Dream Wedding

Filename: dream-wedding.pdf
ISBN: 9780373778416
Release Date: 2013-11-26
Number of pages: 504
Author: Susan Mallery
Publisher: HQN Books

Download and read online Dream Wedding in PDF and EPUB Brings together two classic marriage-themed romance novels from best-selling author Susan Mallery. Reissue.

Subject Guide to Books in Print

Filename: subject-guide-to-books-in-print.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105025888558
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages:

Download and read online Subject Guide to Books in Print in PDF and EPUB

Prodigal Son

Filename: prodigal-son.pdf
ISBN: 9781460323892
Release Date: 2014-01-01
Number of pages: 512
Author: Susan Mallery
Publisher: Harlequin

Download and read online Prodigal Son in PDF and EPUB THE CEO'S REDEMPTION Jack Hanson knew what he wanted, and it wasn't a media empire. After his father died suddenly, Jack was forced to leave his law practice and take over his father's company. And, oh, yeah, pull it back from the brink of catastrophe. The one bright spot in the whole mess was his new hire—an old business-school friend, Samantha Edwards. Samantha was just as smart, fun and vibrant as she'd been in school, but now…she was a hell of a lot sexier. Samantha Edwards knew what she wanted, and it wasn't love. She'd already made a mess out of her life once. She wasn't about to jeopardize the best job she'd ever had by breaking the cardinal rule of business—falling for the boss. And yet, Jack needed her. And she needed him…because if he could put the company back together, perhaps he could heal her, too.

Dream Groom

Filename: dream-groom.pdf
ISBN: 0373242441
Release Date: 1999-04
Number of pages: 251
Author: Susan Mallery
Publisher: Silhouette

Download and read online Dream Groom in PDF and EPUB

Desert of the Heart

Filename: desert-of-the-heart.pdf
ISBN: 9781480429406
Release Date: 2013-06-18
Number of pages: 222
Author: Jane Rule
Publisher: Open Road Media

Download and read online Desert of the Heart in PDF and EPUB “A landmark work of lesbian fiction.” —The New York Times Jane Rule’s first novel—now a classic of gay and lesbian literature—established her as a foremost writer of the vagaries and yearnings of the female heart Against the backdrop of Reno, Nevada, in the late 1950s, award-winning author Jane Rule chronicles a love affair between two women. When Desert of the Heart opens, Evelyn Hall is on a plane that will take her from her old life in Oakland, California, to Reno, where she plans to divorce her husband of sixteen years. A voluntary exile in a brave new world, she meets a woman who will change her life. Fifteen years younger, Ann Childs works as a change apron in a casino. Evelyn is instantly drawn to the fiercely independent Ann, and their friendship soon evolves into a romantic relationship. An English professor who had always led a conventional life, Evelyn suddenly finds all her beliefs about love, morality, and identity called into question. Peopled by a cast of unforgettable characters, this is a novel that dares to ask whether love between two women can last.

The Pakistani Bride

Filename: the-pakistani-bride.pdf
ISBN: 9781571310637
Release Date: 2008-01
Number of pages: 249
Author: Bapsi Sidhwa
Publisher: Milkweed Editions

Download and read online The Pakistani Bride in PDF and EPUB Having raised an orphan as his daughter, former Himalayan villager Qasim makes his fortune and impulsively promises the romantically minded girl in marriage to a tribesman, inadvertently condemning her to a life of unquestioning obedience and hard labor. Reprint.

Picture Perfect Posing

Filename: picture-perfect-posing.pdf
ISBN: 9780133742305
Release Date: 2014-02-26
Number of pages: 336
Author: Roberto Valenzuela
Publisher: New Riders

Download and read online Picture Perfect Posing in PDF and EPUB Photographer, author, and educator Roberto Valenzuela has a proven track record for teaching and explaining difficult concepts to photographers of all skill levels. His remarkable ability to break down complicated ideas into understandable, approachable elements that photographers can truly grasp–and then use their newfound knowledge to improve their photography–made his first book, Picture Perfect Practice, a breakout success. In Picture Perfect Posing, Roberto takes on the art of posing. For many photographers, after learning to compose an image and even light it properly, a portrait can still easily be a failure if the pose is not natural, elegant, and serving the needs of both the subject and the photographer. Instead of just showing page after page of poses–like most posing books on the market–Roberto actually breaks down the concept of posing by examining the anatomy, starting with the core foundation: the spinal chord and neck. Building from there, Roberto discusses every component of what makes poses work, as well as fail. How should the model hold her hands? Bend her elbows? Position her fingers? Should the model look toward or away from the camera, and why? It all depends on what the photographer wants for the shot, and Roberto discusses the entire process, from the intent of the photographer through the execution of the pose. For those who have been discouraged by an inability to pose their subjects, or who have simply not known where to start in order to "figure it out," Picture Perfect Posing is the essential resource they need to learn how posing truly works, and how they can learn to direct the exact pose they need for the shot they want.

Ava and Taco Cat

Filename: ava-and-taco-cat.pdf
ISBN: 9781402288746
Release Date: 2015-04-07
Number of pages: 224
Author: Carol Weston
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

Download and read online Ava and Taco Cat in PDF and EPUB Ava desperately wants a pet for her eleventh birthday-but gets way more than she bargained for when she adopts T-A-C-O-C-A-T. When Ava Wren hears about an injured yellow tabby with mismatched ears, she becomes obsessed and wants to rescue him. She even picks out a perfect palindromic name: T-A-C-O-C-A-T. But when Taco joins the family, he doesn't snuggle or purr-all he does is hide. Worse, Ava's best friend starts hanging out with Zara, a new girl in fifth grade. Ava feels alone and writes an acclaimed story, "The Cat Who Wouldn't Purr." What begins as exciting news turns into a disaster. How can Ava make things right? And what about sweet, scared little Taco? The New York Times called AVA AND PIP "a love letter to language. " With this second diary, Girls' Life advice columnist Carol Weston hits another home run.

Creating an Intimate Marriage

Filename: creating-an-intimate-marriage.pdf
ISBN: 1441204350
Release Date: 2007-07-01
Number of pages: 208
Author: Jim Burns
Publisher: Bethany House

Download and read online Creating an Intimate Marriage in PDF and EPUB It's Not Too Late to Find Intimacy and Fulfillment Don't settle for mediocre when it comes to satisfaction in marriage--pull out all the stops and discover the joy of true intimacy! This book will help you take back the life you dreamed of when you said your vows and experience the joys of an awe-filled marriage. Jim Burns' honest and vulnerable writing coupled with practical advice will inspire you to reconnect with the most important person in your life: your spouse.

Gorgeous Cakes

Filename: gorgeous-cakes.pdf
ISBN: 1856268632
Release Date: 2008-10-07
Number of pages: 192
Author: Annie Bell

Download and read online Gorgeous Cakes in PDF and EPUB Baking a cake is something special. This book includes over 100 ideas for pretty cakes, all of them easy to make at home without the need for fancy equipment or specialist skills. It offers ideas for festive occasions, from traditional and modern cakes for Christmas and Easter to Valentine's Day cakes and creations for children's birthday parties.

The Little Flower Girl

Filename: the-little-flower-girl.pdf
ISBN: 0679876952
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages: 24
Author: Linda Tracey Brandon
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Download and read online The Little Flower Girl in PDF and EPUB Louisa is excited to be the flower girl at Uncle Jim's wedding.

The Cat Lovers Coloring Book

Filename: the-cat-lovers-coloring-book.pdf
ISBN: 9780486462004
Release Date: 2007-01-01
Number of pages: 32
Author: Ruth Soffer
Publisher: Courier Corporation

Download and read online The Cat Lovers Coloring Book in PDF and EPUB The top cat breeds are represented in 30 lovely, lifelike illustrations. From the willowy Burmese to the proud British Cream, a wash of color is all these pretty kitties need to win Best in Show!

Digital Wedding Photography

Filename: digital-wedding-photography.pdf
ISBN: 1118121716
Release Date: 2011-06-09
Number of pages: 368
Author: Glen Johnson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Digital Wedding Photography in PDF and EPUB Fully revised and updated! Full-color guide to capturing great wedding images and building a successful photography business This full-color book from acclaimed professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson not only teaches you how to take memorable photos, it also shows you how to start a wedding photography business. Packed with great tips and savvy advice, this new edition helps you set up efficient workflows, choose camera equipment, manipulate images, make impressive presentations, and launch smart, photo-based marketing strategies to build your business. Best of all, it's loaded with new, superb photos that illustrate photography techniques. Shows you how to set up and capture beautiful photos, posed or candid, in all kinds of settings, for weddings and other special events Offers practical marketing strategies for building your own photography business, including how to build a fantastic Web site that attracts clients Covers current camera equipment and accessories, post-shoot digital darkroom techniques, digital editing software, and how to print your images successfully Gives you invaluable insights and tips from the author, who is one of the country's top wedding and special events photographers Capture better pictures of some of life's most memorable events—and build a sucessful photography business—with this indispensable guide!

Vogue Weddings

Filename: vogue-weddings.pdf
ISBN: 9780307957061
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 372
Author: Vera Wang
Publisher: Alfred a Knopf Incorporated

Download and read online Vogue Weddings in PDF and EPUB Culled from the last five decades of Vogue, a sumptuous collection of 400 color and black-and-white photographs of weddings and wedding dresses includes images taken by such celebrated photographers as Irving Penn, Helmut Newton and Annie Liebovitz.

A Very Vader Valentine s Day

Filename: a-very-vader-valentine-s-day.pdf
ISBN: 0545515602
Release Date: 2013-11-26
Number of pages: 16
Author: Trey King
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks

Download and read online A Very Vader Valentine s Day in PDF and EPUB A Valentine's Day-themed activity book is filled with Star Wars comics, games and 36 perforated Valentine cards for sharing as well as mini-bios about famous Star Wars friendships. Original. Movie tie-in.