterisation techniques, static accelerated ageing consecutive accelerated ageing consecutive ageing of industrially-aged membranes. This final report summarises the aims, objectives, outcomes and limitations of the individual work packages, along with some recommendations for future work.

Fluorinated Ionomers

Filename: fluorinated-ionomers.pdf
ISBN: 9780815517252
Release Date: 2007-12-05
Number of pages: 250
Author: Walther Grot
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Fluorinated Ionomers in PDF and EPUB The author of this unique handbook on fluorinated ionomers is also the inventor of the first commercial product known as Nafion® (DuPont). The book covers partially fluorinated and perfluorinated polymers containing sufficient ionic groups to dominate the transport properties of the polymer. The emphasis of this book is on the practical aspects of working with fluorinated ionomers. It is intended to help the scientist and engineer in the preparation, fabrication, use, and study of these products as well as in the development of new applications and compositions. Extensive coverage has been given to perfluorinated ionomers because of the practical importance of this group of polymers. Commercial products such as Nafion®, Aciplex® (Asahi Chemical) and Flemion® (Asahi Glass) are fluorinated ionomers have been discussed in detail. Whether you need information about use of fluorinated ionomers in fuel cells, batteries, chlor-alkali cells, sensors, fabrication techniques, or commercial products you will find it in this valuable handbook. • Applicable information and data on processing fluorinated ionomers. • Author is the inventor of the first commercial fluorinated ionomer (Nafion – DuPont). • Information provides stepping stone for development of new applications and compositions.• Whether you need information about use of fluorinated ionomers in fuel cells, batteries, chlor-alkali cells, sensors, fabrication techniques, or commercial products you will find it in this valuable handbook.

Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers

Filename: handbook-of-thermoplastic-elastomers.pdf
ISBN: 9780815517764
Release Date: 2007-08-11
Number of pages: 736
Author: Jiri George Drobny
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers in PDF and EPUB There are few if any adequate guides to the properties, processing, and applications of thermoplastic elastomers, in spite the skyrocketing rise in the use of these materials. Until now. This new book sets the standard for a reference on these materials by compiling in one comprehensive volume an applicable knowledge of the chemistry, processing, and all properties, and uses of thermoplastic elastomers. Copiously illustrated and full of applicable processing and engineering data, this is the very definition of a ""definitive"" user's guide.

Essential Rubber Formulary Formulas for Practitioners

Filename: essential-rubber-formulary-formulas-for-practitioners.pdf
ISBN: 9780815517092
Release Date: 2007-03-22
Number of pages: 202
Author: Chellappa Chandrasekaran
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Essential Rubber Formulary Formulas for Practitioners in PDF and EPUB The author, a seasoned rubber technologist of four decades, provides more than 180 essential rubber formularies, some of which have never been published, that are used by practitioners the world over on a frequent basis. A special feature of the formulations is that they are designed for factory scale applications. The opening chapter of this indispensable book gives practical information on compounding techniques, coloring, ingredients, as well as a whole section on typical rubber testing methods. The book concludes with appendices useful for the technologist that include seven conversion tables and three tables on scorching of rubber, specific gravity and volume cost, equivalent chemical names for trade names. Designing a rubber formula on the factory floor demands knowledge of the whole undertaking, such as the physical nature of ingredients, the interaction of additives and the base rubber during compounding and processing, as well as making sure that the finished product conforms to specification and requirements. This book provides all the necessary knowledge for practitioners and students alike.

Fluoroplastics Volume 2

Filename: fluoroplastics-volume-2.pdf
ISBN: 9781455731985
Release Date: 2015-07-30
Number of pages: 766
Author: Sina Ebnesajjad
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Fluoroplastics Volume 2 in PDF and EPUB Fluoroplastics, Volume 2: Melt Processible Fluoropolymers - The Definitive User's Guide and Data Book compiles the working knowledge of the polymer chemistry and physics of melt processible fluoropolymers with detailed descriptions of commercial processing methods, material properties, fabrication and handling information, technologies, and applications, also including history, market statistics, and safety and recycling aspects. Both volumes of Fluoroplastics contain a large amount of specific property data useful for users to readily compare different materials and align material structure with end use applications. Volume Two concentrates on melt-processible fluoropolymers used across a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronic, food, beverage, oil/gas, and medical devices. This new edition is a thoroughly updated and significantly expanded revision covering new technologies and applications, and addressing the changes that have taken place in the fluoropolymer markets. Exceptionally broad and comprehensive coverage of melt processible fluoropolymers processing and applications Provides a practical approach, written by long-standing authorities in the fluoropolymers industry Thoroughly updated and significantly expanded revision covering new technologies and applications, and addressing the changes that have taken place in the fluoropolymer markets