Asian Slaves in Colonial Mexico

Filename: asian-slaves-in-colonial-mexico.pdf
ISBN: 9781107063129
Release Date: 2014-06-23
Number of pages: 300
Author: Tatiana Seijas
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Asian Slaves in Colonial Mexico in PDF and EPUB "During the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, countless slaves from culturally diverse communities in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia journeyed to Mexico on the ships of the Manila Galleon. Upon arrival in Mexico, they were grouped together and categorized as chinos. In time, chinos came to be treated under the law as Indians (the term for all native people of Spain's colonies) and became indigenous vassals of the Spanish crown after 1672. The implications of this legal change were enormous: as Indians, rather than chinos, they could no longer be held as slaves. By tracking these individuals' complex journey from the bondage of the Manila slave market to the freedom of Mexico City streets, Tatiana Seijas challenges commonly held assumptions about the uniformity of the slave experience in the Americas and shows that the history of coerced labor is necessarily connected to colonial expansion and forced global migration"--

Emotions and Daily Life in Colonial Mexico

Filename: emotions-and-daily-life-in-colonial-mexico.pdf
ISBN: 9780826354631
Release Date: 2014-05-15
Number of pages: 272
Author: Javier Villa-Flores
Publisher: UNM Press

Download and read online Emotions and Daily Life in Colonial Mexico in PDF and EPUB The history of emotions is a new approach to social history, and this book is the first in English to systematically examine emotions in colonial Mexico. It is easy to assume that emotions are a given, unchanging aspect of human psychology. But the emotions we feel reflect the times in which we live. People express themselves within the norms and prescriptions particular to their society, their class, their ethnicity, and other factors. The essays collected here chart daily life through the study of sex and marriage, love, lust and jealousy, civic rituals and preaching, gambling and leisure, prayer and penance, and protest and rebellion. The first part of the book deals with how individuals experienced emotions on a personal level. The second group of essays explores the role of institutions in guiding and channeling the expression and the objects of emotions.

The Making of Asian America

Filename: the-making-of-asian-america.pdf
ISBN: 9781476739410
Release Date: 2016-08-16
Number of pages: 528
Author: Erika Lee
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online The Making of Asian America in PDF and EPUB "The definitive history of Asian Americans by one of the nation's preeminent scholars on the subject. In the past fifty years, Asian Americans have helped change the face of America and are now the fastest growing group in the United States. But as award-winning historian Erika Lee reminds us, Asian Americans also have deep roots in the country. The Making of Asian America tells the little-known history of Asian Americans and their role in American life, from the arrival of the first Asians in the Americas to the present-day. An epic history of global journeys and new beginnings, this book shows how generations of Asian immigrants and their American-born descendants have made and remade Asian American life in the United States: sailors who came on the first trans-Pacific ships in the 1500s; indentured "coolies" who worked alongside African slaves in the Caribbean; and Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and South Asian immigrants who were recruited to work in the United States only to face massive racial discrimination, Asian exclusion laws, and for Japanese Americans, incarceration during World War II. Over the past fifty years, a new Asian America has emerged out of community activism and the arrival of new immigrants and refugees. No longer a "despised minority," Asian Americans are now held up as America's "model minorities" in ways that reveal the complicated role that race still plays in the United States. Published to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the United States' Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that has remade our "nation of immigrants," this is a new and definitive history of Asian Americans. But more than that, it is a new way of understanding America itself, its complicated histories of race and immigration, and its place in the world today"--

Cross Cultural Exchange in the Atlantic World

Filename: cross-cultural-exchange-in-the-atlantic-world.pdf
ISBN: 9780521863308
Release Date: 2012-04-09
Number of pages: 262
Author: Roquinaldo Amaral Ferreira
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Cross Cultural Exchange in the Atlantic World in PDF and EPUB Examining the slave trade between Angola and Brazil, Roquinaldo Ferreira focuses on the cultural ties between the two countries.

The Black Middle

Filename: the-black-middle.pdf
ISBN: 9780804749831
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 433
Author: Matthew Restall
Publisher: Stanford University Press

Download and read online The Black Middle in PDF and EPUB The Black Middle is the first book-length study of the interaction of black slaves and other people of African descent with Mayas and Spaniards in the Spanish colonial province of Yucatan (southern Mexico).

The Chinese in Latin America and the Caribbean

Filename: the-chinese-in-latin-america-and-the-caribbean.pdf
ISBN: 9789004182134
Release Date: 2010
Number of pages: 242
Author: Walton Look Lai
Publisher: BRILL

Download and read online The Chinese in Latin America and the Caribbean in PDF and EPUB The Chinese migration to the Latin America/Caribbean region is an understudied dimension of the Asian American experience. There are three distinct periods in the history of this migration: the early colonial period (pre-19th century), when the profitable three-century trade connection between Manila and Acapulco led to the first Asian migrations to Mexico and Peru; the classic migration period (19th to early twentieth centuries), marked by the coolie trade known to Chinese diaspora studies; and the renewed immigration of the late 20th century to the present. Written by specialists on the Chinese in Latin America and the Caribbean, this book tells the story of Asian migration to the Americas and contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of the Chinese in this important part of the world.

Atlantic Africa and the Spanish Caribbean 1570 1640

Filename: atlantic-africa-and-the-spanish-caribbean-1570-1640.pdf
ISBN: 9781469623801
Release Date: 2016-03-09
Number of pages: 352
Author: David Wheat
Publisher: UNC Press Books

Download and read online Atlantic Africa and the Spanish Caribbean 1570 1640 in PDF and EPUB This work resituates the Spanish Caribbean as an extension of the Luso-African Atlantic world from the late sixteenth to the mid-seventeenth century, when the union of the Spanish and Portuguese crowns facilitated a surge in the transatlantic slave trade. After the catastrophic decline of Amerindian populations on the islands, two major African provenance zones, first Upper Guinea and then Angola, contributed forced migrant populations with distinct experiences to the Caribbean. They played a dynamic role in the social formation of early Spanish colonial society in the fortified port cities of Cartagena de Indias, Havana, Santo Domingo, and Panama City and their semirural hinterlands. David Wheat is the first scholar to establish this early phase of the "Africanization" of the Spanish Caribbean two centuries before the rise of large-scale sugar plantations. With African migrants and their descendants comprising demographic majorities in core areas of Spanish settlement, Luso-Africans, Afro-Iberians, Latinized Africans, and free people of color acted more as colonists or settlers than as plantation slaves. These ethnically mixed and economically diversified societies constituted a region of overlapping Iberian and African worlds, while they made possible Spain's colonization of the Caribbean.

Forbidden Passages

Filename: forbidden-passages.pdf
ISBN: 9780812248241
Release Date: 2016-05-25
Number of pages: 288
Author: Karoline P. Cook
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Download and read online Forbidden Passages in PDF and EPUB Forbidden Passages is the first book to document and evaluate the impact of Moriscos—Christian converts from Islam—in the early modern Americas, and how their presence challenged notions of what it meant to be Spanish as the Atlantic empire expanded.

The Japanese in Latin America

Filename: the-japanese-in-latin-america.pdf
ISBN: 0252071441
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 335
Author: Daniel M. Masterson
Publisher: University of Illinois Press

Download and read online The Japanese in Latin America in PDF and EPUB "Japanese migration to Latin America began in the late nineteenth century, and today the continent is home to 1.5 million persons of Japanese descent. Combining detailed scholarship with rich personal histories, The Japanese in Latin America is the first comprehensive study of the patterns of Japanese migration on the continent as a whole. When the United States and Canada tightened their immigration restrictions in 1907, Japanese contract laborers began to arrive in mines and plantations in Latin America. Daniel M. Masterson, with the assistance of Sayaka Funada-Classen, examines Japanese agricultural colonies in Latin America, As well as the subsequent cultural networks that sprang up within and among them, And The changes that occurred as the Japanese moved from wage labor to ownership of farms and small businesses. Masterson also explores recent economic crises in Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, which combined with a strong Japanese economy to cause at least a quarter million Latin American Japanese to migrate back to Japan.Illuminating authoritative research with extensive interviews with migrants and their families, The Japanese in Latin America examines the dilemma of immigrants who maintained strong allegiances to their Japanese roots, even while they struggled to build lives in their new countries. "

The Eagle and the Dragon

Filename: the-eagle-and-the-dragon.pdf
ISBN: 9780745681320
Release Date: 2014-12-23
Number of pages: 320
Author: Serge Gruzinski
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online The Eagle and the Dragon in PDF and EPUB In this important new book the renowned historian Serge Gruzinski returns to two episodes in the sixteenth century which mark a decisive stage in global history and show how China and Mexico experienced the expansion of Europe. In the early 1520s, Magellan set sail for Asia by the Western route, Cortes seized Mexico and some Portuguese based in Malacca dreamed of colonizing China. The Aztec Eagle was destroyed but the Chinese Dragon held strong and repelled the invaders - after first seizing their cannon. For the first time, people from three continents encountered one other, confronted one other and their lives became entangled. These events were of great interest to contemporaries and many people at the time grasped the magnitude of what was going on around them. The Iberians succeeded in America and failed in China. The New World became inseparable from the Europeans who were to conquer it, while the Celestial Empire became, for a long time to come, an unattainable goal. Gruzinski explores this encounter between civilizations that were different from one another but that already fascinated contemporaries, and he shows that our world today bears the mark of this distant age. For it was in the sixteenth century that human history began to be played out on a global stage. It was then that connections between different parts of the world began to accelerate, not only between Europe and the Americas but also between Europe and China. This is what is revealed by a global history of the sixteenth century, conceived as another way of reading the Renaissance, less Eurocentric and more in tune with our age.

Purchasing Whiteness

Filename: purchasing-whiteness.pdf
ISBN: 9780804793209
Release Date: 2015-01-28
Number of pages: 552
Author: Ann Twinam
Publisher: Stanford University Press

Download and read online Purchasing Whiteness in PDF and EPUB The colonization of Spanish America resulted in the mixing of Natives, Europeans, and Africans and the subsequent creation of a casta system that discriminated against them. Members of mixed races could, however, free themselves from such burdensome restrictions through the purchase of a gracias al sacar—a royal exemption that provided the privileges of Whiteness. For more than a century, the whitening gracias al sacar has fascinated historians. Even while the documents remained elusive, scholars continually mentioned the potential to acquire Whiteness as a provocative marker of the historic differences between Anglo and Latin American treatments of race. Purchasing Whiteness explores the fascinating details of 40 cases of whitening petitions, tracking thousands of pages of ensuing conversations as petitioners, royal officials, and local elites disputed not only whether the state should grant full whiteness to deserving individuals, but whether selective prejudices against the castas should cease. Purchasing Whiteness contextualizes the history of the gracias al sacar within the broader framework of three centuries of mixed race efforts to end discrimination. It identifies those historic variables that structured the potential for mobility as Africans moved from slavery to freedom, mixed with Natives and Whites, and transformed later generations into vassals worthy of royal favor. By examining this history of pardo and mulatto mobility, the author provides striking insight into those uniquely characteristic and deeply embedded pathways through which the Hispanic world negotiated processes of inclusion and exclusion.

Colonial Blackness

Filename: colonial-blackness.pdf
ISBN: 9780253003614
Release Date: 2009-07-06
Number of pages: 248
Author: Herman L. Bennett
Publisher: Indiana University Press

Download and read online Colonial Blackness in PDF and EPUB Asking readers to imagine a history of Mexico narrated through the experiences of Africans and their descendants, this book offers a radical reconfiguration of Latin American history. Using ecclesiastical and inquisitorial records, Herman L. Bennett frames the history of Mexico around the private lives and liberty that Catholicism engendered among enslaved Africans and free blacks, who became majority populations soon after the Spanish conquest. The resulting history of 17th-century Mexico brings forth tantalizing personal and family dramas, body politics, and stories of lost virtue and sullen honor. By focusing on these phenomena among peoples of African descent, rather than the conventional history of Mexico with the narrative of slavery to freedom figured in, Colonial Blackness presents the colonial drama in all its untidy detail.

Frontiers of Possession

Filename: frontiers-of-possession.pdf
ISBN: 9780674745186
Release Date: 2015-01-06
Number of pages:
Author: Tamar Herzog
Publisher: Harvard University Press

Download and read online Frontiers of Possession in PDF and EPUB Tamar Herzog asks how territorial borders were established in the early modern period and challenges the standard view that national boundaries are settled by military conflicts and treaties. Claims and control on both sides of the Atlantic were subject to negotiation, as neighbors and outsiders carved out and defended new frontiers of possession.

The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History

Filename: the-oxford-handbook-of-latin-american-history.pdf
ISBN: 9780195166217
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 526
Author: Jose C. Moya
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History in PDF and EPUB This Oxford Handbook comprehensively examines the field of Latin American history.

A History of Early Modern Southeast Asia 1400 1830

Filename: a-history-of-early-modern-southeast-asia-1400-1830.pdf
ISBN: 9780521889926
Release Date: 2015-02-19
Number of pages: 376
Author: Barbara Watson Andaya
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online A History of Early Modern Southeast Asia 1400 1830 in PDF and EPUB Written by two expert and highly esteemed authors, this is the much-anticipated textbook on the early modern history of Southeast Asia.