Culture Your Life

Filename: culture-your-life.pdf
ISBN: 1493132431
Release Date: 2014-11-20
Number of pages: 176
Author: Nd Louise Kane Buckley Ntp
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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Culture Your Life

Filename: culture-your-life.pdf
ISBN: 9781493132447
Release Date: 2014-11-20
Number of pages: 176
Author: Louise Kane Buckley
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online Culture Your Life in PDF and EPUB By truly using food as medicine I have seen massive changes in my own body in a short space of time, so I am very excited to share, learn and grow with you today. I have been writing and teaching courses on Nutrition for all ages and goals for years. I have huge passion for educating people to take responsibility for their choices and ability to heal themselves. Fermentation classes are by far among my favourite ones to teach. I also run my own company Loula Natural which is a Naturopathic Practice, I write my blog and for online magazines, and have a series of books to run alongside the subjects I teach. At the same time I am raising my two young kids and running a household! As you can imagine, it’s a case of constantly juggling my time and since I am only human I am also constantly aware of my own health. As a result, I love easy ways to stay on top of things.

Communication and Culture in Your Life

Filename: communication-and-culture-in-your-life.pdf
ISBN: 1465217525
Release Date: 2014-07-09
Number of pages: 445
Author: Shawn T. Wahl

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The Digital Mystique

Filename: the-digital-mystique.pdf
ISBN: 9781580055154
Release Date: 2014-08-26
Number of pages: 256
Author: Sarah Granger
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online The Digital Mystique in PDF and EPUB In The Digital Mystique, Sarah Granger—a nationally recognized expert on online culture and social technology—shows us how digital media is shaping our lives in real time. Whether it's how we raise our children, communicate in love and partnerships, support causes, or establish friendships and trust, Granger pinpoints the best ways to seize digital opportunities to make our lives richer and fuller. While the Internet era is one that is frequently criticized as undermining our health, privacy, concentration, and ability to sustain real-world relationships, Granger takes a more optimistic and empowering view. She shares real-life stories and surprising facts about our lives—both online and off—to shed new and fascinating light on the positive effects of the digital media revolution, showing us how we can personally learn, grow, and thrive by engaging in our digitized world. The Digital Mystique includes the following chapters: Connecting Is Just the Beginning .YOU Friending Is Trending Love in the Time of Messaging The Kids Are Online The Senior Moment The Passion of the Web There’s No Business Like E-Business Community Is the Key The Difference a Tweet Makes What We Leave Behind A Stitch in Digital Time

Communication and Culture in Your Life EBook

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ISBN: 1465258183
Release Date: 2014-06-30
Number of pages:
Author: Dr Shawn T Wahl

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On Bicycles

Filename: on-bicycles.pdf
ISBN: 9781608680238
Release Date: 2011-08-30
Number of pages: 384
Author: Amy Walker
Publisher: New World Library

Download and read online On Bicycles in PDF and EPUB Once the quaint province of European cities such as Amsterdam, daily cycling is currently exploding in North American cities. People ride folding bikes to the train, slip through traf?c on tricked-out ?xed-gears, and carry children and groceries on their utility bikes. Commuters are giving up their cars Monday through Friday, bike lanes and bike parking are sprouting up all over, and Talking Head David Byrne has designed arty bike racks for various New York City neighborhoods. It’s healthy for riders and clean for the environment, but is it fun? Amy Walker, who has been at the forefront of the urban cycling trend, knows that the answer is yes. She presents stories by a diverse group of cycling enthusiasts and activists that, accompanied by the illustrations of bike culture artist Matt Fleming, show readers why. They say you never forget how to ride a bike; this collection helps us remember why we ride.

How to Teach Students Who Don t Look Like You

Filename: how-to-teach-students-who-don-t-look-like-you.pdf
ISBN: 1412924472
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 168
Author: Bonnie M. Davis
Publisher: Corwin Press

Download and read online How to Teach Students Who Don t Look Like You in PDF and EPUB Discusses ways to recognize the needs of diverse learners, study racism and its impact, develop a school climate for teaching diverse students, and implement teaching strategies across disciplines.

Cultural Differences

Filename: cultural-differences.pdf
ISBN: 9783832444570
Release Date: 2001-09-02
Number of pages: 119
Author: Sabine Janach

Download and read online Cultural Differences in PDF and EPUB Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This thesis handles a topic which is of high importance for all companies doing business internationally . But nevertheless there are still less companies who make this a subject of everydaylife. What I am talking about is culture, cultural differences and cross cultural management. What makes it so difficult for people of different cultures to communicate, to work together, to live side by side in harmony without misunderstanding ? It is our culture and the difference between our cultures often mentioned not at all. But at the latest if there appear problems you will recognize the differences in understanding, thinking, behavior, This thesis should make a small contribution to get a better understanding that culture is something we must accept and that we can not neglect if we are doing business internationally. To broaden the background knowledge of the reader chapter 2 gives a short overview with demographical and economical data of the last thirty years of both countries. In chapter 3 I continue with the main topic the cultural dimension (theoretical background followed by some models of identifying different cultures, the cultural profiles of both countries, the Singaporean culture and its characteristics, behavior and problems as expatriate in Singapore, do s and don ts. Chapter 4 shows then a concrete example. It starts with the theoretical background concerning Business Process Reengineering followed by the detailed description of the projects in Singapore and Austria on which I have collaborated for altogether eleven months.. The chapter ends with the topic Business Process Reengineering and change or Management of Change (MOC) respectively. Last but not least chapter 5 which deals with the question how culture influences the business culture, the implementation of Business Process Reengineering and the Management of Change. With a critical outlook concerning this topic I want to round off the thesis. Gang der Untersuchung: In der Arbeit wurden von mir Vorgangsweisen, Erfolgsfaktoren und Ergebnisse von Reenginering Prozessen vor dem Hintergrund zweier unterschiedlicher gesellschaftlicher Kulturen beschrieben und problematisiert. Bei den beiden Vergleichskulturen handelt es sich um die von Österreich und Singapur. Die Reengineering Projekte fanden dabei im gleichen global agierenden Unternehmen statt. Die empirische Arbeitsbasis war durch zwei Praktika innerhalb dieser Firma gegeben. Die Arbeit teilt sich [...]

The Coyotel Way

Filename: the-coyotel-way.pdf
ISBN: 9780982173510
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 57
Author: Will Taylor

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Dream Culture

Filename: dream-culture.pdf
ISBN: 1456361414
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Number of pages: 190
Author: Andy Mason
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

Download and read online Dream Culture in PDF and EPUB ...a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12 How would it feel to have someone not only believe in you and your dreams, but also work alongside you to help those dreams become reality? What would it be like if we lived in a community where everyone was intentionally seeking to encourage and empower on another to discover their purpose and live their dream? We believe this kind of community is possible and it starts with you and me. So, what is your dream and how can we help you live it well? The purpose of Dream Culture is to help you partner with Father God, unlock the dreams and desires of your heart and empower you to make them a reality. Our hope is that this book will be a catalyst and companion to you on your Dream Journey as you rediscover dreams and desires planted in your heart before time began, turn these dreams into simple action steps and then overcome challenges along the way. Each chapter contains simple and relevant teaching, inspirational, real-life stories and practical Dream Activation Exercises. The Dream Activation Exercises at the end of each chapter will show you how to turn your ideas into action steps and help you develop an intentional lifestyle of bringing your dreams to life. Dream Culture Endorsements "Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life is a wonderful tool in our mandate to partner with God for the impossible. This book puts legs on the desire to have fulfilled dreams in our efforts to honor the Lord through every part of our lives. Andy and Janine take the reader on a journey through mind-stretching exercises that build hope while helping to define our purpose. This book not only shows us how to dream; it awakens us to our responsibility to live towards the impossible. Rare is the book that is so intensely practical yet so powerfully supernatural. Dream Culture embodies both beautifully. I look forward to seeing the effect this book will have on the hearts and minds of believers around the world." Pastor Bill Johnson, Author of When Heaven Invades Earth "I am so excited about what Andy and Janine are bringing because it is a set of tools and paradigms to help inspire people in hope, strength and courage toward their dreams. Please enjoy and flourish as you learn and apply Dream Culture to your life and that of your environment." Danny Silk, Author of Culture of Honor "Surveys show that nearly eighty-five percent of Christians live passive, unfulfilled lives. That's about to change! Dream Culture by Andy and Janine is a transformational dream coaching tool to help you release the dream God has placed in your heart. As a dreamer, everything I need is in this book to help me become a greater history-maker and world-changer." Leif Hetland, Founder and President - Global Mission Awareness. Author of Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes Andy and Janine Mason bring a profound workbook and tool that is one part life coach, one part counselor, and a major direction builder in your relationship to your life and destiny. I read the book 3 times the first month I got it and it changed the way I minister to people because of its insight. Anyone who is in transition or in need of greater direction or doesn't have specific ideas of how to pursue dreams should read this book. It will really help you journey through a deliberate process of thinking that is both biblical based and inspirationally triggered. I give this book my highest recommendation for the subject. Shawn Bolz -Senior Pastor ofExpression58in Los Angeles and Author ofThe Nonreligious Guide to Dating

Where Faith and Culture Meet Participant s Guide

Filename: where-faith-and-culture-meet-participant-s-guide.pdf
ISBN: 9780310864707
Release Date: 2009-08-30
Number of pages: 96
Author: Andy Crouch
Publisher: Zondervan

Download and read online Where Faith and Culture Meet Participant s Guide in PDF and EPUB Take Your Group to a Place ... Where they can see people’s needs in a new way Where they can understand their calling Where they will learn how their faith can shape culture This six-session DVD and corresponding curriculum helps your group experience and envision how followers of Christ can be a counterculture for the common good. Together you’ll experience stories of other believers who changed the culture around them, including Andy Crouch, Mako Fujimara, Rudy Carrasco, Mark Buchanan, Tal James, Frederica Mathewes-Green, and others. You’ll watch how their journeys unfolded, their challenges, and their breakthroughs. Also included on the DVD are insights from trusted pastors and Christian leaders such as Tim Keller, Lauren Winner, James Meeks, Brenda Salter McNeil, and Ken Fong.

Perception Vs Reality in Culture

Filename: perception-vs-reality-in-culture.pdf
ISBN: 9781477156230
Release Date: 2012-09-06
Number of pages: 73
Author: Marlene Louis Blyden
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online Perception Vs Reality in Culture in PDF and EPUB One of my main goals in this book: to help you to take a few moments and see yourself through someone else’s eyes. You may think to yourself, “Why should I care about others’ perceptions of me?” On the fl ip side, I ask, “Why should they care about your perceptions of them?” You see, in a civilized society, our attitudes and behaviors affect each other. The old saying is still true, no one is an island. I also want you to see yourself not only as your “own person,” but as an individual from a particular cultural background. As a result, you will discover indeed your culture is jam-packed with pros and cons, and contradictions, just like the other person’s. Perception is not always the same as reality. It is OK to hang on to the positive, and let go of the negative aspects of your upbringing or background. Likewise, when you find yourself in a new country you do not have to adopt all attitudes and behaviors you see practiced there. In this book, I highlight some of the main observations that I have made after traveling and living in different parts of the world, as a participant and observer. I use satire (not so much sarcasm), and some levity to help paint a clearer picture of my experiences and observations of specifi c aspects of human nature and behavior, specifi cally in the Dominican, and American cultures. Isn’t it a great feeling when you are able laugh and learn, simultaneously? Sometimes a good, old belly-laugh (even at yourself) is exactly what the doctor ordered to get you out of a depressing or lackluster mood. ~ Marlene Louis Blyden~

Culture Rebel

Filename: culture-rebel.pdf
ISBN: 9781449757380
Release Date: 2012-08
Number of pages: 96
Author: Connie Jakab
Publisher: WestBow Press

Download and read online Culture Rebel in PDF and EPUB You were called to be dangerous, not desperate. Connie Jakab is a force to be reckoned with. She will settle for nothing less than wholesale change-both in the way women view themselves as well as the way society suppresses their life transforming capacities. Long may her cultural rebellion last! -Alan Hirsch Author, Activist, Dreamer, and Honorary Member of the Sisterhood "Jakab had me at 'Visa bill as heart monitor'! Connie Jakab has allowed her eyes to be opened to the captivating lure of culture, and in this book your eyes will be opened as well. Warning: Don't read it if you have no intention of being challenged or changed. This journey is for the brave of heart!" -Margot Starbuck Author of "The Girl in the Orange Dress," "Unsqueezed" and "Small Things With Great Love" Culture Rebel is a high-spirited and unapologetically no nonsense read. With personal story, humor, and poignant insight, Jakab reminds us all to rebel -- to throw off the tyranny of opinion of the world and fearlessly be who we are made to be. -Shayne Moore, author "Global Soccer Mom" and "Refuse To Nothing"

Reclaiming God s Original Purpose for Your Life

Filename: reclaiming-god-s-original-purpose-for-your-life.pdf
ISBN: 9780768488258
Release Date: 2012-06-19
Number of pages: 288
Author: Myles Munroe
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

Download and read online Reclaiming God s Original Purpose for Your Life in PDF and EPUB Why are you here? Have you ever wondered why you are living here and now in this particular place and time in history? Not only is Myles Munroe a dear friend, but someone who has greatly helped to shape my understanding of the Kingdom of God. –Matthew Crouch, CEO, Gener8Xion Entertainment Best-selling author of more than 10 life-changing books and devotionals, Dr. Myles Munroe’s series on the Kingdom of God shows how your heavenly Father wants to make the earth a place of Kingdom harmony and peace—beginning within you! You will discover things about God’s love and plan, such as how: Your destiny will be fulfilled right here on earth. You are created to turn the earth into a place filled with His culture! You can enjoy continuous fellowship with the Lord. Your decisions make a big difference in what happens on earth. Dr. Munroe explains how Reclaiming God’s Original Purpose for Your Life will bring you joy, peace and abundant living. “This big idea [of reclaiming God’s original purpose] is the only answer to the deep cry in the heart of every human, and it can satisfy the perpetual vacuum in the spirit of humankind,” writes the author. You will find your own destiny—and an intimate relationship with God in the process!

American Culture

Filename: american-culture.pdf
ISBN: 9781433373602
Release Date: 2014-07-25
Number of pages: 32
Author: Jeanne Dustman
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

Download and read online American Culture in PDF and EPUB American culture is all around us. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and even the music that we listen to shows our unique culture. It is important that we celebrate the mosaic of American culture. Colorful images, supporting text, a glossary, table of contents, and index all work together to help readers better understand the content and be fully engaged from cover to cover.