The Sketchnote Handbook

Filename: the-sketchnote-handbook.pdf
ISBN: 0321857895
Release Date: 2013-01-01
Number of pages: 205
Author: Mike Rohde
Publisher: Addison-Wesley

Download and read online The Sketchnote Handbook in PDF and EPUB Presents a guide to creating illustrated meeting notes which diagram important ideas and people, with tips on drawing techniques.

Watercolour Flowers

Filename: watercolour-flowers.pdf
ISBN: 0713476044
Release Date: 2003-06
Number of pages: 128
Author: David Easton
Publisher: B. T. Batsford Limited

Download and read online Watercolour Flowers in PDF and EPUB The transparent quality of watercolour makes it the ideal medium for flower painting. This book covers all aspects of watercolour techniques and contains ten individual flower projects.

Design Your Day

Filename: design-your-day.pdf
ISBN: 9780802493125
Release Date: 2015-12-15
Number of pages: 144
Author: Claire Diaz-Ortiz
Publisher: Moody Publishers

Download and read online Design Your Day in PDF and EPUB "There are a lot of books about goal setting. This one is special." — Scott Warner, CEO, Gigg When it comes to productivity, hard work is half the battle. The first half—the crucial half—is planning well. The DO LESS method is a simple way to achieve your goals more often, in less time, and with greater peace of mind. Learn how to: Decide the right goals for you Create workable strategies for reaching them Harness time for maximum efficiency From the big-picture down to the details, Claire Diaz-Ortiz walks you through every step of setting and achieving smart goals. She helps you brainstorm goals, choose the best ones, and adjust them to make them realistic. Then she helps you strategize how to reach them, day-by-day, year-by-year. Whether you want to finish a house project, lose weight, or write a book, Design Your Day—by someone who read 150 books while caring for an infant—is an all-in-one guide to smart productivity. Use Claire’s tricks and tools and you’ll be amazed at what you can do in a day, let alone a lifetime.

Nib and Ink

Filename: nib-and-ink.pdf
ISBN: 9780753557280
Release Date: 2016-03-10
Number of pages: 128
Author: Chiara Perano
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Nib and Ink in PDF and EPUB Play with typography, get creative with letterforms and develop your own unique handwriting style. This beautiful and immersive guide is full of inspiration, shape and letter templates, modern calligraphy basics, creative prompts and exercises. It also features a handful of simple projects -- from framed quotes and chalkboards to invitations and birthday cards -- complete with plenty of space to practise that will encourage you to discover new, more interesting, more creative, and surprising ways to perk up your correspondence, add a flourish to your stationery and refresh your handwriting.

Draplin Design Co

Filename: draplin-design-co.pdf
ISBN: 9781613129968
Release Date: 2016-05-17
Number of pages: 256
Author: Aaron James Draplin
Publisher: Abrams

Download and read online Draplin Design Co in PDF and EPUB Esquire. Ford Motors. Burton Snowboards. The Obama Administration. While all of these brands are vastly different, they share at least one thing in com­mon: a teeny, little bit of Aaron James Draplin. Draplin is one of the new school of influential graphic designers who combine the power of design, social media, entrepreneurship, and DIY aesthetic to create a successful business and way of life. Pretty Much Everything is a mid-career survey of work, case studies, inspiration, road stories, lists, maps, how-tos, and advice. It includes examples of his work—posters, record covers, logos—and presents the process behind his design with projects like Field Notes and the “Things We Love” State Posters. Draplin also offers valuable advice and hilarious commentary that illustrates how much more goes into design than just what appears on the page. With Draplin’s humor and pointed observations on the contemporary design scene, Draplin Design Co. is the complete package for the new generation of designers.

Decoding Design

Filename: decoding-design.pdf
ISBN: 1440315302
Release Date: 2008-01-21
Number of pages: 224
Author: Maggie Macnab
Publisher: HOW Books

Download and read online Decoding Design in PDF and EPUB Understand the Significance of Symbols in Your Design Work Our world is comprised of a handful of very simple patterns that have been a part of human design since the beginning of time and have eternal significance. Decoding Design reveals how common symbols and shapes - like circles, squares and triangles - resonate at a gut level and can lend greater meaning to a design. By deconstructing famous logos and other sample designs, you'll learn how to communicate complex information quickly and intuitively with universal and meaningful patterns. You'll also uncover how other disciplines, such as philosophy, math, and physics, influence great design and can help you present ideas in a holistic and compelling manner. Whether you're a designer, student, or marketing professional, Decoding Design will show you the deeper meaning behind the symbols you encounter everyday, and how to better use those symbols to create an impactful relationship with the viewer.

The natural system of colours

Filename: the-natural-system-of-colours.pdf
ISBN: BSB:BSB10944312
Release Date: 1790
Number of pages: 8
Author: Moses Harris

Download and read online The natural system of colours in PDF and EPUB

Doodles Unleashed

Filename: doodles-unleashed.pdf
ISBN: 9781440310898
Release Date: 2012-02-03
Number of pages: 128
Author: Traci Bautista
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Doodles Unleashed in PDF and EPUB Presents techniques, ideas, and exercises for original doodles made with materials such as paint, adhesive, stencil, and hardware store items.

Zoltan Szabo s 70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques

Filename: zoltan-szabo-s-70-favorite-watercolor-techniques.pdf
ISBN: 1440306710
Release Date: 2011-12-22
Number of pages: 144
Author: Zoltan Szabo
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Zoltan Szabo s 70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques in PDF and EPUB Lessons of a lifetime from one of watercolor's greatest painters Avoid problems, create better paintings and take leaps forward in your art. Learn how from Zoltan Szabo, one of the most revered watercolor teachers in America. Using the same ease of approach that made his workshops so popular, this book makes watercolor painting simple, straightforward and fun. 43 mini-demonstrations teach a wide range of useful watercolor techniques 13 complete step-by-step demonstrations show these techniques applied to mountains, harbors, forests, flowers and other subjects 10 rules of painting reflections offer unique help for painting water scenes that look just the way you want Page after page of proven approaches for painting clouds, trees, rocks, grass, snow and more These are tried-and-true methods that Zoltan perfected over 65 years of painting. Now you can put them to work in your paintings immediately!

Become a Better You

Filename: become-a-better-you.pdf
ISBN: 9781416571551
Release Date: 2007-10-15
Number of pages: 400
Author: Joel Osteen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Become a Better You in PDF and EPUB Is this as good as it gets? Or can you enjoy more of what life has to offer? Not only can you live happily every day, bestselling author Joel Osteen suggests you must discover the potential within yourself and learn how to use it to live better, and to help others better themselves as well. God didn't create you to be average. You were created to excel! You have everything you need to fulfill your God-given destiny, and there is no limit to what you can accomplish if you discover how to be a better you! In Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day, Joel Osteen, America's best-known pastor, will inspire and motivate you to live with more joy, hope, and peace -- truly a life of victory! Joel will help you look deep inside yourself to become a better spouse and parent, a better boss or employee, a better community leader, a better friend -- in short, a better person! Joel Osteen reveals seven simple yet profound principles that when taken to heart will help you become all that God has created you to be. In a straightforward, easy-to-understand style, Osteen explains key biblical values; the text is laced with personal testimonies that will enlighten and uplift you. Each of the seven keys has its own section, complete with a set of practical action points. Thus Become a Better You will guide you in the process of uncovering your hidden resources. Within these pages, Joel Osteen addresses topics such as building your confidence, developing better relationships, finding peace within, and staying passionate about life. Become a Better You will encourage you to reach your unique God-given potential, and will help you to enjoy every day of your life, despite your circumstances. As you incorporate Joel's easy-to-grasp principles into your life, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more God has in store for you, and how quickly you become a better you!

Cake Decorating Skills

Filename: cake-decorating-skills.pdf
ISBN: 1554079071
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 176
Author: Tracey Mann
Publisher: Firefly Books Limited

Download and read online Cake Decorating Skills in PDF and EPUB Introduces cake decorating techniques, and offers step-by-step instructions on using colored icings and molds, texturing with tiers and fondant, and working with chocolate.

Celtic Design

Filename: celtic-design.pdf
ISBN: 0500276293
Release Date: 1991
Number of pages: 160
Author: Aidan Meehan
Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Download and read online Celtic Design in PDF and EPUB Here are all the simplest forms of Celtic design with a clear explanation of both freehand and canonical geometric methods, and detailed instruction on how to draw and decorate letters in an authentic Celtic style. Included also is how to create your own illuminated manuscript pages with the help of an appendix of tools and techniques.

The Best of Teena Marie

Filename: the-best-of-teena-marie.pdf
ISBN: 1423420039
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 112
Author: Teena Marie
Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

Download and read online The Best of Teena Marie in PDF and EPUB Discovered by Motown founder Berry Gordie, four-time Grammy nominee Teena Marie has 11 chart albums and 25 chart RandB singles to her credit. This fantastic collection include 13 top songs from the soulful singer, including: A.P.B. * Cruise Control * I Need Your Love * I'm a Sucker for Your Love * I'm Still in Love * Lovergirl * Ooo La La La * A Rose by Any Other Name * Square Biz * and more, plus great photos and an intro by her publisher.

The Holy Temple

Filename: the-holy-temple.pdf
ISBN: 1590388011
Release Date: 2007-10-01
Number of pages:
Author: Boyd K. Packer

Download and read online The Holy Temple in PDF and EPUB

Secret Paris

Filename: secret-paris.pdf
ISBN: 0316265829
Release Date: 2015-06-09
Number of pages: 96
Publisher: Little, Brown

Download and read online Secret Paris in PDF and EPUB A coloring book that will relax and inspire--all the while transporting you to the City of Light. Get your pens out, open this book, and discover Paris. Stroll the picturesque streets, cross the Seine, and live like the French do, in a world of bistros, flea markets, and opulent architecture. Feel the stress melt away as your inner artist comes alive. Appealing to all ages, this intricate coloring book will inspire and delight.